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  • Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    (used with the Star Wars Monopoly set)

    General Concepts

    The General idea is to add a little sense of the Star Wars struggle into the SW Monopoly game. The House/Hotel representations as fighters, plus each playing piece as a character makes it easy to integrate a battle into the Monopoly game.

    Rebels vs. Imperials

    Obviously, there are two sides to this contest – Rebs and Imps. Rebels are Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Artoo. Imps are Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Stormtrooper.

    Each side can effect the other, and individual characters can effect other characters through Actions and Combat.

    Each Property has an alignment to a particular side or is neutral also.

    Imperial Regions

    Death Star, Reactor Core, Star Destroyer, Tie Fighter, Bounty space, Imperial Card space and Coruscant are all considered Imperial territory.

    Rebel Regions

    Hoth, Yavin, X-Wing, Rebel Card space and Millennium Falcon are considered Rebel territory.

    Neutral Regions.

    Jail, Go, Free Parking, Docking Tax, Endor, Cloud City, Tatooine, The Evaporator, Dagobah and all others are considered Neutral Regions.

    Property Regions are defined as all property of one color. All the Tatooine properties are a property region. Spaces that are between properties in the same Property Region like Rebel or Imperial Card spaces are considered, for purposes of Character Attack, and Special Abilities, to be in the same Property Region.

    Moisture Farm & Reactor Core - These properties, for continuity's sake need to be swapped on the board.

    Other General Rules

    Docking Tax – Only those that own ship property pay Docking Tax. Pay per Starship Property owned.

    [Optional: Players that own the Cloud City: Landing Platform or Death Star: Landing Bay collect 25% of the money paid to Docking Tax]

    Pass Go

    Income is increased – Pass Go, player get $300 and if they land on Go, gets $500.

    Order of Play

    Player Turn Order is determined each round. Who goes first can be different each turn. Roll 2 dice each turn


  • Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    Turn Sequence

    Nothing is changed about the Monopoly turn as far as buying items or anything along those lines. Things are only added. The Battle Monopoly Turn goes as follows.

    1 – Determine Order of Play

    2 – Roll Movement Dice

    3 - Pre-Move Action Phase

    4 – Movement

    5 – Post-Move Action Phase

    6 – Property Combat Phase

    Determine Order of Play

    Each turn, Order of play is determined by rolling two dice. Order is highest to lowest. (Use of Order of Play counters is handy here – Cards numbered 1-8)

    Roll Dice / Movement

    Rebels who start their turn in Imperial properties roll only one die for movement. Rebels who start their turn in Rebel regions can choose to roll either one or two dice.

    Imperials who start their turn in Rebel territory roll one die for movement. Imperials who start their turn in Imperial territory may choose to roll one or two dice.

    Hyperspace Jump: If the player rolls Double 6s, this is called a Hyperspace Jump and he can choose to land on any space on the board except for Free Parking.

    Action Phase

    The player may do one of the following during the pre-Move Action Phase

    1 - Buy Property and/or Buy Fighter/Ships

    The player may do one of the following during the post-Move Action Phase

    1 – Character Combat: Attack a Character

    2 - Use Special Ability

    3 - Take an Imperial or Rebel Card (This negates any other action)

    Buy Property and/or Buy Fighter/Ships – This action is as normal in the Monopoly rules, and occurs before the player rolls for movement as a Pre-Move action. Auction of Property is not possible in Battle Monopoly. Discounts on property are possible based on the Character.

    Optional – Buying More Fighters and/or Starships beyond the base: Players can buy more than four fighters per Property and/or more than one Capitol ship per Property. Adding Fighters and or Starships beyond the base has no effect on Rent.

    Buying Starships: For Purposes of Battle, when buying a Star Destroyer or Millennium Falcon, the 4 Fighters are not exchanged for the Starship. Instead, they remain behind and all ships occupy the space. For purposes of rent, the space is considered to have a “Hotel” on it.

    After buying a Starship, the player can still have the option to buy more fighters, if the Buying beyond the base-option is being used.

