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  1. 1. Social networking:most popular sites
  2. 2. Facebook is an online socialnetworking service headquarteredin Menlo Park, California. Itswebsite was launched on February4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg withhis college roommates Founded: February 4, 2004,Cambridge, Massachusetts, UnitedStates CEO: Mark Zuckerberg Founders: MarkZuckerberg, DustinMoskovitz, EduardoSaverin,Andrew McCollum, ChrisHughes 900,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  3. 3. Twitter is an online socialnetworking service thatenables users to send andread short 140-charactermessages called "tweets".Registered users can readand post tweets, butunregistered users can onlyread them Founded: March 21,2006, San Francisco,California, United States CEO: Dick Costolo Founders: EvanWilliams, Noah Glass, JackDorsey, Biz Stone 310,000,000 - EstimatedUnique Monthly Visitors
  4. 4. LinkedIn is a business-orientedsocial networkingservice. Founded in December2002 and launched on May 5,2003, it is mainly used forprofessional networking. In2006, LinkedIn increased to 20million members. CEO: Jeff Weiner Founded: December 2002, SantaMonica, California, United States Headquarters:MountainView, CA,United States of America Founders:ReidHoffman, KonstantinGuericke,Jean-LucVaillant, Allen Blue, Eric Ly 255,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  5. 5. Pinterest Pinterest is a web andmobile application company that offers avisual discovery, collection, sharing, andstorage tool. Users create and share thecollections of visual bookmarks (boards).Boards are created through a userselecting an item, page, website, etc.Founder(s) Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp,andBen Silbermann in March 2010;4 years agoCEO: Ben Silbermann250,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  6. 6. Google+ (or Google Plus) isa social networking and identityservice[ that is owned and operatedby Google Inc. Google has describedGoogle+ as a "social layer" that enhancesmany of its online properties, and that it isnot simply a social networking website,but also an authorship tool that associatesweb-content directly with itsowner/author.Larry Page :CEO120,000,000 - Estimated Unique MonthlyVisitors
  7. 7. Tumblr is amicroblogging platform andsocial networking websitefounded by David Karp andowned by Yahoo! Inc. Theservice allows users to postmultimedia and othercontent to a short-formblog. Founder: David Karp Founded: February 2007 CEO: David Karp 110,000,000 - EstimatedUnique Monthly Visitors
  8. 8. InstagramInstagram is an online mobile photo-sharing,video-sharing and socialnetworking service that enables itsusers to take pictures and videos, andshare them on a variety of socialnetworking platformsInstagram was created by KevinSystrom and Mike Krieger, andlaunched in October 2010Kevin Systrom (CEO, co-founder)100,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  9. 9. VKontakte VK is the largest Russiansocial networking service inEurope. It is available inseveral languages, butparticularly popular amongRussian-speaking usersaround the world, especiallyin Russia, Belarus,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan andUkraine. CEO: Boris Dobrodeyev Founded: January 19, 2007 Founders:PavelDurov, Dmitry Semiryazhko, NikolayDurov 80,000,000 - EstimatedUnique Monthly Visitors
  10. 10. FlickrFlickr (pronounced "flicker") isan image hosting and videohosting website, and webservices suite that was createdby Ludicorp in 2004 anacquiredby Yahoo in 2005.Flickr was launched in February2004 by Ludicorp, a Vancouver-basedcompany foundedbyStewartButterfield and CaterinaFake.CEO: Marissa Mayer65,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  11. 11. Vine Vine is a short-form videosharing service. Founded in June2012, it was acquiredby microblogging website Twitter inOctober 2012, just prior to itsofficial launch. The service allowsusers to record and edit five tosix-second long looping video clips,and to "revine", or share others'posts with followers Vine was founded by DomHofmann, Rus Yusupov, and ColinKroll in June 2012. The companywas acquired by Twitter inOctober 2012 for a reported$30 million Nam Mokwunye, PublicVines CEO 42,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  12. 12. MeetupMeetup is an online socialnetworking portal thatfacilitates offline groupmeetings in various localitiesaround the world. Meetupallows members to find andjoin groups unified by acommon interest, such aspolitics, books, games,movies, health, pets,careers or hobbieCEO : Scott Heiferman40,000,000 - EstimatedUnique Monthly Visitors
  13. 13. Tagged Inc. Tagged is a social discoverywebsite based in San Francisco,California, founded in 2004. It allows members to browsethe profiles of other members,play games, and share tags andvirtual gifts. Tagged claims ithas 300 million members.Founders: Johann Schleier-Smith, Greg Tseng Tagged CEO : Greg Tseng 38,000,000 - EstimatedUnique Monthly Visitors
  14. 14. is a social networkingsite where users can invitequestions from other users onthe site or from anonymoususers. The site was launchedon June 16, 2010. It Latvia in 2010 as arival to FormspringIlja Terebin, Co-founder andCEO of Ask.fm37,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  15. 15. QuepasaCorporation Quepasa Corporation is aUS-based social mediatechnology company cateringto Latin Audiencesworldwide. Founder:Jeffrey Peterson Founded:June 1997, Phoenix, Arizona, UnitedStates CEO: Geoff Cook 15,500,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
  16. 16. is a social networkingservice created in 1995by RandyConrads who founded ClassmatesOnline, Inc. The social media website wasoriginally designed to assist membersin finding friends and classmatesfrom kindergarten, primaryschool, high school, college, work andthe United States military. CEO: Mark Goldston 15,000,000 - Estimated UniqueMonthly Visitors
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