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Winter in Sullivan County may have been mild, but it certainly hasn't been quiet. Get the latest on projects massive and mini in our part of the Catskills, inside our latest Business Edge!


  • In an effort to push more natural gasthrough its Millennium Pipeline, acompressor station is being planned forSullivan County in the Town of Highland.

    The $63 million project is currently in thepre-planning stages and would includebuilding a 22,400 hp compressor near theformer Eldred Preserve off Route 55 in theTown of Highland.

    A public information session will be heldby Millennium on Thursday, March 31 atThe Sullivan in Rock Hill from 6 to 8 p.m.

    A compressor station basically forcesmore gas down the pipe, Michelle Hook,Director of Public Relations for Millennium,said. Because of where we need thatpressure, Highland seemed to be the mostlogical spot in Sullivan County.

    The pipeline runs from western NewYork to Westchester County, supplying nat-ural gas to hundreds of thousands of cus-tomers in the metropolitan area.

    Upgraded in 2008, the 70-year-old, 10-inch pipeline was replaced with a 24-inchto 36-inch pipeline through its entirelength.

    But with total demand for natural gasincreasing, Millennium is looking for waysto move the gas more efficiently throughits pipeline.

    In 2014 it built its first compressor station

    in Hancock, just a mile from SullivanCountys western border, and in 2013 itbuilt one in Minisink, in Orange County.

    Currently the company is planning onadding a second, larger compressor sta-tion 22,400 hp in Hancock as well asthe one in the Town of Highland.

    In Sullivan County, the building of thecompressor station will employ 50-60 peo-ple and will be more than half a mile fromany existing homes.

    Upon completion, the compressor stationwill be manned by one to two full-timeemployees.

    We havent officially filed [to build thestation], Hook said. Theres a lot of backand forth before our official filing in July. It

    then takes about a year to get approved.Locally, some residents and the Highland

    Town Board have not met Millennium withopen arms.

    Various residents have turned out tovoice their concerns about the project, andthe Town Board adopted a resolution onMarch 8 and opposed it.

    But Hook remains confident thatincreased awareness about what they aredoing, possible tours of an existing com-pressor station in action and strong com-munity involvement might help convince

    residents that the project is good for thetown.

    To put the numbers in context, a trans-mission compressor, which is what we use,has less emissions than nine wood-burningstoves, Hook said. Our facility will bewell below all EPA emission standards.

    We urge folks to visit with a group toour Hungry Hill Compressor Station inHancock, she said. You cannot hear thecompressor from our gate, it is so wellinsulated.

    Its a state-of-the-art, modern machinewell above and beyond, she said. Youcannot hear it outside of the compressorbuilding.

    Hook said much of the information cur-

    rently circulating about compressor stationshas to do with production compressorsused at fracking sites.

    She said they are much different than thetransmission compressors used onpipelines.

    We dont like to lose natural gas, so ouremissions are very low, Hook said. Vent-ing only happens if there is a need.

    Pipelines are vented intermittently forspecific reasons, she added.

    Hook said the latest in infrared, thermalimaging will be used for safety and securi-

    ty around the station, adding it like thepipeline will be monitored 24 hours aday, seven days a week.

    If approved by the Federal Energy Regu-latory Commission (FERC), Millenniumexpects to break ground in Fall 2017, andtake about a year to build the station.

    Hook said comments, both supportiveand critical, are always welcome.

    If there are people in favor, [submittingtheir comments to FERC] is a way for themto support us, she said. All commentscan be anonymous.

    Presidents Messagepage 2

    A major resort rises in Monticellopage 5

    Meet the President: Orville Aaronspage 10

    Montreign Casino is beginningto take shapepage 12

    Sullivan Catskill Newspage 16

    Minding Our Businesspages 18-23

    S P R I N G 2 0 1 6


    looking toinform

    public onnew project

    Story by Fred Stabbert IIIPhoto by Dan Hust

    The Hungry Hill Com-pressor Station islocated in the Town ofHancock, DelawareCounty. Millennium isplanning a secondcompressor stationnear this one.

  • Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development

    198 Bridgeville Road lMonticello, NY 12701845-794-1110 Fax 845-794-2324

    Call for location of our mobile officeor visit

    PO Box 405 Mongaup Valley, NY 12762845-791-4200 Fax 845-791-4220

    One Cablevision CenterFerndale, NY 12734

    845-295-2603 Fax 845-295-2604

    Sullivan County Visitors Association 100 Sullivan Ave. Ferndale, NY 12734

    845-747-4449 Fax

    Published by Catskill Delaware Publications, Inc.Publisher: Fred Stabbert III

    Advertising Director Liz Tucker Designer Rosalie MyckaAdvertising Representatives Cecile Lamy, Barbara Matos

    Special Sections Coordinator Susan Panella Advertising Coordinator Sandy Schraeder Production Associates Tracy Swendsen, Ruth Huggler, Elizabeth Finnegan, Petra Duffy, Nyssa Calkin

    Business Manager Sue Owens Distribution Billy Smith, Richard Stagl

    P.O.Box 308, Callicoon, NY, 12723 l 845-887-5200


    To the People:As we look forward to the first days of

    spring, early signs point to the true begin-ning of Sullivan Countys Economic resur-gence. Construction is moving vigorouslyahead at the Montreign Casino site asworkers ramp up heavy construction forthe next two years (see pages 12-14).

    EPR Properties is busy preparing sites onthe rest of its 1,700 acres of land to attractadditional projects. Along with the slatedHotel Water Park project, preparations areongoing for unique destination and familyoriented entertainment venues throughouttargeted areas on the site. In addition,Catskill Regional Medical Center is pro-ceeding with its plan for an Urgent/PrimaryCare facility on the corner of Route 42 and

    Concord road on approximately 14 acres ofthe EPR Properties.

    Veria Lifestyle management has beenworking straight through the winter monthsto stay on track with their Veria LifestyleWellness Resort Spa project, and a growingmid-sized hotel (90-150 keys) developmentmarket is beginning to take shape as well(see pages 5-9).

    Expect traditional hotel chains arisingalong our more heavily trafficked corridors.

    The Sullivan County Job fair revealednew enthusiasm both from employers andjob applicants. It was hosted by WorkforceDevelopment and the NYS Department ofLabor, where nearly 50 existing companiesrecruited potential employees from a jampacked Monticello Fire House.

    WorkforceDevelopment officialsstated they had notconducted a mid-winterjob fair in almost adecade as demand didnot warrant it, untilnow. Unemploymentcontinues to drop withdata reflecting approxi-

    mately a 3% drop in average annual unemployment in the past three years.

    Our long-term view continues to seekhospitality and tourist based businessesbuilding upon the current and projecteddevelopment activity while working todiversify our attraction efforts as a balancing mechanism moving forward.

    The development of shovel ready sitesand a dedicated effort toward attractinglight industry and wholesale businesses willbe a priority. We are looking to share somegood news on that front as we are closerto announcing the attraction of a new manufacturing facility to Sullivan County,introducing us to an industry sector whichholds much promise in the future.

    In addition, our food, beverage andagribusiness sector continues to grow withmuch more interest in support of major expansions taking place now and slated forthe future.

    With increased development we arefaced with new challenges. New, expand-ing and increased development requiresupdated and expanded infrastructure.

    CEO/President Marc Baez

    Early Signs Forecast a Busy Year Ahead for Economic Development


    UNEMPLOYMENT RATEYear Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Ann Avg2015 7.2% 7.0% 6.4% 5.9% 5.6% 5.3% 5.3% 4.8% 5.3% 5.0% 5.1% 5.2% 5.6%2014 8.5% 8.6% 7.9% 6.7% 6.5% 6.2% 6.0% 5.8% 5.9% 5.7% 6.1% 6.3% 6.7%2013 10.3% 9.9% 9.1% 8.4% 8.0% 7.9% 7.5% 7.0% 7.6% 7.5% 7.6% 7.7% 8.2%Source: NYSDOL


  • Already, we can anticipate experiencingpressure on energy, sewer/water, broadbandand other services that are critical to the growthwe need to exploit in order to lengthen thepositive effect the economic catalysts currentlyunder construction have provided for us. A lackof retail, new housing options, and other service-oriented businesses has created avacuum soon to be filled by those who willtake advantage of the market place. Growth is certain to come and we must ensure we areready to handle it accordingly.

    Finally, our membership remains strong, committed and growing as participation andinvestment in the Partnership is providing valueand directly affecting the bottom line of ourparticipating businesses. Our message is clear.