    Paying Merc-Pilots: Buying Fighters when all the property in the Region is not owned. - A player, who has only 1 or 2 of the properties of a given Region and not the entire region, can hire Merc-Pilots from the Black Market. This may only happens after the first ships have been bought and placed on the board. Once the first set of ships are bought and placed, this opens the Black Market.


  • Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    To place Merc-Fighters, the player must pay twice the normal price of a Fighter for that Property. To represent Merc Fighters, he must use the opposite type of Fighter - Rebels use Imperial TIE fighters, Imperials use Rebel X-Wings.

    There is no limit to the amount of Merc Fighters one can buy. Once the player owns all of the Region's Properties, Merc Fighters convert to Regular Fighters, but must be distributed evenly through out the Region.

    Mercs defend for free. Mercs will not attack superior forces. Mercs will attack inferior forces if paid. The player must pay the rent of the property with the given amount of Fighters+$100 to make the Mercs attack.

    Character Combat: Attack a Character – All Characters have a ranged weapon of some kind. A character may attack another character if they are in the same Property Region. In an Attack the Attacker rolls one six-sided die (D6), and adds his character’s current ATT value.

    The Target may choose to either Defend Or Aggressively Defend.

    In the case of Defend, the Target rolls one D6, and adds his current DEF. The higher roll wins the combat. If the Attacker wins, the Attacker may chose one the following as a penalty to the defender:

    • Loose a Turn

    • Pay Attacker $50

    • Attacker may take an item

    If the Defender wins, nothing happens.

    If the Target player Aggressively Defends, the Target rolls a D6 and adds his ATT. If the attacker wins, same things as above happen. If the defender wins, the attacker loses one turn.

    If the character is on his own property, add +1 to the appropriate roll.

    Optional - Attacking from the Ships/Fighters: If a player lands on a ship he owns or buys one that turn, and there is someone else on a fighter that they own, the two can engage in Fighter Combat. Roll as normal, but add the following bonuses based on the ship.

    Tie Fighter +1 + ATT

    X-Wing +2 + ATT

    Millennium Falcon +3 + ATT

    Star Destroyer +4 + ATT

    The loser of this combat loses 2 turns, or 1 turn and $100.

    Optional - Attacking the same side: Star Wars is a battle between good and evil, Imps and Rebs. If an Imp attacks an Imp or a Reb attacks a Reb (in any way), -2 to the Attack roll.

    Use Special Ability – Most Characters have one or more special abilities that can be used in a turn. See each character for that list.

    Take an Imperial or Rebel Card – Landing on the Rebel or Imperial Cards negates any other action. You must draw a card from those spaces. However, Imperials may draw 2 Imperial cards and choose the best, while Rebels may choose 2 Rebel Cards and choose the best.

    Special Rules for Imperial Cards

    • “Purchase Droids for all your property …” – Artoo is immune to this Card.

    • “A Death Star Tractor Beam…” - Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and anyone who owns the Star Destroyer may be immune to this card, if they choose to be.


  • Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    • “You have been appointed to the rank of Grand Moff…” – Darth Vader is immune. Rebels Characters must pay twice amount.

    Special Rules For Rebels Cards

    • “Let the Wookie Win…” – If in play, Chewie gets all money when other players draw this card. Chewie is immune to this card.

    • “Obi-Wan Kenobi Leaves you …” – Double the amount if drawn by Luke Skywalker

    • “Win Sabacc” – Double the amount if draw by Han Solo

    • “Beauty Contest” – Double the amount if drawn by Princess Leia

    • “Receive for Shuttle Services” – Double the amount for Han and Chewie if they own a ship.

    • Ewok Light Festival Fund Matures - if the player is in the Rebel Space in the Endor Region, double the result. If the player owns any of the Endor Region, double the result

    • For Sale of Carbonite Shipment, you get $45. - If the player owns any of Cloud City Region, double the result.


  • Star Wars Battle Monopoly

    Property Combat

    Players may use their “Houses and Hotels” to Attack other players property, in an attempt to free up the property from them.

    In order to Attack a Property, the Attacker must have either Fighters (Houses) or a Star Destroyer or Millennium Falcon on the Property region he is attacking from. Attacks take place from Property Region to a single property. Defense can come from the en