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Indictment Released: Ayyash Coordinated, Badreddine Controlled while Oneissi, Sabra Conspired


PUBLIC REDACTED VERSIONR091733 STL-11-01/I/PTJ F0007/A01/PRV/20110816/R091733-R091779/EN/pvkCONFIDENTIAL&EX PARTE Case No: Filed with: Date of document: Party filing: Original language: Type of document: Filed by: The Prosecutor .1..i.J.J 4.....:sL;J\ U .. SPECIAL TRI8UNM FOR LEBANO/\ TRIBUNAL POUR lE lI BA!> R089867 STL-11-01/IIPTJI F0007 I AO 1/20 11 061 0/R089867 -R089914/ENlpvk BEFORE THE PRE-TRIAL JUDGE Special Tribunal for Lebanon STL-11-01IIfPTJ Pre-Trial Judge 10 June 2011 The Prosecutor English CONFIDENTIAL AND EX PARTE THE PROSECUTOR v. MUSTAFA AMINE BADREDDINE, SALIM JAMIL A YY ASH, HUSSEIN HASSAN ONEISSI & ASSAD HASSAN SABRA INDICTMENT Distribution to: The Registrar D.A. Bellemare, MSM, QC Mr. Herman von Hebel PUBLIC REDACTED VERSIONR091734 STL-11-01/I/PTJ F0007/A01/PRV/20110816/R091733-R091779/EN/pvkCONFIDENTIAL&EX P.ARTE R089868 STL-II-OI/J/PTJ/ F0007! AOl!2011061 O/R089867-R089914/EN/pvk l. The stipulated in Criminal penalties a. I. Preamble the Special Tribunal for 1 and 11 of the Statute for Articles 2 and 3 of the Statute, and Lebanese Law of l1 war and interfaith to on authority Lebanon, Lebanese the HUSSEIN BADREDDINE, SALIM urU".>,JlL.J ,,IIJ,A',,'VJl, and ASSAD HASSAN SABRA, and together with: Count I - Conspiracy aimed at committing a Terrorist Act; and b. AMINE BADREDDlNE and SALIM each and Count 2 Committing a Terrorist Act by means of an eXIIJIU'Sn'e device; Count 3 Intentional Homicide (ef explosive materials; premeditation by 4 Intentional Homicide (of 21 persons in addition to the Intentional Rafik HARlRl) with premeditation by explosive Count 5 - Intentional Homicide (of in to the Intentional Homicide ofRafik HARIRI) with premeditation I As translated from Arabic into Lebanon. 2 As translated from Arabic into Lebanon. STL-II-O lIIfPTJ materia1s; and the Languages Services Section of the by the Languages Services Section of the 20f47 Tribunal for Tribunal for 10 June 2011 PUBLIC REDACTED VERSIONR091735 STL-11-01/I/PTJ F0007/A01/PRV/20110816/R091733-R091779/EN/pvk2. 3. PARTE F0007/A01/201106J c. HUSSEIN HASSAN ONEISSI and ASSAD HASSAN together with: Count 6 - Being an Accomplice to the felony of by means of an explosive device; a R089869 STL- 11-0 lJIlPTJI Being an Accomplice to the felony of Intentional Homicide (of Rafik HARIRI) with premeditation by using Count 8 - Being an Accomplice to the felony of Intentional Homicide (of 21 persons in addition to the Intentional Homicide HARIRI with premeditation by using explosive Count 9 Being an Accomplice to the felony Homicide (of 231 persons in addition to Rafik HARIRl) with premeditation Indictment contains the Prosecutor's allegations attack that killed Rafik HARIRl and 21 others and As is the case in all criminal proceedings, until proven guilty in a court of law. case the Accused is built In large on Attempted Intentional 14 in are Homicide of 2005 to 231 Circumstantial evidence, which works logically by inference and deduction, is more reliable than direct evidence, which can suffer from memory loss or dist0l1ion. It is a recognised legal principle evidence weight and probative value as direct and can be stronger than direct evidence. 11-0 lII/PT J 30f47 10 June 2011 PUBLIC REDACTED VERSIONR091736 STL-11-01/I/PTJ F0007/A01/PRV/20110816/R091733-R091779/EN/pvkC01'