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<ul><li> 1. Tips for winning presentations paris conference operational excellenceFABRA DAVIES</li></ul> <p> 2. There are 300 million PowerPoint users in the world** estimate 3. They do 30 millionpresentationseach day* * estimate 4. About a million presentations aregoing on right now* * estimate 5. 50% of them areunbearable** conservative estimate 6. LOTS of peopleare killing each otherwith bad presentations. NOW. 7. They are all DEAD! Well, almost. 8. Lets make the worlda better place. 9. Why are they doing it?! 10. Research shows:Bullets dont kill peoplePeople kill peopleUnintentionallyYet regularly 11. Mainly due to lack of...SignificanceStructureSimplicityRehearsal 12. Significance 13. Why do you present? To pass the information? Your boss told you to? Or to make meaning? 14. Whats the subject andwhy it matters to you? 15. How presentations workSignificance creates passionPassion attracts attentionAttention leads to action 16. Are you passionate?Check yourself. 17. This is passion. 18. This is passion. 19. This is not. 20. Cant find the meaning?Dont present. 21. Structure 22. Structure is how you place thebuilding blocks of your story. 23. Q: What structure to use?A: Any as long as it is: Convincing Memorable Scalable 24. Structure choicesProblem Pathway SolutionProblem Solution ReasoningFancy stuff (if it makes sense) 25. Give 3-4 reasons supporting your point.They will not remember more anyway. 26. }Memorable opening 1 More details...1 argument 2 More details... 3 More details...2 argument 1 2 More details... More details... 45 3 More details... minutes 1 More details...3 argument 2 3 More details... More details...Memorable closing 27. You can tell this in...5 minutes15 minutes45 minutesIt is scalable. 28. Simplicity 29. Everything should be made assimple as possible but not simpler. 30. Apparently, being simpleis not that simple.Will give you some examples. 31. Notice cool background. 32. Hey, weve got DATA! 33. This ones my favorite. 34. Fundamental problem? 35. PowerPoint helps to:Visualize ideasCreate key pointsImpress 36. They use it as: Prompter Handouts Data dumps 37. People read faster than you speak.This means you are useless. 38. How much is an extra slide?$0.00. Zero Dollars.Break it in several. Its free. 39. Whats the point? One simple point?Remove everything else. 40. Well, some arejust hopeless. 41. Ditch stupid rulesDo you remember the rule: 7 lines per slide or less 7 words per line or less?Well, it is just plain stupidIf you follow this ruleYou get a slide like this 42. d . eDitch stupid rulesp . m gDo you remember the rule:a in r r 7 lines per slide or lessC o 7 words per line or less?Well, it is just plain stupidBIf you follow this ruleYou get a slide like this 43. Simple design rules*One point per slideFew matching coloursVery few fontsPhotos, not clipart* pun intended 44. Less text. More imagery.Wild imagery. 45. But what if I need tosend or print the slides? 46. Write a document 47. The Largest Leasing CompaniesHansa Leasing -Raieisen Leasing- Make 2 sets of slides 48. Print with notes 49. Inform with little text* * yes you can 50. Rehearsal 51. It will never work completelyfor the first time. Trust me. 52. YOU PRESENTATION RECIPIENTFeedback. Go get some. 53. No audience? Present to thefurniture. But aloud. Try it. 54. Check the roomand equipment. 55. Presentation checklist 56. All this leads to... 57. Wow*FABRA DAVIES* great presentations </p>