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Social digital mobile in vietnam 2011


<ul><li><p>VIETNAM SOCIAL, DIGITALAND MOBILE IN</p><p>DECEMBER 2011 we are social</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>we are social </p><p>FOR MORE INFO ON THIS REPORT, PLEASE CONTACT SIMON KEMP AT WE ARE SOCIAL:</p><p>SIMON.KEMP@WEARESOCIAL.SG </p><p>@WEARESOCIALSG </p><p>+65 9146 5356 </p><p>DJESKI</p><p>HTTP://WEARESOCIAL.SG </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>VIETNAM </p><p>6,800,000 USERS ON TOP SOCIAL NETWORK</p><p>129,729,035 MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS</p><p> 29,268,606 INTERNET USERS</p><p>85,846,997 TOTAL POPULATION</p><p>INTERNET PENETRATION</p><p>SOCIAL NETWORK PENETRATION</p><p>MOBILE PENETRATION</p><p>34 %</p><p>8 %8 %</p><p>100+ %</p><p>URBAN</p><p>30% 70%</p><p>RURAL </p><p>SOURCES: UN DATA ACCESSED NOV 2011; INTERNET WORLD STATS ACCESSED NOV 2011; LATEST SITE-REPORTED FIGURES AS AT NOV 2011; OPERATOR-REPORTED FIGURES AS CITED ON WIKIPEDIA, ACCESSED NOV 2011 </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>2 IN 3 VIETNAMESE NETIZENS</p><p>USE THE WEB EVERY DAY </p><p>SOURCE: CIMIGO NETCITIZENS REPORT</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>140 MINUTES USING THE INTERNET EACH WEEKDAY </p><p>VIETNAMESE NETIZENS SPEND AN AVERAGE OF</p><p>SOURCE: COMSCORE </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>26%OF VIETNAMESE NETIZENS ACCESSTHE WEB FROM INTERNET CAFES</p><p>SOURCE: CIMIGO NETCITIZENS REPORT</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>137 MINUTES ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES EVERY MONTH </p><p>THE AVERAGE VIETNAMESE SOCIAL MEDIA USER SPENDS </p><p>SOURCE: COMSCORE </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>97%OF VIETNAMESE INTERNET USERS AGED 15 24 USE SOCIAL MEDIA</p><p>SOURCE: COMSCORE </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>SOCIAL NETWORK USER NUMBERS IN VIETNAM:</p><p>SOURCE: LATEST SITE-REPORTED METRICS, AS AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2011. FIGURES REPRESENT TOTAL USER NUMBERS; UNIQUE ACTIVE USERS MAY BE LOWER </p><p>ZING </p><p>6.8 M FACEBOOK</p><p>2.9 M YUME </p><p>2.9 M </p></li><li><p>we are social SOURCE: FACEBOOK, AS CITED IN SOCIALBAKERS, NOVEMBER 2011 </p><p>18-24:56%</p><p>13-17:13%</p><p>25-34:25%</p><p>35--44:4%</p><p>45-54:1%</p><p>55-64:0% 65+:</p><p>0%</p><p>FACEBOOK DEMOGRAPHICS IN VIETNAM </p><p>MALE:54%</p><p>FEMALE:46%</p></li><li><p>SOURCE: FACEBOOK, AS CITED IN SOCIALBAKERS, NOVEMBER 2011 we are social</p><p># BRAND PAGE LIKES GROWTH 1 MUACHUNG 169,646 0.00%2 NHMMUA 126,424 0.00%3 NHMMUA H NI 56,695 0.00%4 KFC VIETNAM 44,598 18.95%5 LINKSYS VIETNAM 37,135 0.30%6 CUNGMUA.COM 35,626 14.84%7 HTC VIETNAM 35,280 2.86%8 CONVERSE VIETNAM 33,636 5.31%9 ACER VIT NAM 30,558 0.00%10 VIETNAM AIRLINES 28,936 24.38%</p><p>TOP FACEBOOK PAGES IN VIETNAM </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>72%REACH OF INSTANT</p><p>MESSAGING IN VIETNAM:</p><p>SOURCE: COMSCORE </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>30,000,000 VIETNAMESE NETIZENS HAVE VISITIED ONLINE AUCTION OR SHOPPING SITES </p><p>SOURCE: ASIA DIGITAL MAP </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>78%OF VIETNAMESE NETIZENS </p><p>HAVE LISTENED TO MUSIC ONLINE </p><p>SOURCE: NIELSEN</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>60%OF VIETNAMESE NETIZENS </p><p>HAVE DOWNLOADED MUSIC </p><p>SOURCE: NIELSEN</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>65%OF VIETNAMESE WEB USERS WOULD SHARE </p><p>THEIR INTERNET USE PATTERNS WITH ADVERTISERS TO SEE MORE RELEVANT ADS </p><p>SOURCE: NIELSEN</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>40%OF VIETNAMS INTERNET USERS HAVE USED </p><p>A MOBILE DEVICE TO ACCESS THE WEB </p><p>SOURCE: NIELSEN</p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>MORE ASIAN SOCIAL, DIGITAL AND MOBILE STATS: HTTP://WEARESOCIAL.SG </p></li><li><p>we are social</p><p>SIMON KEMP MANAGING DIRECTOR </p><p>@ESKIMONSIMON.KEMP@WEARESOCIAL.SG </p><p>HTTP://WEARESOCIAL.SG </p><p>LAM CAI YUACCOUNT EXECUTIVE @HICAISCAIYU.LAM@WEARESOCIAL.SG HTTP://WEARESOCIAL.SG </p></li></ul>