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<ol><li> 1. Social Bookmarking As PartOf Your SEO Strategy </li><li> 2. Social bookmarking platforms such as Reddit, Digg, Delicious, andStumbleUpon have over the years gained a lot of popularity in onlinecircles which is hardly shocking. In essence these sites enable users toeffectually share content and in effect sensitize their interests to thegrowing global communities that are thriving in these sites. This naturallymakes social bookmarking an invaluable SEO tool that can enable peopleto share relevant and useful content to the public and generate widespreadinterest that can then be channeled to their sites. </li><li> 3. As would be expected there are diverse benefits that present themselvesfrom utilizing these social platforms, and some of the most critical include: </li><li> 4. Fast indexingSearch engines favor these sites, and index content generated from themon a regular basis. By submitting quality content across multiple platforms,search engines deem your site/s to be authoritative and will index yourpages relatively quickly. This obviously leads to achieving top page rank. </li><li> 5. Effectual brandingBy creating profiles in the most popular social bookmarking sites you get achance to effectually spread your message to the public. This can go along way in establishing yourself as a thought leader in your given nicheleading to enhanced brand awareness. </li><li> 6. Enhanced traffic generationAs you continue to submit captivating content to these platforms you standa chance to drive high click through traffic to your site that culminates inleads, which you can effortlessly convert. The more the platforms youutilize the higher potential of reaching out and engaging with your targetedaudience. </li><li> 7. Obtain quality backlinksFinally, while social bookmarking is primarily aimed at sparking a socialbuzz that grows into a viral spread, it can still be useful in getting qualitylinks pointing to your website. By submitting quality content you will sparkthe interest of other webmasters and bloggers who will want to offer yourinsight to their visitors by linking their sites to yours. </li></ol>