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Leveraging Social Media track 2 participants digital media assessment.


  • 1.Digital Media AssessmentApril 2011Leveraging Social Media@devonvsmith

2. Quick Stats.5 uploads/month 474 people630 views/upload595 check-ins23 subscribers2 tips4,764 likes 621 followers0 photos0 subscribers 1 post/week 12% listed 0 contacts0 posts/month4 comments/post 0 tweets/day 0 high views/photo0 comment/post0 mentions/tweetArrows indicate if you are performing above, below, or similar to the average of your peersIn the following slides, youll notice black text that calls out specic recommendations for things you should change 3. Consider adding a search box somewhere onyour front page. This may give you insights into what users look for on your siteWebsiteGreat joblinking to your socialproles! 4. Consider100% of your 20 peer organizations were active onchecking Open FacebookFacebook in the past month. On average, they haveSearch for the conversations6,006 fans (max 43,325), post 5x/week (max 2x/ happening about Stern Grove,day), and get 10 comments/post (max 858). Hardly off of your page.Strictly Bluegrass, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and CityParks Summer Stage are ones to watch. Considerclaiming your Facebook Place pageFacebookKnow that aninterest page exists foryou on Facebook, which pulls in info from Wikipedia (so Consider adding make sure Wikipedia staysdesign elements to yourup to date) Give Five tab and/or making it your landing page 5. The titles of these lists should giveyou some insight into what people expect you to tweet about. Consider lettingus know who on staff is tweeting Consider tweeting at Consider what different times of theinformation (if any) day, days of the weekyour followers want between festivalsTwitter Consider unlinking your Facebook accountfrom Twitter80% of your 20 peer organizations were active on Twitter in thepast 10 days. On average, they have 2,485 followers (max 10,383),tweet .5x/day (max 5x/day), have been added to a list by 9% oftheir followers (max 13%, and receive 1.5 mentions/tweet (max50). Wolf Trap and Winnipeg Folk Festival are ones to watch. 6. 90% of your 20 peer organizations were active on YouTube in the past year. On average, they uploaded 1.5 videos/month (max 3/week), have 52 subscribers (max 22,245), and receive 695 views/video (max 37,310). Bumbershoot, Outside Lands, and Power to the Peaceful are ones to watch.YouTubeThere are a signicant number of other YouTube users with Stern Grove content. Consider curating/hosting a playlist of this content on your channelMost of your referrals come fromrelated videos & YouTube searches.Consider experimenting with video descriptions, tags, and categories Consider whatother tags you can useGreat jobto increase trafc creating playlists 7. Almost 10,000 photos on Flickrmention Stern Grove, by these groups & photographers. Consider joining the photogroups and/or reaching out to thank these photographers 20% of your 20 peer organizations were active on Flickr in the past year. On average, they uploaded 440 photos (max 900), have 9 contacts (max 42), and their most viewed photo has been seen approximately 138 times (max 389). Bumbershoot and Winnipeg Folk Festival are ones to watch.Flickr 8. 95% of your 20 peer organizations have anactive Foursquare venue, though only 2 havebeen claimed by their owner. On average,they have had 241 people (max 3,501) check-in a total of 394 times (max 5,797) , and left3 tips (max 40). 90% of your 20 peer organizations have an active Yelp page,Consider claiming your and 13 of the venues have been claimed by their owners. OnFoursquare venue to get average, they have 33 reviews (max 173) of 4.5 stars (max 5). access to venue analyticsYelp and FoursquareMay be usefulGreat job to know these are the experimenting withcompanies and keywords theFoursquare!public associates as beingsimilar to you 9. 30% of your 20 peer organizations were active bloggers in the past 3 months. OnBlog average, they post 2x/month (max 1x/week), have 6 subscribers (max 50), and receive 0 comments/post (max 4). Wolftrap and Grand Performances are ones to watch. 10. Other Social MediaConsider claiming your Google Places page so you have access to venue analyticsYour wikipedia page isGreat job creating arelatively active. ConsiderLinkedIn company prole. adding additional info & citations to the pageIf youre not still active on MySpace, consider eliminating theicon from your front page Other social networks mentioned Consider using this by your 20 peer organizationsnumber as a gauge to nd include MySpace (7x), iphone app what content of yours users (2x), podcast (1x). nd interestingConsider engaging with some of these bloggers talkingabout Stern Grove 11. Search Engine Optimization Your anchor text distribution isnt very diverse. Consider writing content that elicits valuable keyword links Consider how you can use website demographic info to helptailor your content Great google ranking for generic keyword phrases.Consider if Google AdWords could improve web trafcConsider adding alt text to images, unique meta descriptions to every section of your website,and a 301 redirectYour website trafc peaks during the festival. Consider how you could use a blog to increasetrafc the rest of the year 12. Glossary301 redirect: shows Google that and are the same website (5 minute x your webmaster can do)A/B Testing: a way to test 2 slightly different webpages to see which one users take action on more oftenAggregator: a website that collects and displays lots of different blogs (examples: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious)Alt-tag: keyword tags that describe an image so Google bots know how to index the image and allow others to nd itAnchor text: the underlined phrase that links to a new page. Google uses this phrase to decide where your site shows up in searchBlog subscribers: Ive shown you Google Reader subscribers, which on average accounts for about 50% of all your blog subscribersCall to action: the 1 action you want a user to take on this page (click a donate button, buy tickets link, submit email for newsletter)Category v tag: both help users nd content; categories tend to be pre-dened, tags tend to be user generatedDesign elements: ensuring your digital branding (style) matches your social branding matches your off line brandingFacebook custom URL: instead of v branded search: generic search example is dance company san francisco branded search example AXIS DanceHashtag: a phrase prexed with # symbol, which makes searching for that particular topicIntegrated blog: a blog hosted on your own website ( or provides you valuable SEOKeyword rich content: using the generic (see above) phrases you want to rank for in Google searchesLink architecture: where internal page links appear on your website, and how sections of your site are linked togetherMeta-description: text appearing under link in a Google search that describes the page. New twitter: in Oct 2010, Twitter added a new windowpane on the right side of the feed, which interfered with some prole designsRSS: method by which you can subscribe to a blog via email or an RSS reader (stands for Real Simple Syndication)Referral source: how users arrive arrive at your video; could be through embedded players, related videos, searches, linksPermalinks: a unique URL for every blog post so they can be linked to foreverSEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization; process ofTag cloud: a visual depiction of keywords where the most used words are displayed larger, tags are linked to relevant site content 13. Free Resources


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