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Student Council Meeting. 20 July 2011. SPACE PORTFOLIO. Service-Physical-Aesthetics-Character-Exploration Open to all P4 to P6 CCA Leaders and Councillors. Objective - to encourage our Student Leaders to be all-rounded Hildans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Student Council Meeting20 July 2011

  • SPACE PORTFOLIOService-Physical-Aesthetics-Character-ExplorationOpen to all P4 to P6 CCA Leaders and Councillors.Objective - to encourage our Student Leaders to be all-rounded HildansFocus Quality of Reflection. Is there learning taking place?

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011You may leave out the component on SERVICE. Your duty as a Councillor/CCA Leader will give you the maximum point (7 points). Reflection will be done together with the 360 feedback rubric.Please retrieve the new template for CHARACTER from the blog. Only RECORD and REFLECTION is needed (leave out Recollection).

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011Aesthetics, Physical (3R required)You may use our schools programmes (e.g: Percussion/Hip-hop/PE lessons) as a platform for these 2 components. You may attach any rubrics done during the programme/s. Please reflect on how you have improved on the SKILLS taught.

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011Exploration - P4 CampPlease attach camp booklet. You do not need to fill in the RECORDS section. You do not need to attach any photographs (RECOLLECTION section) if you cannot find any. REFLECTION must still be done using the given template.

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011Exploration - P5 Camp Please attach the camp booklet and reflection done during the camp. You do not do a separate one unless you cannot find that copy. You do not need to attach any photographs (Recollection section) if you cannot find any.

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011Exploration P6 Project ASEANThe committee has decided that you need not submit any documents for this component. Whole level CIP programme will be carried out after PSLE. Reflections will be done then. Therefore all pupils will be awarded the maximum points for this component (7 points).

  • SPACE PORTFOLIO Updates in 2011DEADLINE: Term 4 Week 3 (For P4s and P5s) - collection dates: 26 Sept to 28 SeptDEADLINE: Term 4 Week 7 (For P6s) - collection dates: 24 Oct to 25 Oct(Prize Presentation will be held during the year-end Prize-Giving Ceremony)

  • 360 Feedback UpdatesFrom 2011, this will be done ONCE A YEAR.Feedback will be gathered from: a) Parent b) Teacher c) PeerStudent leaders will also have to do a self-evaluation.Reflection will then be done using the ACS (Assessment, Challenge, Support) model.

  • STUDENT COUNCIL UPDATESTerm 3 Each sub-committee to embark on at least 1 project (Guided by Teacher OIC, Led by Head/Vice Head Councillors).Primary 6 Councillors/CCA Leaders need to come only for the next Student Council meeting in November.All P3 to P5 Councillors to keep their Wednesdays free as far as possible for sub-committee meetings.

  • 3 Cheers forAll Councillors who helped out during the COE Launch on 7 July 2011. Thank you for serving the school to the best of your ability. The NE AMBASSADORS will be working hard on Racial harmony day. Be confident, articulate and caring ambassadors of the school!

  • Video Clip - lesson learnt Be like the mother squirrel...1) be there for your love ones / peers / fellow Councillors / teachers

  • Video Clip - lesson learnt Be like the baby squirrel...1)Set your goals!2)Don't run away from your problems! Persevere! Overcome them!

  • Video Clip - lesson learnt Be like those who helped out...1) compassion!2) patience!3) initiative!

  • Serve from the HeartQuestions to reflect onWhy do you want to be a Councillor?How else can you serve our school and your friends better?What are the qualities that make a good Councillor? Are you displaying these qualities?