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  • STRIKE JeopardyStrengthKnowledge1Signature2 Signatures 3 SignaturesFinal JeopardyToleranceEmpathy1Signature2 Signatures 3 SignaturesResponsibilityIntegrity1Signature2 Signatures 3 Signatures

  • Strength and Knowledge for 1What strategy should this Diamondback use to prevent this from happening again? Click on video to play!

  • Strength and Knowledge for 2Be prompt/prepared and ready to learn are listed under what S.T.R.I.K.E. word?

  • Strength and Knowledge for 3 Tank tops, red shoe laces, chained wallets, and ripped jeans.

  • Tolerance and Empathy for 1What are two ways that tolerance and empathy are different?

  • Tolerance and Empathy for 2What would you say to that would demonstrate tolerance for the student this teacher is talking about?Click on picture for Video

  • Tolerance and Empathy for 3Describe one time that you or one of your friends demonstrated empathy AND another time that you or your friends demonstrated tolerance.

  • Responsibility and Integrity for 1Four things that you should bring to all classes in order to be successful.

  • Responsibility and Integrity for 2You have missed 3 days of school. Today is Tuesday, your first day back. When is your absent work due?

  • Responsibility and Integrity for 3List 3 things that show Responsibility and Integrity in the Lunchroom?

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerWho said.Be the change you wish to see in The world?