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Space Decoration

Space DecorationYuliya StetsCOM 120-423925 April 2014

What is space decoration?Space decoration is the concept that emerges from the Nonverbal communication, and more specific from artifactual messages

Interior environment is a key player in establishing meaning in peoples lives

Colors have influence on space

Interior space in churchesDifferent churches have different unique designs:

American Catholic ChurchHistory of American Catholic Church:Began as a small band of supportersThe Catholic Church steered Western civilization through historical events

Today, the church is the oldest continuously active organization on Earth and one of the most influential institutions in the world

Ukrainian Catholic Church

Eastern Christianity took a firm root in Ukraine in 989In the 11th century, the Church in Ukraine gradually followed suit and finally gave up the bonds of unity with RomeIn 1595, seven bishops decided to re-establish communion with RomeIn the 19th century, many Ukrainian Catholics began to immigrate to North America

Design of Catholic ChurchesChurches are typically veryspiritual places and most people do not think of them as decorated ordesignedMost Catholicchurches have most of the same things in them from one church toanother:14 stations of the CrossAn altarTabernacle Pews

How is the space used in a church?

14 Stations of the Cross

An Altar



Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesArchitectural

Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesChurch size

Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesWalls and ceilings are painted with saints

Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesMore gold elements in Ukrainian Church

Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesEach Ukrainian church has a main icon

Difference between American and Ukrainian Catholic ChurchesAmerican Church has more pews than Ukrainian Church

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