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This presentation looks at critical choices that a start-up business owner must consider.


  • 1. Business Exchange Empowered
    Start-up Business Success Secrets
    What are the qualities that all business owners must consider?
    By Sonja Onthank
  • 2. Small Business Success Focus
    Keep LearningRead It, Listen To It, Attend It.
    Focus on Strategies that Cut Thousands of Dollars andYears of Hard Work
    Create Profitable Products that WORK
    Create a Business-Building Strategy
    Establish Contingency Plans
    The One Thing Your Product MUST Do is be BETTER than Competitors
  • 3. What Prevents Business FailURE
    Business Owners, Take Care of Yourself
    The Best Businesses Have the Best People
    You Must Think Faster Than Your Competitor
    Think What Skill Would Help ME Double MY Income in the Coming Year? Write Down the First Thing that Pops in your Mind.
    Imagine Success to Prevent The Opposite
  • 4. 10 Requirements for Business Success
    Products or Services that People Need and Want If it isnt the right product or service, change it.
    Marketing Plans that Earn to Right for Prospective Biz
    Sales Plans that Convert Prospects to Customers
    Product Diversity Plans
    Proper Distribution for Your Products and Services
    Financial Plans to Acquire and Manage Money
    Pricing Strategies that Maximize Profits
    A People Plan that Creates a Circle of Influence
    IT Focus that Keeps you on Cutting-Edge Possibilities
    Personal Plans to Maximize Personal Growth Possibility
  • 5. Qualities for Successful Businesses
    What Type of People Do You Hire?
    What Type of Customers Do You Accept?
    What Type of Personality Does Your Company Have?
    The Ideal Customer Experience
    Offer Diversity to Your Products or Services
    Deliver on Your Promises
    Market Based on What Prospects Say They Want
  • 6. USPUnique selling proposition
    Online directorieswho has the most listings?
    HVACwho has the best brands?
    Real Estatewho has the best inventory?
    Dry Cleaningwho is willing to sew a button?
    Clothingwho has the best selection
    Toolswho has the most durable product?
    CPAwho is the best communicator?
    Softwarewho has the best support?
  • 7. What breeds success?
    Discover Whats Needed To Improve Cash Flow
    Learn How to Sales Reps Can Improve
    Listen to Trigger Words that Indicate a Prospect is Willing, Able and Ready to Buy
    Find Out What Why Competitors Win a Sale
    Determine What Objection Handling is Needed for Your Product
  • 8. Leaders sharpen the tools
    Embrace the Idea that Great People must be in Your Circle of Influence
    Attend Events Where Learning Reinforces Your Beliefs and Adds Clarity to Your Leadership
    Find Ways to Mastermind Your Ideas
    Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy
    Be Prepared for the Unexpected
  • 9. Presentation summary
    Meet Customer Expectations
    Create a Warm Greeting with Clients
    Be Dedicated to Promises Made
    Learn More, Hire the Right People
    Make Customers Happy & Ask for Referrals
    Quality Traits that Attract You Are the Principles You Want for the Personality of Your Business