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  • Our Community. Our Community Hospital.

    J C B l a i r H e a lt H S y S t e m , i n C .2 012 -13 A n n uA l R e p o Rt to t h e C o m m u n i t y

    Someday iS now.

  • A YeAr in reviewThis is the time for laying the groundwork for J.C. Blairs next hundred years. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it is imperative that we prepare for the expected changes and continue to best serve our community. This translates to acquiring the resources needed to meet our mission.

    Our Board and administrative leadership are solid in our commitment to this community. Our vision is to bring physicians and services back to J.C. Blair that we have lost over the years. We have explored a number of solutions and have narrowed our focus on a potential partnership with PinnacleHealth in Harrisburg.

    Pinnacle is the only potential partner that has consistently assured us that we share the same mission to bring medical services to our patients in Huntingdon County, to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place, which is here at home where our patients live.

    As we move forward with this potential partnership and work through the details, we need the trust and support of our community. The residents in our community must be confident in choosing J.C. Blair when they need health care. Choose a J.C. Blair physician. Choose to use our lab, our medical imaging, emergency and maternity services.

    J.C. Blair excels in the services we offer our community. This year, our Womens Imaging Center became the first and only imaging center in the region to offer digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography), the highest quality screening available for the early detection of breast cancer. Our Echocardiography Program was awarded a three-year accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for its quality patient care in compliance with national standards. Our occupational health director is the only certified medical examiner in the region qualified to provide required commercial drivers license physicals. This community has a lot to take pride in, when considering what this small-town, community hospital has to offer.

    If we do not have the support of our community, J.C. Blair will not be able to continue to operate, with or without a partner. The impact of closing J.C. Blair would be devastating to this community. The loss of more than 500 jobs, supporting an annual payroll of $25 million, which is invested in this communitys businesses, real estate and services, would be insurmountable.

    We all have a stake in the success of J.C. Blair in this community. Lets work together to strengthen J.C. Blair so that we can be here for the next 100 years.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Frances V. Vaughn Lisa M. Mallon Chair of the Board President and CEO

    tHe CHoiCe iS youRs.

    2 0 12 - 13 a n n u a l r e p o r t t o t H e C o m m u n i t y 1

  • One in every seven women in the United States will

    develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thats a scary

    statistic. However, when breast cancer is diagnosed

    at an early stage, the five-year survival rate is

    97 percent. The Womens Imaging Center at

    J.C. Blair offers the latest technology so our patients

    have the best chance of a positive outcome. We also

    work with the Hospital Foundation to increase

    awareness of breast cancer so that women and

    men in our community understand how regular

    screening can save lives.

    The Womens Imaging Center became the first

    and only imaging center in the region to offer

    3D mammography, also known as digital breast

    tomosynthesis. This new technology converts digital

    breast images into a three-dimensional mammogram

    that allows the radiologist to examine breast tissue

    one layer at a time. The radiologist can spot very

    small cancers, increasing a breast cancer patients

    chances for survival. A screening trial reported that

    breast tomosynthesis plus digital mammography

    provided a 27 percent improvement in cancer

    detection rates, with a 40 percent increase in invasive

    cancer detection.

    improving WomenS HealtH now.

    3D mammography may rule out worrysome false positives,

    reducing the number of women who are called back for a

    diagnostic mammogram.

    in addition to the most up-to-date technology in breast imaging, J.C. Blair provides women with privacy, respect, genuine compassion, patient comfort and convenience. we are very fortunate to have this type of facility in our small town. thank you, J.C. Blair, for being there for the women of huntingdon County.

    Lisa Heath, Mill Creek, PA

    2 J C B l a i r H e a lt H S y S t e m , i n C .

  • Our technicians conduct a tomosynthesis exam at

    the same time as the regular digital mammogram.

    During the tomosynthesis part of the exam, the

    camera sweeps over the breast, taking multiple

    images in just seconds and creates a 3D image of the

    breast tissue in one-millimeter layers, allowing the

    radiologist to see breast tissue details that are hidden

    in a flat image.

