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Spore creature issues. By: Michael Lie 6B. MIMIMIMU. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Spore creature issues By: Michael Lie 6B

MIMIMIMUThis original species have so many weaknesses and they always being hunted by their predators. Some of them are killed by the extreme weather like when it is cold and when it is hot. Some times when they running out of foods they just come to their food supplies and try to find for foods they need to kill each others first, straves to death or even share foods to each others (but they just get like 25% of the whole food)

Problems Extreme weatherPredator Food scare Extreme weather Problem: When at the antartic ocean theyre very cold and sometimes in their species when they got cold always they cant breathe and they some times cannot keep their balanced very well and some times they just fell to the ocean and died in their. Variation:They got so many furs, their tails are very long and also furry so they can keep their balanced when they walk or swim and when at cold or winter they still can survive while they still not with in colonies or with their families.

migimumiPredator Problem: They always got followed by their predators. Their predators are polar bears, whales, humans and seal. They being eaten by their predators when they try to find foods in the ocean (fishes). Their species now has been decrease so fast and they almost became extinct and human take them and the humans doesnt let them to be free so they always try to escape and get killed by humans. Variation: They got eyes at their tail so they could see every where and they got small blue/red tints so when their preadators like polar bear try to eat them the polar bear is gonna die before he eats and if humans they will get poisoned by just smelling the body or touching it so their predators just can eat them and they will forgot them as their prey.

THE KILLERZ8Food scare Problem: When at the winter some times there are less foods that can be searched and some times they tried to argued each others and some times they died because of straved or killed by wild animals. Variation: Now they became still became carnivore but they try to taste polar bears meat but usually they eat walrus meats. They try to use like snow ball before throwing it they lick the snowballs first so they will poisoned the bear. And after it fainted the creature eat it.

Madarzzzzz10Ultimate species This is the last transformation species of this own species is that it can kill some one with its jaws or sharp teeth their teeth, its jaws is about 4-5.5 cm long. it can look every where because it has 6 eyes (very sharp eyes) its also have big claws to climb mountain and it has weapon in his tail (to maintaince its balanced and their sense to attack their predators and preys from their back).He can also live in extreme weather such as winter and etc also he can lives when there is natural disaster, for example whe there is a sandstrom its fur can be automatically close and protect their skin and if there is a tornado it claws will automatically crunch the ground and he will not taken by the tornado. It can also kill every animal in this world.RYBACK

This ultimate species is the best way of living at out side there or at the wild they are the very protective animal in this earth