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Southeastern District Police Community Relations Council. January 13, 2010. Purpose. Mission Statement: To build a positive working relationship between the Southeastern District Community and the police who work in our district. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>*Southeastern District Police Community Relations CouncilJanuary 13, 2010 </p></li><li><p>*PurposeMission Statement: To build a positive working relationship between the Southeastern District Community and the police who work in our district. </p><p>The Council serves as a multi-functional liaison between the communitys residents and business owners and the Southeastern District Police.</p></li><li><p>*Members of CouncilMelissa Techentin - President Graceland - Dundalk AvenueJoe Hudson Vice President PPCDC Baltimore StreetJoyce Adamski Treasurer Graceland - Steelton Avenue Jane Reillo Secretary Graceland Marne Avenue Werner Techentin Sergeant-at-Arms Graceland Dundalk AvenueBob Jenkins Asst Sergeant-at-Arms ParkvilleAndrea Silva - Prostitution Task Force Baltimore Street Helpers: Jason Filipou Greektown Community Development Corporation Ann and Dan Carmody Patterson Place - Patterson Park Avenue Don Brotherton Greektown Sharon Hunt McElderry StreetJeanie Jenkins ParkvilleDebbie Thomas Timonium Pam Kouzis White Marsh Virginia Clem &amp; Joann Hartman - Mt. Pleasant AvenueAngela Thomas Chesapeake Bank Mike and Barbara Bradshaw Steelton AvenueGetting residents from other areas is essential! </p></li><li><p>*Support for our PoliceAttended and spoke on behalf of the SE community at the State Legislature's Joint Hearing on the Arrest Activity of the Baltimore Police Department in January 2006.Work with media to apply pressure on elected officials to support a wide variety of issues and potential crime deterrents which have led to positive results for the SE District. Helped save the Mounted Patrol Unit, which was going to be dismantled. Showed support of our Prostitution/Vice Unit by reaching out to the community and Commissioner in the form of a petition which strongly urged the continuance of and importance of their work in the Southeastern District.Involved in the Prostitution Task Force for Baltimore City Working with the States Attorneys Office, State Legislators, and Judge Charlotte Cooksey to encourage the implementation of the Womens Substance Program which is a comprehensive plan to work with women who are incarcerated for prostitution. Affiliated with HIDTA (High Intense Drug Trafficking Area), and MARGIN (Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigations) Both are Intelligence Information Sharing Organizations.Got rid of Nome Street! Street was renamed Manor Avenue. </p></li><li><p>*Functionality Includes:Hosting public meetings which enable individuals and community groups to interface with the police department and receive and give reports on the state of our district. These meetings are also a source of information and feedback for the activities in our neighborhoods.Hosting special public meetings on issues that need special attention such as the MS-13 GangProviding a website that advertises police and council information and supplies forms and email contacts to report crime. Additionally, this is an excellent tool to keep up to date on activities that the council is working on.Working with community organizations to form their own Community Relations Council in other jurisdictions.</p></li><li><p>*Functionality Includes:Serves as a single point of contact for people that need help with the getting answers to specific and sometimes sensitive issues or follow-up on complaints.Help residents and business owners weave thought the bureaucracy of city and state government. Helps educate people on how to report crime in a safe way using their Crime Watch Number.Ongoing improvement of the Southeastern District Police Station. Participated and coordinated Adopt A School program in public schools in the district which provides another venue for outreach to our youth.Market the police to humanize them in the publics eye.Increase the efficiency of returned responses from this department to the general public. </p></li><li><p>*Events and Proceeds7th Annual Crab Feast: Saturday, September 19th, 2010 6:00 PM 11:00 PM UAW 1010 Ponca Street - $38 per person. 4th Bull &amp; Oyster Roast Sunday, May 1st, 2010; 1:00 PM 6:00 PM. UAW 1010 Ponca Street $35.00 Per Person - All proceeds go towards the BCPD Mounted Unit2nd Annual SEDP-CRC Cookout at the station house Meet and Greet 4rd Annual SEDP-CRC/Verizon Reads Connect a Cop with a Kid and promote literacy January 13th, 2010 John Ruhrah Middle School Purchases to date Docking Station for Sgt. Dillion, nine protective vests from, Lighter Laser LED, License ID Detector, microwave cart for the rec room, Radar Gun, - Future Back Up Batteries for Motorola Walkie-Talkies, Night Vision Goggles, more vests, vest for K-9 Ali etc. Annual Officer of the Year Award and Appreciation Event All proceeds from Council events directly benefit the Southeastern District Police and Community Last year marked 1100 families in the SE District that were helped for the Christmas holiday. This year the SEDP-CRC will donate the funds for flowers for the American Red Crosss 12th Home Town Heroes Event March 19th, 2010 Martins West. The Monument Street Vice Unit won the award for the Law Enforcement category</p></li><li><p>*Events and ProceedsAnnual Poker Bike Run/Harley Motorcycle Raffle Not a success in terms of attendance, but still raised the funds needed to purchase vests for the Vice Unit. Funding is needed to offset operational and business expenses of the Council. The Councils goal is to purchase and furnish items to the various divisions within the District that have needs. Your ideas are welcome!Our most aggressive goal is to secure grant money for improvements for the gun range.</p></li><li><p>*Esprit De CorpsOfficer of the Month Award Dinner Certificate from one of our local restaurants</p><p>Annual Thank you Thanksgiving Pies to the entire personnel staff, these pies are delivered the Tuesday before Thanksgiving</p><p>Christmas Breakfast and Dinner each year we provide a thank you breakfast and dinner to staff at the station a few days before Christmas.</p><p>Christmas Tree is decorated during the first weekend in December</p><p>Every year we honor area businesses, community associations, and supporters who helped us make the Southeastern District a better place to live and work. Additionally, we give an award to our Officer of the Year who demonstrated outstanding service throughout the year. </p></li><li><p>*Methods of Communicationwww.sepcrc.orgMedia Council has been spotlighted in the Baltimore Guide, Dundalk Eagle, Baltimore Examiner, City Paper, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County Times, WBAL, WMAR, WJZ, WBFF, and The Guide paper published in Toronto Canada. Face BookBrochuresOngoing Emails / List-ServMonthly meetingsEventsEngage the public when out in the district. Council working with the community, attending other meeting and eventsWe continually seek opportunities to market the police in a positive way</p></li><li><p>*Why All This?Because we have personally seen a difference in our community! We are proud to work with dedicated individuals who are like an extended family.Our Motto: We Take Care of Our OwnWe want this to the be YOUR district too!</p></li><li><p>*Your Support is Needed, But How?Spread the word about the CRC Give out business cards and/or brochuresBecome involved with events and let your friends and family know that we need their support for the DistrictDonate new items for the theme basketsPurchase tickets to Council events if you can. </p></li></ul>


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