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1. 1 eresource nfra professional 2. 2 Proffesional Modules Admin CRM Store Master PMC BudgtingPurchase SEP Subcontract & billing 3. 3 Industry Overview The project companies is currently facing ample number of challenges like :- 1) Increasingly large and complex projects, 2) Shorter turnaround times 3) Prolonged handover requirements. 4) Increased competition 5) Volatility in material prices 6) Profitability margin 7) Cost control parameter 8) Customer satisfactions 4. 4 Operational lacuna Project life cycle management Estimatiorn of project Maitantaine data of multiple stake holder Complex sales process Efficient collaboration tool with customer needs Adoption of effective cost control, risk analysis and project planning method Balancing of procurement and store department Effective management of inventory Unneccesary paperwork Quick decision making Strem line flow of information. Malpractice in business process Complex supply chain Reluctant to change management 5. 5 Product Tour 6. 6 Admin Module 7. 7 Employee Creation Add new record Save Delete Print Export SECURITY LEVEL 1.Email- Code 2.SMS-Code Assign time and days of work to be done by employee on ERP ADMIN FEATURES Role wise Access to employee 8. 8 Role Access Assign Role Company Wise Branch Wise Module Wise Form wise Assign particular Company Branch Module Form from list to particular role 9. 9 Work flow configuration You can set the target for employees as per their role. Work flow of the employees will be automatically notified to the reporting authority. Access control of the form Save, Delete, Print, Export, New, Search Auto Notification Target Wise approvals Transaction settings Hierarchy wise visibility Modification authority Approval authority 10. 10 CRM CRM in eresource NFRA provides better customer service, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and better understand who your customer are. Organizations frequently look for ways to personalize online experiences with tools that are provided with the CRM module. The CRM module enables interactions with customers. The module organizes, automates and synchronizes sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. 11. 11 Customer Relation Management CRM Features From Lead to Order Finalization, Including Estimation Dashboard CRM Dashboard for CRM Users. 12. 12 Lead Generation Search Leads, Add New Leads, Save Current Leads, Delete Leads and Print Lead Requirements Can add Additional Contact Person details of the Company Schedule a meeting / Call and Other reminders 13. 13 BOQ Details General details Sales Enquiry Contain information of Client ,Consultant ,Architect Agents Attachment of any type of file 14. 14 Estimation Net Profit BOQ Details Profit & Overhead Add MaterialAdd new BOQ Material Amount Installation Amount Net Amount Add BOQ Services Add Installation 15. 15 Master 16. 16 Item Master Item general Details List last purchase price against each UOM tag with different vendors Item Configuration Master features List 17. 17 Assemble Master Customizable parameter Item Summary Assembly Component Create item checklist 18. 18 Client Master Client Specific term Client address book Active client or not Client master enable you to keep the complete information of the client including credit information, term and condition, billing dispatch information and general details. 19. 19 Purchase Purchase Management module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. 20. 20 Date wise todays event list List of all task Features of Purchase Purchase 21. 21 Purchase Enquiry Item Details Suppliers against Item Details Terms and condition 22. 22 Purchase Order Sent email directly from the system Gain control over the procurement General Details Delivery Details 23. 23 Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Cancellation Details Budget Control on purchaseBudget Control Category 24. 24 All vendors quotes are available in one place Quotation Comparision Comparision Button Comparision report after clicking compare button 25. 25 PMC You can schedule and plan the project, concurrently export resources and assignment duration, link activities and immediately view the bar chart. Planned and unplanned BOQ can also be viewed. The user can also capture project status/ project progress at real time using this module. 26. 26 Project Configuration Distribution of funds Fund Control Budget Validation with different alerts PMC Features Where you can control on your project budget... 27. 27 Plan Creation... Progress reflects from work progress in site Engineering plan Bill Of Material Report to view all material MRP View shows all planned & unplanned material 28. 28 Stores You can keep track of stock detail online from the warehouse or from the project site 29. 29 Indent 30. 30 Stock Details Where you can see available stock in ware house as well as project site 31. 31 GRN(Goods Receipt Note) Delivery location in ware house or site Item details Where you can send the note to the supplier for received items 32. 32 Billing Billing Module gives you the ability to create invoices for client, subcontractors, suppliers. When you use the System to generate and print invoices, the amounts are automatically posted to the General Ledger Chart of Accounts. 33. 33 Delivery Order Billing & Contract Features Item Reference Code Item Description Quantity Delivery Details 34. 34 Sales Invoice Delivery Order Details Delivery Order Item Details Customer general details 35. 35 Site Engineering Portal With the on-site Portal, information can easily be rolled out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions from your work station. The module help you with a lot of time saving. The module also keeps watch on your resources. You can manage workforce attendence, stocks, salary and more. 36. 36 MRV (Material Requisition Vochure Project General Details Project Item Details Details SEP Features Project name for which material is required Date upto which material is required 37. 37 Labour Attendence Where the site engineer can take the attendence of avaliable resource on site involve in project Type of resource Task assigned to employee 38. 38 Material Consumption Details of the item consumed on project Consumed Quantity 39. 39 Professional key features Estimation is computed on line wise item of of BOQ. Precise material planning All cost like Material, Subcontracting,services,Installation, adon charges are automatically applied. Better visibility of project like planning, resource allocation,scheduling , implenting project milestone. Visibility of multiple projects Identify problem area of project . Category wise budgting to manage cash flow Tight integration of purchase and inventory as per BOQ defined Homogeneity of entire procces of tracking visibility of realtime information of actual project site.(gant chart, actule vs schedule time report) Tightly integrated billing and subcontracting module ( RA bill, Supplier bill ) 40. 40 Benefits of eresource ERP Increase Operation efficiency Gain Business Visibility Improve Customer Relationship Streamline Production and Planning Optimize IT Investments Comply with Regulations Cut Costs Bring Product to Market Sooner Monitor and Control Expenses Reduce Errors Get Accurate, timely Information Global reach, better inventory visibility, reduced distribution costs, higher customer satisfaction Support your changing needs Get a complete view of your business Make better business decisions Deliver the right product at the right time Keep customer promises Ability to modify / configure statutory changes Reduced product cost, reduced expediting Improved closure rates, Increased Market share Improved Sales Opprtunity Visibility, Better customer service costs relationships, lower customer 41. 41 Why we are best Our Strenth leading and pioneer in web based ERP solution provider company in India as well as expanding our footprintoverseas. As of 22 years of huge experience in implementing ERP in India and middle east. Indigenous company having strong track record of 350 ERP successfully implementation across diverse industry verticals. BBC also recognized us one of the fastest growing Enterprise software company. 70 qualified professionals and 50 plus Support & Implementation. Independent & dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals under each vertical. Our Core focus on helping the business to achieve operational excellence and better ROI by providing cutting edge, robust software solution. 42. 42 Customer Insight :- eresource ERP solution help to gain a better understanding of their customers through Customer Data Integration, ensuring content consolidation, and effortless managing customer information. eresource ERP solution intensively design for to achieve operational excellance through business reconstructuring .The quality of reports help us to get better visibility across all functions of business Efficient and Scalable Solution - eresource customer-centric approach helps organizations to achive operational excellence solutions effectively and at optimal costs. It is achieved by our domain expertise gained over 22 years of successful ERP implementations andby employing best global practices-based on business process 43. 43 Contact Us Registered Office: eresource Infotech Private Limited, TMA House 1st floor, Road No. 16, Plot No. 6,Wagle Estate ,Thane (West) Tel: +91 22 41118000 to +91 22 41118050 (50 Lines) | Dubai P O Box 52034, Dubai UAE Mobile Number: