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    By Berenice Andrews

    Its not for the faint of heart, for becoming a spiritual mentor involves a sustained striving for impeccability.

    [It] begins with a single act that has to be deliberate, precise and sustained. If that act is repeated long enough, one acquires a sense of unbending intent, which can be applied to

    anything else. If that is accomplished, the road is clear. One thing will lead to another until the [spiritual] warrior realizes his full potential. Carlos Castaneda, The Fire from Within

    For you, a spiritual warrior (aka soul searcher), thatsingle act is your sustained response to an inner summons to undertakeyourjourneyofspiritualevolution.Fromthatfirststep,youarecommittedtolivingthespiraling,ongoingpathsofopen-ingtheway,comingintobeing,enteringwithinandfindingwis-dom.Itsacircuitthatcanoccupyfiveminutesand/or50years.With every turn, you strengthen your intent, for this is a journey ofbecomingthatisconstantlyculminatingintohigherbeing.

    Your intent requires, above all, heart awareness. Its a knowing (gnosis)thatyouareanenergybeingasoulami-crocosmic creator who generates your bodies of consciousness (i.e.,whoandwhatyouarephysically,emotionally,mentallyandtranscendentally)withthepowerofthecentersofconsciousness

    (chakras)containedwithinyourhumanenergysystem.GuidedbytheindwellingSpirit,youmakethosebodies(soulstructures)outoftheconsciousnessenergies(soulsubstance)ofthequantumseatheSoulFieldinwhichyoulive,moveandhaveyourbe-ingness. Your heart awareness resides in the heart center of your human energy system. With it, you have all the power you need to maintain your intent.

    Thats because your heart center connects with the transcendent life, light, loveand lawenergiesof theSoulField.Then, this chakra acts as a bridge for channeling the healing lifeenergies fromyourhighercentersofconsciousness (yourthroat, thirdeyeand crownchakras)down to your root, sacraland solar plexus chakras that vibrate at a much lower frequency. Yourheartcenteralsoactsasacrucible,(awordfromalchemymeaning a container in which something base is changed into somethingenormously valuable). In yourheart center crucible,theloveenergiesoftheSoulFieldcatalyzeyourtransformation.Thus,yourheartcenter/SoulFieldconnectionmaintainstheun-bending intent while the road is being cleared. The clearing work involves

    Three Concurrent TasksEssentially,youthesoulsearcherarerequiredtoclean

    up your act, a work made necessary because human energy be-ingsbeginthislifetimeasanimalsoulstheirfirstdevelopmentalstage.Itrepeatsanearlierevolutionaryphasethatincludedtheprimitive instinctsand theotherprimalcharacteristics requiredfor survival. During this stage, human energy beings can sustain muchdamage.Even in theuterusand certainly afterwardyou,asananimalsoul,canexperiencesoullossandsoulwounding

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    trauma to your centers of consciousness that causes parts of yourenergyfieldtogomissing.Thus,youcangenerate(andre-inforce)damagedsoulstructuresperceptions,beliefs,feelings,thoughts,etc.thatseriouslyhinderyourhumandevelopment.

    Onyourevolutionarypath,whileyoumaintainyourun-bending intent, the clean-up that heals the damage and promotes spiritualevolutionhappenswithinyourheartcenter.

    There, the tasks involve purifying, simplifying and unifying the consciousness

    energies of your chakras and thence your bodies. (Form follows consciousness!)

    Althoughtherearemanywaysthattheclean-up/healingcan be done, the shamanic paths of seeking spiritual knowledge in theOtherworldespeciallythewaysoflovearetried-and-true.Onthosepaths,thejourneycanoftenunfoldlikethis...

    Forthetaskofpurifying, the spiraling path of opening the way takes precedence. You focus on your survival-driven root chakra and, in particular on its perceptual filtering systemin-strumental in producing your beliefs. While you spirit journey and learnthewaysoflove,youexplorethatchakrasfunctionalityandexamine the beliefs you carry about yourself and about life. And, you begin lovingly to replace them with the truth and repair the damage to the root center.