    3D mammography is a wonderful example of

    neighbors helping neighbors. The purchase of

    this equipment was made possible by a leadership

    donation from Mrs. Margaret Peg Pettinger

    through our Hospital Foundation. The 2013

    Pennsylvania Pink Zone basketball events also raised

    $20,000 for our womens breast health initiatives.

    The Womens Imaging Center performs more

    than 4,000 mammograms each year, offering high-

    quality screening and diagnostic medical care in a

    compassionate manner to all women who live in, work

    in, or visit Huntingdon and surrounding areas.

    J.C. Blairs mammography team of Jaime

    weikert, Penny Shope and Jenny Doyle make

    the mammography experience as comfortable

    as possible, treating each patient with

    courtesy, respect, sensitivity and support.

    A small hospital with a big hearti recently was diagnosed with breast cancer and need to express my sincere gratitude to the mammography department at J.C. Blair memorial hospital. As each step of my journey progressed, the department worked quickly in scheduling and performing necessary tasks and procedures i needed. within 18 days, the tumor was found, diagnosed, and removed.

    i beg everyone who has been putting off making their mammogram appointment or who has never had one done to please make an appointment. i am living proof early detection works. Because my tumor was small and found early, my treatment should be minimal. you need to know that if you would ever be facing such a diagnosis, you will receive the best care and compassion possible from the trained professionals here. Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming and emotional, but being surrounded and cared for by these people made me feel comforted and that things would be oK.

    our local hospital is a small hospital with a big heart, and that is one of the reasons i am so thankful to call huntingdon my home.

    Michele (Kalos) Rupert, Huntingdon

    (L to r) Boomer, Michelle,

    erick, Sam, Matthew, and

    Bryant (kneeling)

    Maria Pettinger M.D.,

    Chief radiologist, helped

    to bring 3D imaging to

    J.C. Blair. The Center

    now offers extended

    hours for the working

    women in our community.

    2 0 12 - 13 a n n u a l r e p o r t t o t H e C o m m u n i t y 3

  • Thinking Pink at J.C. Blair

    Most people are aware of breast cancer, and even know

    that early detection is vital. Still, women who are busy

    balancing the demands of career and family often need

    a reminder that they should take action to protect

    their health. The Hospital and our Foundation strive

    to help women in our community remember to make

    the necessary appointments.

    Grants from the Susan G. Komen, Pittsburgh and

    the American Cancer Society to the Alliance for Breast

    Care at J.C. Blair underwrote grants to promote

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month locally. This included

    a Wear Pink Day luncheon and supplies for the

    digital mammography suite.

    We also sponsored events for community residents

    to learn more about prevention, screening and the

    importance of early detection of breast cancer. The

    hospital held a mammography screening day and

    womens health fair, including convenient Saturday

    morning hours and weekday evening appointments.

    Our Wear Pink Luncheon was held at Juniata

    Colleges Ellis Hall. The featured speaker, David

    Arbutina, M.D., F.A.C.S., medical director of the

    Breast Cancer & Womens Health Institute in Central

    Pennsylvania, discussed The Myths of Breast Cancer.

    the womens Imaging Center became the first and only imaging center in the region to offer 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, providing a 27 percent improvement in cancer detection rates.

    The 2013 Pennsylvania Pink Zone basketball events raised $20,000

    for our womens breast health initiatives.

    4 J C B l a i r H e a lt H S y S t e m , i n C .

  • Dr. Lawrence Wallace opened the Orthopedic Care

    Center on Wednesday August 1, and on Thursday,

    August 2, Huntingdon resident Beth Crownover was

    glad he did! Beth fell in her garden and immediately

    knew she seriously injured her ankle. She never

    expected what the x-ray showed, though a serious

    trimalleolar ankle fracture.

    At our ER, Dr. Wallace was paged, and arrived