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  • 1. Step 5Be Happy ! Make OthersHappy

2. How to be happy to yourself and make others happy?- Eliminate negative thought and keep your mind inpositive- Apply PMA- If you have to worry, worry positively 3. Words From the Wise- If you want a quality, act as if you had it. Try theas if technique. ---William James- If we really want to live, wed better start at onceto try. ---W.H Aunden- Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.---Basil King 4. Step 6Form a Habit ofTolerance 5. - Keep an open mind toward people- Look for the good in others and learn to likeand accept them 6. The Moral- Dont judge a mans character by appearance- Find only human souls, brothers and sisters all,unmarked by race, creed, or color, for rest inpeace throughout eternity. 7. Words From the Wise- A great many people think they are thinkingwhen they are merely rearranging theirprejudice. ---William James- Do all the good you canBy all the means you canIn all the ways you canAt all the times you canTo all the people you canAs long as you ever can. --- John Wesley


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