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<ul><li> 1. Source: Kauffman SketchbookStartup SerbiaEstablishment of the technology startup ecosystem in Serbia</li></ul> <p> 2. Talent Mentors UniversityEnterprenuersCapital CorporationsGovernmentSupport &amp; NGOServicesStartup EcosystemMain principle Inclusiveness 3. Key findings: Out of sync with a long term view Runs in a short cycles (less than four years) After an election few months for new administration to gearsup And than launches brand new initiatives. Startup communities cant wait they are changing every day Government operates as top down hierarchy Startup communities operate as bottom up networkGovernmentGood news: Government is well intentioned! 4. "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill Lack of entrepreneurial culture37% (by Infostud) - 50% (by of young peoplewould like to work in state owned companyTop reason - safe salary. Fear of failure 27 per cent of Serbian students were planning to leave thecountry permanently after graduating (Student Union ofSerbia) Despite everything we have stars like: Nordeus,Limundo, Telescin, Prelovac MediaEntrepreneurState of mind or something more? 5. Summer of 2012 EUR 25K ? This must be a joke! Ourminimum is 500KSource: Kauffman SketchbookStartup Discovery - EspionageLessons learnt startup communities must have regular activitiesthat engage the entire entrepreneurial stack.Make sure all the founders and founding teams are visible andconnected to each other. 6. May I apply? Not him again!Emphasis is on learning and discoveryThere is no fact inside the government, so get outside and learnStartup discovery Program ValidationStartup creation Building the Ecosystem 7. Preparing startups: Mentorship driven education IncubatorsNetworking Ready for growth and VC Connecting investors and startups Acceleration inSeed investmenttechnology parksStartup Serbia Cycle (Desired) 8. Up to a million EUR financial support through three main components: Financial incentives for Startups &amp; Angel InvestorsEquity free capitalUp to 50% of total investment - not exceeding EUR 25 000 Financial support for programs of networking and education Financial support for incubators and technology parks Legal Framework set of laws are underway: e-Money, e-invoicing, Complete communicationof business entities and citizens with Tax administration will be paper free by mid-2014 Tax Breaks for R&amp;D by 20% Special procedure for payment of health and unemployment insurancetax burden (taxes + contributions) against net earnings would be reduced by 35.5% (from 67%to 43%).FIND OUT MORE ABOUT INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)MVP for 2013 9. CeBIT Hanover 2013 Serbian cornerLaunch7th March 2013. - The Serbian government adopted the strategy8th May 2013. Startup Serbia Public call 10. Dejan RestakAdvisor - Ministry of Finance and Economyt: @dejanrestake: </p>