Storytelling with Shadow Puppets

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This is a basic art presentation about shadow puppets.


<ul><li> 1. STORYTELLING WITH SHADOW PUPPETS Jessica Rolen</li></ul> <p> 2. SHADOW PUPPETRY Shadow puppetry is an ancient art form in which shadow images of elaborately handcrafted puppets are projected onto a screen Over 1,000 years old Originated in India and Egypt and overtime became a prominent part of Indonesian culture. 3. SHADOW PUPPETRY Materials Traditional form of storytelling is known as Wayang Kulit (Shadow Skin) Constructed from pressed and dried buffalo hide Involves: performance of Hand painted with gold leafmusicians, a puppeteer (dhalang) and aand colorful pigmentsseries of two-dimensional puppets that Polished section of buffaloare projected on a backlit screen.horn that functions as a handle 4. STORYTELLING Traditionally the shadow plays are performed based on the specific community in which they are being presented The dhalang or puppeteer asks the village about the local issues they are facing and then chooses a story that illustrates solutions 5. FIVE STORY ELEMENTS The Five Essential Elements of a Story 6. REFERENCES .shtml (Shadow Puppet Information) Bridging The Curriculum Through Art Interdisciplinary Connections, Second Edition Google Images</p>