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Download Story Selection Core Stories And Story Lists. The Story of the Bible The Story of the Bible –A compiled story of how God’s Word was written down at God’s

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  • Story SelectionCore Stories And Story Lists

  • The Story of the BibleA compiled story of how Gods Word was written down at Gods instruction to prophets and other writers; what Gods Word says about itself

  • Characteristics of GodIntroductory overview of the relevant characteristics of God which will be explored in following stories

  • Creation of Spirit WorldOrigin of angels, Satan and evil spirits; God is sovereign over the spirit world as its creator

  • Creation of Physical WorldSix days of creation with focus on creation of the physical world but including the general reference to man and woman

  • Creation of Man and WomanSeparate creation stories first of man and Gods commandment to him, and then of woman as a companion to man

  • Disobedience of Adam and EveStory of temptation of Eve by Satan, disobedience by both man and woman, Gods judgment of all three

  • NoahJudgment of Sinful WorldWide spread of sin and Gods judgment of whole earth; Gods grace to Noah and his family, Noahs obedience to God; Gods judgment is inescapable without Gods help

  • Gods Call & Promises to AbrahamCall to leave his people and come to a land God would show him; promise of great blessing and that his descendant would be a blessing to all peoples; Gods promise of a son

  • The Substitute SacrificeGods grace in giving a son to Abraham in fulfillment of promise; Gods testing Abraham but providing a substitute sacrifice

  • The PassoverGod is sovereign, his will must be obeyed; Gods judgment upon the disobedience of Egypt; Gods people spared by the sign of blood

  • Gods Holy Law to Define SinGod gives his holy Law to define sin and the relationship man must have with God and fellow man

  • The Sacrifice for SinThe blood sacrificethe blood of the innocent shed for the sin of the guilty; a priest or mediator was to intercede

  • The Prophets Message IWarning of Coming Judgment for SinElijah, Jonah, Jeremiah

  • The Prophets Message IIPromised of an Anointed One to Suffer for Our SinSuffering Servant, king, priest, prophet

  • Birth of Jesus According to ProphecyLuke and Matthew story

  • Baptism of Jesus & Testing by SatanTestimony of God, Holy Spirit and John at baptismStanding on Gods Word when tested by Satan

  • Jesus and NicodemusYou Must be Born AgainThe new birth of the Spirit

  • Jesus & Samaritan WomanLiving Water of SalvationJesus other reference to drink of living waterJohn 7:37ff

  • Jesus Taught as One Having Great AuthoritySermon on Mount, Sower and Seeds, Kingdom ParablesAuthority came from GodThese words are not my own

  • Jesus Has Authority to Forgive SinParalyzed man & 4 friends, or Woman who anointed feet of Jesus

  • Jesus Has Authority to Heal and Restore BodiesLepers, woman with issue of blood, Man with withered limb, blind, deaf, lame man by pool of Siloam

  • Jesus is Lord of NatureCalming the storm, walking on the water, or feeding the multitude

  • Jesus has Authority Over the Spirit WorldRebuking spirit in synagogue, boy with evil spirit, woman bound by Satan, Syro-Phoenician womans daughter, Gadarene demoniac

  • Jesus is the Resurrection & the LifeLazarus, Jairus daughter, widows son

  • Parable of Prodigal SonA picture of repentance, forgiveness and restoration, warning to those who refuse to forgive

  • Danger of Refusing Gods InvitationLazarus & Rich ManParable of Wedding Banquet

  • Jesus Warned His Disciples What Would Happen To HimWarnings in Mark 8-9-10, but the disciples did not understand and were afraid to ask him

  • Who is Jesus?Testimony of Peter, othersComposite story of testimoniesangels, wise mens, Johns, Simeon, evil spirits, people, Peters

  • The Last SupperMy body given for you, my blood shed for remission of sinServe one anotherPromise to prepare a place for us and return for us

  • Trials, Crucifixion, Decisions for and Against JesusAre you the Son of God?Are you then a king?Condemned to deathWords of two criminalsWords of Centurion

  • Resurrection StoriesWomen at tombPeter & JohnMary MagdaleneDisciples on Emmaus RoadThomas

  • AscensionCommissioning to make disciplesWait for the SpiritThis same Jesus will return in the same way

  • Return of Jesus PromisedDiscourse (Luke 17) & Parables of the return

  • Judgment of Unbelievers and Punishment of Satan

  • Blessed State of Believers