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Based on my experience of going out and build the network of people who I know, I created this slide deck and shared with a group of KMSers. Hope you will find it useful.


  • Viet Hung Nguyen Social Networking Why and How? Your Network, Your Success
  • The bigger of your network, the better chances of success you can reach.
  • My network map. Beautiful, isnt it? Blue dots = KMSers, orange dots = MBA connections (Vietnam EMBA program)
  • Not just any connections. It needs to be quality connections, people who are fit with you and your life's purposes
  • discipline Its your responsibility to practice the of going out and recruiting your network. Its your future.
  • Yes, GO OUT. Meet people you dont know. Start with one networking event per month.
  • Be open. Respect that people are different (very) And one pretty sure thing is that we don't know a lot of things in this world If you are open and you listen, you will learn a lot Listening shows respects to the newly-met people as well
  • Smile and warm handshake Smiling always works. Give your best one smiles. Learn how to do handshakes the right way. Ultimately, the goal is to create a warm feeling once people rst talk to you.
  • What can YOU help the newly met person(s)? That is the most famous question to ask yourself during the networking session. The easiest way for people to get to know you is to ... volunteer doing things the rst hand, unconditionally. Giving and contributing is always the great key to open the gate to people's minds.
  • No more than new connections each time.
  • It is hard to remember more than 5. The purpose of networking is to get to know people and have the commitment to follow up. And 5 seems a lot already. Also remember that ultimately, it's not the number of people you know, it's the number of great people you know.
  • Follow up via email, social network (LinkedIn recommeded)
  • Photo credit networking.jpg shaking-hands.jpg iStock_000011957632XSmall2.jpg doors.jpg AAAAAAAAAYE/GMaHD4T4grw/s1600/5.jpg AAAAAAAADn4/E3L3l-XL_dU/s1600/beautiful+social+media.jpg quotivee_1024x768_0007_Life-is-like-riding-a-bicycle.-To-keep-your- balance-you-must-.jpg


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