Social Media Marketing For Small Business: What You Need To Know

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing & Small Business What You Need To Know A presentation by Sarah Bauer Project Manager Navigator Multimedia

2. Whats social media marketing all about? Conversations, engagement with customers (73% of online adults use social media sites). An integration of messages using text, video, images, etc. NOT traditional marketing. 3. Why should my business use social media? Learn more about your target audience. Search engines appreciate it (social accounts can help drive traffic back to your website). Build a community around your business. Boost customer service and transparency. Your customers are there. 4. Wait why should I listen to you? Im really smart. No really, I am. Author of 200+ blog posts about online marketing, social media and web design at English Literature BA graduate from the University of Victoria 3 years experience writing for the web Cited author for the acclaimed web writing text book Letting Go of the Words by Ginny Redish Twice-featured author for web design publication Smashing Magazine Social media manager at Navigator Multimedia Self-admitted Instagram junkie 5. Social media and SEO Link potential social activity can make your website more visible, more clickable. Brand search social presence gets more prospects acquainted with your brand. Legitimacy the more people engage with your social platforms, the more authority you gain. 6. Whys it so hard to get people to Like and Follow my profile? -Cool it! Likes arent everything. -Its really about engagement. -Engagement happens on social media when you can get a dialogue going between your brand and your customers. -Ex: Comments, shares, posts and yes, Likes. 7. This Facebook Page Rules 8. The Pages People Like to Like: Belong to friends and family they wish to support. Are representative of a lifestyle/identity they wish to present of themselves to the world. Offer up ridiculously brilliant content and incentives (coupons, contests) on the regular. 9. Content: sweet, sweet content Pictures, articles, blog posts, videos A mix of stuff you find from around the web and stuff you create yourself Its gotta be relevant and interesting to your target audience thats what makes people want to share it with others In fact, its gotta be all about your target audience not you. 10. Ugh. Lame Condescending Self-promoting 11. Yes! Visually delicious Compelling title Useful, relevant info Directs customers to the website 12. Post -> Engage 13. Tips for engagement: Be consistent create a schedule for posting (once a day during your work week, for starters) Be relevant post content that affects your audience Be excited and have fun its social media! Its a space for making friends and networking. You dont make friends by being a bragging, boastful robot Be there respond to comments, questions and feedback 14. Examples of things to post The latest industry news High-res images of your services or products in action get customers involved with photo contests Opinions, FAQs and advice that pertains to using your services or products Video content how tos, backstage tours, how-its-made, customer/employee spotlights Content of related businesses local connections, complimentary services, links (ex: GWBOT profile). 15. Sarahs General Warnings: Dont make your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account your sole Internet address you dont own it. Dont expect to see results right away social media requires ongoing engagement (you get what you give). Social media platforms are public spaces where people can say mean things. Be prepared to moderate trolls and keep your customer service standards in check (and your skin thick). 16. Sarahs Absurdly On-Point Recommendation For Social Media Success 1. Dont start till you have a friggin plan! [Social Media Strategy ] 2. What are your goals? Get people back to your website Share information about your business Connect with prospects 3. What resources do you have on hand to manage the page and make content? Do you need to hire a content writer? 4. Who will make the content? Who will find content? Who will post? What voice will your Page have? 17. Step 1: Strategy. Step 2: Content. Work with experts to develop a strategy that works for your specific business needs Navigator Multimedia offers Social Media Strategy packages as part of our Search Engine Optimization services Get professionally written content to share with your followers and reuse across your website and other social media platforms You got it we write. We write great stuff for the web. 18. Thank you!


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