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<p> 1. <br /> 143<br /> 2. 3. 3<br />2<br />A dragon<br />1<br />A witch<br />A cat<br />A skeleton<br />A spider<br />A vampire<br />ghosts<br />8<br />A goblin<br />4<br />5<br />7<br />6<br /> 4. 3<br />A witch<br />2<br />ghosts<br />A dragon<br />1<br />Spooky creatures<br />A goblin<br />8<br />A vampire<br />4<br />A cat<br />6<br />A spider<br />5<br />A skeleton<br />7<br /> 5. wings<br />horns<br />A head<br />spikes<br />A neck<br />scales<br />A tail<br />claws<br /> 6. eyes<br />ears<br />A nose<br />A body<br />A tongue<br />A tongue<br />whiskers<br />fans<br /> 7. ears<br />wings<br />A nose<br />horns<br />spikes<br />A head<br />A neck<br />scales<br />claws<br />A tail<br />A body<br />whiskers<br />A tongue<br />fans<br /> 8. This green creature has the head of a man and the body of a snake. It has an ugly face with <br />big white eyes and thetwo whiskers. You can see sharp white fangsin its mouth. It has two hands with strong scary claws. <br /> 9. It has the body of an old woman. It has an ugly, scary face with angry little eyes and a long nose. It can grab you with its big strong claws of a tiger. It wears a long black dress and a black hat. It does black magic and it can turn you into a spider. Watch out! It is very dangerous.<br /> 10. HAPPY<br /></p>