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The introduction of this book was written by Sbaron Lecbter, a woman who tell us how s and her husband Michael lived before meeting Robert Kiyosaki. They had an average life, had graduated with honors and now had good contracts. They spend a fortune paying their house, vacations and the best education from her children ne day, her child tells he hates school and he really wants to be millionaire, and sh responds her !"#f you don$t graduate from college, you won$t get a good %ob"". This wa same advise that her parents use with her too& is an interesting answer, because her c knows that many millionaire people did not finish a !career", besides this his parents good %ob and they aren$t rich persons. 'rom this moment, Sbaton comes to think how educates financially, but (she really have knowledge to educate her children"s well) *ll what she know is the same what her pare and her grandparents knew, and the results has being the same. *fter time, mike discovers an educational product named !cashflow" who needs people t probe the prototype. +ith that, he calls his wife and said in the phone !"it$s what yo been looking for.They choose participating in the game and bring her daughter who now has - years. They are surprised to learn how the economic world works and learn all about the !rate race", and how to be millionaire you need be a smart person rather have a good %ob. *round the ne0t week, Sbaron"s family prepare a dinner to meet Robert. +hen, he and h wife arrive, they talks a lot of different issues. Lecbter propose Robert teach to oth about the !Rate/race" and he responds he already had a draft in her computer. 'inally, they make a treat. Sbaron became her co/author and together have written seve best/sellers. Summary by Asiel Zurisadai R. Gudiño

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Resumen en inglés del libro ''Rich dad, poor dad'' (Padre rico padre pobre) de Robert Kiyozaki por capítulos. Advertencia: El contenido fue elaborado a partir de un inglés básico, por lo tanto será probable encontrar errores gramticales.


Summary by Asiel Zurisadai R. Gudio

The introduction of this book was written by Sbaron Lecbter, a woman who tell us how she and her husband Michael lived before meeting Robert Kiyosaki. They had an average life, had graduated with honors and now had good contracts. They spend a fortune paying their house, vacations and the best education from her children. One day, her child tells he hates school and he really wants to be millionaire, and she responds her If you don't graduate from college, you won't get a good job. This was the same advise that her parents use with her too; is an interesting answer, because her child knows that many millionaire people did not finish a career, besides this his parents have a good job and they aren't rich persons.From this moment, Sbaton comes to think how educates financially, but she really have knowledge to educate her childrens well? All what she know is the same what her parent and her grandparents knew, and the results has being the same. After time, mike discovers an educational product named cashflow who needs people to probe the prototype. With that, he calls his wife and said in the phone it's what you have been looking for." They choose participating in the game and bring her daughter who now has 19 years. They are surprised to learn how the economic world works and learn all about the rate-race, and how to be millionaire you need be a smart person rather have a good job.Around the next week, Sbarons family prepare a dinner to meet Robert. When, he and her wife arrive, they talks a lot of different issues. Lecbter propose Robert teach to others about the Rate-race and he responds he already had a draft in her computer. Finally, they make a treat. Sbaron became her co-author and together have written several best-sellers.

Kiyosaki begin the chapter telling us that in her childhood he had two dads. One of them, her biologically dad) being a person who studied in Stanford University, the other one doesnt finished the eighth grade. He receives advises about money by each dad, and he comes to view the different perspectives. With 9 years, Robert understood that average people have the same idea about money and work, and everybody (his biological dad for example) said the same quotes like When it comes to money, play it safe, don't take risks." One day, Robert, read a poem by Robert Frost who says Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.. His dad, his teachers, all of them walked by the same road, this is the reason why Robert decide listen her uneducated dad, because he says opposite that anyone. Her uneducated father wants teach him how exercise the brain, how make than money works to him and other crazy ideas. Kiyosaki says than this book is about those six lessons what her uneducated father teaches him to be a rich man.