    By continuing to create opportunities for ourmembership we work to boost the chances forsuccess and create a dynamic business environ-ment that spurs economic development for allwho reside and do business in Sullivan County.With the busy season fast approaching, staytuned to announcements, special events andcommuniqus highlighting these and other economic development activities as they evolve.


    Marc BaezPresident, Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development


    The Sullivan County Partnership for Economic DevelopmentWe Appreciate Our 2016 Sponsors







    With Baileys Lake close by, the Veria Wellness Lifestyle Wellness Resort Spa is beginning to pop. See page 5 for more.






  • rises in Monticello and will open in 2017!SPRING, 2016 SULLIVAN COUNTY DEMOCRAT BUSINESS EDGE 5E

    Investment AdvisorsCreating and Preserving Wealth

    Philip Coombe III, CFP

    Catherine Bender, CFP

    Lynn McDonald

    Office locations:Main Office:

    P.O. Box 333 / 6872 Route 209

    Wawarsing, NY 12489

    548 Broadway

    Monticello, NY 12701

    Call for appointment

    Phone (845) 647-4800 (800) 4 COOMBE

    Email: 11232

    (845) 482-4000

    For more than 100 years, Je Bank has been providing customized banking solutionsto our local business communities. We oer a full range of business banking and

    commercial lending options at competitive rates. Talk with our experienced commercial team to see how we can help you.

    DeWayne HaygoodVice President

    Commercial Loan

    Anna MiluckyVice President


    Heinrich StrauchCommercial Loan

    Your Partner for GrowthStill Banking Strong!




    Halfway between the to-be Mon-treign Casino and the once-wasKutshers Resort hides a major project withthe potential to reshape the entire region.

    The Veria Lifestyle wellness resort, in fact,is further along in construction than thecasino and will open the year before(planned for 2017 vs. Montreigns 2018kickoff).

    Part of Indian media mogul SubhashChandras growing reach in the U.S., theresort will focus on Eastern and Westernmedical treatments, hydrotherapy, physio-therapy, physical therapy, yoga and fitness.

    Thanks to Veria Project Manager AbhayJain and construction manager LeChaseConstruction Services, we can give you abehind-the-scenes glimpse of the busywork ongoing at the site, located betweenAnawana Lake Road (County Route 103)and Baileys Lake, just north of Monticello.

    A major resort

    A towering boom (far right) delivers liquidconcrete to Verias construction site, where theexterior foundation walls are already climbing tothe level of the lobby.

    Please see additional photos starting on 6E





    LeChase Construction Services subcontractorshave been busy installing Verias foundation(left) all through the unusually mild winter.Though currently covered with dirt and mud,the eight acres under construction at Veria willby next year be gently landscaped into a mod-ern, exclusive and relaxing resort (as illustratedat right & below) facing the shore of BaileysLake. Amenities will include a nature garden,swimming pool and spa treatment facilities.

    Continued on page 9E





    On Friday, March 4, 2016, China City of America was the Media Sponsor of the event,Storybook Characters on the Boardwalk,

    hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Orange County.Honorary Chairman Greg Goldstein lead the event for the sixth straight year and the local

    business, civic and community leaders hosted as servers.Additional sponsors were members from Sullivan County Visitors Association, SullivanCounty Chamber of Commerce, Thunder 102 and YEL! China City continues to maintain

    a close relationship with all local groups in an effort to support programsoffered to the local residents.

    Roberta Byron-Lockwood, President of Sullivan County Visitors Association,dressed as Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz.

    Herb Clark, Vice President of Sullivan County Visitors Association,dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.

    Barbi Neumann-Marty, Senior Unit Director of Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc., dressed as the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.Sherry Li, CEO of China City, dressed as the Tin Woman from the Wizard of Oz.

    Key community members along with the China City team dressed as characters in the movie.The Wizard of Oz team came in first place with donations totaling $10,431. Proceeds raised from the event totaled $57,772.

    It was a fun time had by all, said Ms. Li. Each team was a different theme which was a surprise for everyone. It was an exciting evening which ended with anamazing presentation. The proceeds will pay for several scholarships and programs. China City fully supports this incredible organization.

    The children are our priority and it is an added benefit that we can all come together to have a good time while achieving that goal.The event was a tremendous success!

    Throughout the last year, China...


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