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Soc bday


<ul><li> 1. Presenting the Duuuuddddeee NRI of IIMBP.S The guy on the right</li></ul> <p> 2. The Star Appeal.. WTH!!! 3. The Quant Stud (Prof says something wrong in Quantz)Duuddee!!!! Nooo duuddee !!!Waaattt??? Im ur profSo what duudddee? 4. Vocabulary the only 2 words he speaks in English DUUUDDEEE!!!Tell something other than thisASSH**E Kill yourself !! 5. One fine day @Barbeque Nation ..... 6. And the geniuss words of wisdom has no limit ..... Hey guys,. If you use your side stand to park your bike, the mileage will go down. So better use the main stand. 7. His talents have no bounds too ..SandyFriend Friendthe Rapper ....(Sing the next line dude.. ) 8. @ Mu Sigma -The Aunty Hero His magic number @ Mu Sigma 30+ 9. The self confessed loverConfessed his true love to Santhosh @his hooshing 10. @ IIMB -His Love storyOccupying every corner seat in class since Day1 :PHis DreamSad reality 11. His True LoveBenchmates 4 YRS OF UG Roommates &amp; Colleagues 2 YRS @ MuSigma Soulmates IIMB &amp; for life 12. Arre A**h**e Hoosh me where ever you see me today </p>