Jimmy and his friends were going to their beach house, but Robert and his friend Mike weren't invited because they are poor boys. They coincidentally studied in the same school than the rich kids; and this is the first reason why Robert asked her dad how he can be rich. As his father answer you have to learn to make money, he and Mike became business partners and start working to complete their first idea to be rich. For the next weeks, they ran around the neighborhood knocking on doors and asking his neighbors if they would save their toothpaste tubes. The warehouse space becomes to be her space to work. Everything was fine, but some day after, Roberts dad entered and discovered a mini factory of casting nickels out of lead. This was the finish of his first business; and the kids learned about illegally actions. They asked again Roberts dad how they could be rich, but this time he answered Talk to your dad, Mike. My banker told me several times that your father is brilliant when it comes to making money. With new hope, they made plans on how and when to talk to Mikes dad. Time later Mike calls Robert to say My dad would make us an offer, mikes dad accept teach them but first he propose pay them 10 cents an hour to work for three hours every Saturday. The kids accept the offer. After three weeks, Robert wants give up, because the pay is really bad and besides, he hasn't been learning anything. Mike tell that his father wants talk with them. When Robert reclaim to Mikes father, he responds that Robert has been learning how life teaches, and not in the conventional way like school. Rich dad, begin to explain why people just want more money: the poor and the middle class believe that money will solve the problem, but it isnt. Rich dad proposed them back to work but now without pay. And that's how the kids return to work. After another three weeks he gents with them and bought an ice cream to each one. He starts the offer with 25 cents, but they dont accept, then he offers 1 dollar, 2 dollars and finally 5 dollars. When the kids understand the situation, rich dad congratulates them, and begins to explain that people have a price and probably the same offers could be accepted by any employer, and thats because the fear is the first motivate to work. The pattern of get, go to work, pay bills, get work, pay bills, their lives are then run forever by emotions/ This is what I call the Rat Race Said rich dad, and he explains what important is to control the emotions and controlling their thinking. This is the way how they learn their first lesson: The rich don't work for money.Boys spend the next week at school thinking how make money with their lesson, and finally they put a comic-book library to the public who charge 10 cents for admission, he hired Mikes sister and paid her 1 dollar each week,. This is an amazing idea, because they use their imagination to identify an opportunity to make money and control their finances. When mikes sister wont follow working, they know how important find good staff.

This chapter was focused principally in the education. Robert tells us how his rich dad taught him about the financial Literacy and how many people think they know all of these issues. All the while his rich dad taught them with images, but now begins to teach diagrams and numbers who represent the flow of cash. Robert and Mike now have 16 years and they have been learning with books, listened to tax accountants, corporate attorneys, bankers, real estate brokers, investors and so forth. Robert now has a great entrepreneurial thinking, thats the reason why he begins to fight with his poor dad about money. It is very curious because they have learned that intelligence solves problems and without intelligence money gone. This is the reason why lottery winners who were poor are poor again. Financially literate is the most important subject to any person who wants being rich. Rich dad taught than everybody must know the difference between an asset and a liability, because it difference is found basic education. The school system has created to teach how be employers, if kids learned this difference, they could retire young. In this chapter also talks about Buckminster Fuller, who says Wealth is a person's ability to survive so many number of days forward... or if I stopped working today, how long could I survive? This definition is very enlightening because Robert tells us that he retired at age 47 and he tell us than The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets nut the wealthy class bought assets; that is all the difference.

This was very interesting chapter, firstly because the author taught us the real intentions and purposes of the biggest companies. He says for example than Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, havent been working in the hamburger business, he has been working in real estate business. Second, because he show us the difference between a profession an business; and how everybody believes that is the same, but businesses dont require our presence. Third; the lesson was great because he begins to give us a list to create assets, with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, royalties from intellectual property such as music, scripts, patentsetc. Fourth, Robert repeated a phrase that his rich dad taught him If you dont love it, you wont take care of it, if we dont like the game, probably we could be a loser, he recommend us that only if we really have the desire to create our own company we must try and keep our mind in our business. Finally he taught us how the middle class tend to buy luxuries first (liabilities), this is the biggest secret of the rich: The secret that puts the rich way ahead of the pack. The reward at the end of the road for diligently taking the time to mind your own business

Robert reminds that his Rich dad explained the history of taxes. He said that in England and America, originally there werent taxes, when the war comes; all citizens were forced to pay to government. In 1913 an income tax became permanent in United States with the adoption of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.Robert reminds that her primary teacher told them a Robin Hood history. It was very funny because everyone thought he was a hero but his rich dad called him a crook. Everybody says than the rich should pay more in taxes and give it to the poor. During this chapter Robert shows us a reflection of people thinking about taxes. Rich dad explains us that the idea of taxes was created only to punish the rich. The passage of taxes was only possible because the masses believed in the Robin Hood theory of economics. The problem was that the governments appetite for money was so great that taxes soon needed to be levied on the middle class. The rich, on the other hand, saw in this an opportunity and created the corporations, making a difference between bureaucrat people as capitalist people. Was the knowledge of the power of the legal structure of the corporation that really gives the rich a vast advantage over the poor and the middle class. The rich always found a way to outsmart them. The corporations are the biggest secret of the rich; they provided them a tax advantages, protection from lawsuits and personal power.When Robert went to work as an employee, he wanted to leave quickly as the rat race, so he started developing assets with their salaries. He accumulated much money to start investing in real estate. Time later his colleagues notice that he was enriched with the same salary that those, again Robert recognize than his rich dad was right. Robert says that if anybody want implement his technique, we must know how the rich IQ works; With accounting, investing, understanding market and law.

Robert tells us about his feelings. When he was a teacher, his heart broken to see how the fear destroyed the personal genius of each student. Robert have met many people who wants another life but they resist to the change, and they blame the economy or their boss for losing their jobs and their houses. Robert says than old ideas are their biggest liability.Once, when a woman comes to play Cashflow, she was very disappointed because she lost. She thought that game it was a waste of time. With that, Robert says This game was designed to give every played personal feedback. The game show us the different options for many different financial problems, it thought us how take risks could be an extraordinary opportunity. Robert says that people who get of the Rat-race in the game the quickest are the people who understand numbers and have creative financial minds, like Bill Gates or Graham Bell because they are creative an calculated persons who can recognize the options.All this chapter is about how everybody doubt themselves, even knowing the answer, because lack the courage to act on the answer. Robert believes than inside each one are brave, brilliant and daring character, but if fears are stronger, this amazing character will be suppressed.

The teaching of this chapter focuses on of an interview that Robert had in 1995. The young female reporter of the newspaper of Singapore spoke with Robert to ask about his massive sales. During this chatter, the girl (who is a writter), says to Robert Someday, I would like to be a bestselling author like you, with this answer, Robert recommend her go to school to learn how sell. The Reporter was gone offended because she have a master's degree in English Literature and obviously she was better than him. In finish, Robert explain us what happens with the talented people in the world. He reminds us the example of McDonalds. Maybe McDonald's does not make the best hamburger, but they are the best selling. Everybody can do a better hamburger than McDonalds, but no one can be able to be rich, why? Because the talented dont matter in economy world.Robert tells us that his educated but poor dad request him do an specialization to be more talented and better paid. Robert said than the most important specialized is about sales and understanding marketing. The ability to sell and communicate to another human to speaking and negotiating to be successful, because the communication skills priceless. If you are talented in your business area, you will be incredibly rich.Finally, Robert gives us another tip ''to be truly rich, we need to be able to give as well as to receive.