    Now,thiscanbechallenging,fortworeasons:first,ananimal souls emotional body, generated in an environmentdominatedbytherootcenterssurvivalimperative,usuallyresistsany change and second, theres the likelihood that the heart cen-ter itself has been damaged, perhaps from before birth. Thus, the firststageofpurifying will also involve some intense, heart cen-terexplorationsinadditiontothosefortherootcenter...intheOtherworld.

    Inthemeantime,withtheworkoftransmutingtheold,falsebeliefs,youaregentlyhealingyouremotionalbody,despiteits resistance. Your former enslavement to it is being replaced with growing discernment and detachment. And, because yours is a holistic energy system, you are also adding to the power of yourheartcenter.Thus,theenergiesoflifecanstartflowingoverthebridgeandthetransformativepowerofthecrucible,in-formed by the energies of love, can begin to manifest. And, in all of this process, the consciousness energies of your root, sacral andsolarplexuschakrasarebeing raised toahighervibration.(Asabove;sobelow.)Whilethishappens,thei-amconscious-nessenergiesofthosecentersthecrucialfirststageofahumansenseofselfthatwilleventuallymergewiththeSelfarealsoevolvingupward.Fortunately,inyourholisticsystem,allthisisac-tually taking place at once.

    Thus, with unbending intent, you are cleaning up your act byhealingalotofdamageandinstillingtheloveconnection.Andyouare learningthrough discernment and detachmentto be whoyoutrulyareamultidimensionalsoul--ahumanenergybeing.


    fying hasalreadybeenunfoldingmainlyonthepathofcominginto being. This is also a challenge, because animal soul structures, especiallythoseoftheemotionalandmentalbodies,areoftenconvolutedandevencompartmentalized.Manyof themarede-fensemechanismssometimesinitiatedbeforebirth.Theyareoftenexpressedbyemotionalinstabilityandmuddledthinking.Thus,therecanbea lotofcluttertouncoverandtransmute inyourroot, sacral and solar plexus chakras and in those bodies. With yourongoing,unbendingintenttoevolvespiritually,youcontinuetheexplorationsofthedamagedchakrasandtheirbodiesintheOtherworld, while you progress along your spiraling paths.

    The simplifying task willlikelycontinueonthepathofen-teringwithin,mainlybecauseyouareconnectingmoreandmorewiththeunendingflowofloveenergies.Meanwhile,youhavebeenimmersing in the other transcendent energies. Thereby, your ca-pacity for discerning and detaching has greatly increased.

    Within your heart centers awareness, the intent has remained unbending and the tasks have become easier. And all thattime,theindwellingSpirithasbeenguidingyou,whileyoulived,movedandhadyourbeing in theSoulField.Throughoutall of this raising of animal soul consciousness, the healing work inthelowercenterswaschangingtheenergiesoftheentiresys-tem. And your heart awareness expanded constantly. Thus, there was developing an increasing capacity to embrace oneness, for all along, your third task of unifying had been unfolding. But it wasnot a merger. Itwas (andwill continue tobe) a danceofbalancedandhealthycentersofconsciousnessawholeness.Theyhavebeengeneratingtrulyhumanbodieswhosei-amconsciousness energies were being readied to be one with the indwelling Spirit.

    Its a transformation and a culmination. In your heartawareness there is a newness of being. Its the joy of entering within...andfindingwisdom.Thatsthegoalofspiritualevolution.Atthatpinnacle,youthesoulsearcherarebothlovinglydis-cerning and lovingly detached. Thats what makes impeccability possible.Withthiswonderfullyhumanattribute,youcanbecomea spiritual mentor. If this is the result of your striving, you should be honored and revered. The world has great need of you.

    Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer. To learn more about her teachings, consult her book Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness, And Afterword. To become her student, see her web site, thestonecircleclassroom.com.

    [Authors note] For additional information about microcosmic cre-ator, consciousness energies, soul, Soul Field, soul substance, soul wounding, the human energy system, chakras (i.e., centers of con-sciousness) and bodies of consciousness (i.e., soul structures), see my articles in the September, 2013, to June, 2014, issues of Trans-formation Magazine.

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