Robert share us there are five main reasons why financially literate people are poor.The reason number one is the Fear. Robert has named it phobia of losing money when someone dont take risks. He says that nobody likes losing. You cant find a happy loser, but you can find a loser with greatest attitude, this is the biggest difference. Robert remembers when his rich dad constantly told with them about the greatest reason for lack of financial success was because most people played it too safe. Robert explain how this is insane because everybody are successful after lose.Kiyosaki advises us than every time we afraid of making a mistake of losing money, we should remember the Alamo. The Alamo is a story of brave people who choose to fight, knowing there was no hope of success, yet they chose to die. Simply we need the courage to cross the line when others backed out. We should not bury about our failures, we should get inspired by them. Robert says than stacking the asset column is easy; we just need be patient and great attitude.The reason number two is the Cynicism. Most people are poor because when it comes to investing they are doom and gloom. It's called buyer's remorse. Rich dad told them than Cynics never win because they cant see any opportunities. If you want to be rich, you should analyze rather criticize. The reason number three is the Laziness. There are all the people who desire a better life, but they dont work to get it and then they are judging who has been getting it, saying quotes as 'they are ambitious'.The reason number four is Bad habits. Robert says than our lives are a reflection of our habits more than our education. He remembers when he asked to his rich dad about the habits of the rich. Rich dad responds I forced me to think and all in all made me smarter and more active when it comes to money. Have good habits Is like going or not going to the gym. In finish, you could see the results. The reason number five is Arrogance. Robert says that arrogance is ego plus ignorance. He declares than many people in the world of money, finances and investments, havent absolutely no idea what they are talking about. If we are ignorant in subjects, firstly we need start educating ourselves.During this chapter, Robert offer us ten steps to develop our financial genius power. Step #1. I need a reason greater than reality, the power of spirit. And it is simply, if we want to be rich, we only need a strong reason. If we dont have a strong reason, there is no sense keeping working.Step #2. I choose daily: the power of choice. Financially with every dollar we get, we hold the power to choose our future to be poor, middle class or rich, because the habits reflect who we are. We choose our educating or continue watching T.V.Step#3. Choose friends carefully. They are your most important association. It dont consist to choose by financial statements. It consist on keep our open mind in intelligent points and learn from them.Step#4. Master formula and the learn a new one. The power of learning quickly. Like a baker who make bread follow recipe, we need create different formulas to live and get money. Working hard for money is an old formula born in the day of cave man. Step#5. Pay yourself first. Robert said that this is one of the most important steps in this chapter: the power of self-discipline. If we cant get control of ourselves, we shouldn't try to get rich. Because, invest dont make sense if we dont have this management skills to start any business. Control and discipline could determine how much success management of cash flow, people and personal time we may be.Step#6. Pay your brokers well. The power of good advice. When our attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers or stockbrokers makes a lot of money, we too. After all, they educating us and they may be the best asset we could find. We need be fair with them.Step#7. Be an Indian Giver. This is the power of getting something for nothing. Is the assets we get for free once we get our money back. Like the real estate of McDonalds. Steph#8. Assets buy luxuries. The power of focus. We should educating our family to know that just assets buy luxuries. If they dont know this, our financial intelligence is low and money will run outside.Step#9. The need for heroes. The power of myth. We should admire someone, because the heroes inspire us to be like them. They making look easy their work and that convinces us to do.Step#10. Teach and you shall receive. The power of giving. If we want something, we first need to give. All come back. If we want to learn about money, we need teach it to someone else. All we need to be is generous with what we have, and the powers will be generous with us.

This is the last chapter of the book, so Robert Kiyosaki share with us some the latest tips to beginning our business. He said than we shouldnt stop doing what is not working and look for something new to do, in other words look for new ideas. We need to know what we are looking and go look for it. Find some friend who has done what we want to do and make an alliance with him. Go together to take classes, buy tapes (or download information from internet), go to seminars and do all the things who can help us to be a smarter people. Robert advise us make all type of offers to learn how they work. He invite us to remember the biggest minds like Bill Gates or Donald Trump, and remember the history of the biggest companies who one time started as small companies.The most important thing to get financial rewards and be rich. Is act now.

Finally, Robert tells us than the main reason he wrote this book, is to share financial knowledge than people can use to resolve their common problems. He has been considering how actually everybody needs better information to confront financial problems in their families. He wishes than readers will be successful. Robert is grateful that we have read his book, because it could provide to world smarter individuals. And simply he said If you want more money simply change your thinking, cause money is an illusion. We just need starts our small idea and turned it into something big. The message is clearTo end, Kiyosaki advises to learn to have money work hard for us and our life will be easier and happier. Play it smart.