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Soccer India gives an idea of football business opportunities in India & subcontinent, which is second biggest market after China PR.


<ul><li>1.Footballs Virtuous Circle InvestmentRevenuesPlayersSuccess CONFIDENTIAL</li></ul> <p>2. To Be the Best, Invest in Best Coaches &amp; Technical Staff Best Players (Names &amp; Entertainers) Best Commercial &amp; Administrative Staff Best Infrastructural Facilities Best Commercial Partners &amp; Investors CONFIDENTIAL 3. Revenue Sources Centrally Generated Revenues Match-Day: Ticketing; Hospitality Etc Merchandising &amp; Licensing: Products &amp; Services Media Rights (including Internet &amp; Mobile) Sponsorship &amp; Advertising CONFIDENTIAL 4. Determinants of Potential Location Size &amp; Quality of Supporter Base Competitions (Country, Continent, World) Facilities (Key: Stadium, Academy &amp; Website) Product &amp; Service Offering Brand Profile &amp; Reach CONFIDENTIAL 5. Revenue Enablers Win Consistently (especially at Home) Entertain (Match Day Event) Star Names (Glamour) Local Players (One of Us) Community Focus (local club) Website (Global Reach) CRM Database CONFIDENTIAL 6. India: Part of Vision Asia ProjectOn September 17 2002, AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammamlaunched that visionary project, which was in essence, a master planthat would serve to propel Asian football into the realms of excellenceon the international arena. CONFIDENTIAL 7. India: Part of Vision Asia ProjectVision Asia possesses six geographical zones West Asia, South andCentral Asia, East Asia, China and India.China and India were treated as an individual entity for action in the VisionAsia plan as both countries, by virtue of their huge population, presented animmense potential for progress to the top echelons of not just Asian, butinternational football.Vision India is the part of Vision Asia Project launched by the AFC PresidentMr. Mohammed Bin Hammam with a vision to prepare Asian countries inbest possible football environment (infrastructure, administration, sportssciences, technical staff, etc.,) so that one day Asian team wins the FIFAWorld Cup. The AFC President has a firm belief that Asia with 3.7 billionpopulations has the potential to produce many world class football nations. 8. India: Part of Vision Asia Project Under Vision Asia project in each of the pilot project countries 11key elements of football will be developed so as to catch up with counterparts in Europe and the rest of the world. The eleven elements are:National Association &amp; ClubsMarketingGrassroots &amp; YouthCoach EducationRefereesSports MedicineCompetitionsMediaFansFutsalWomen Soccer 9. Positives: Indias Market BaseIn Asia: Middle Eastern Gulf States, Japan, SouthKorea, China, all made Rapid Developmentfrom Low-Base of Football Infrastructure &amp;Ability. India: Very Much Unplanned With Major Indian Corporates &amp; Investors have Non-Cooperation attitude towards Indian Football, Slow Developing Economy; Market base is 2nd biggest after China &amp; rated One-Sixth of Worlds Population; But Has Huge Football Potential &amp; Urgently Need To Develop World Class Soccer Infrastructure With Youth Development &amp; Proper Scouting.CONFIDENTIAL 10. The National TeamTeam India: FIFA &amp; AFC Committed to Facilitating Development of Football in India &amp; to Creating Strong Team India. Success of National Team Fundamental to Success of Professional Club Football in India (&amp; vice versa) Adequate Space in Football Calendar for International Fixtures &amp; Camps CONFIDENTIAL 11. India: Interest &amp; SupportGrowing Global Awareness of India: Increasing Audience &amp; Popularity in India for FA Premier League etc Football Federations Looking to India: England, Germany, Portugal, Spain etc. Top European Clubs Looking to India: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, AC Milan, Liverpool, Bayern Munich Strong Support from FIFA &amp; AFC, &amp; Football Family Bayern Munich v Mohun Bagan, Attendance +125,000 CONFIDENTIAL 12. Mohun Bagan v Bayern MunichIllustrating the Potential of Indian Football CONFIDENTIAL 13. India: ChallengesStructural Issues:Poor Infrastructure (Nationwide Investment Required)Poor Technical (Coaching) CapabilityLow Stock of Quality Indian Players In Senior NationalSquad. However India has huge talent pool, poor scoutingis spoiling the Youth Talent &amp; Development. MoreResidential Academies should come up at par with GlobalStandard in all the States of India.Persian Gulf countries can look out for investments inIndia &amp; Subcontinent areas, particularly where they canpull ROI from 4th or 5th years onward as well as can utilizethe services of the youth players for their clubs on lessinvestments, which became a huge burden for the globalclubs.CONFIDENTIAL 14. I-League: A New EraProcess of Change has Started: New Corporate Backed Teams: Delhi, Pune, Mumbai More Expected To Come: TATAbut others !!!!!!!! Investment in New Stadiums (e.g. Pune FC) Investment in Residential Academies (All I-League clubs + Others) Investment in UEFA Pro Coaches (Pune FC; Mumbai FC) Partnering Foreign Clubs to Access Expertise Strong Community Focus Greater Professionalism Competition Will Stimulate Overall ProgressCONFIDENTIAL 15. Forcing Higher StandardsRegulatory Regime Will Impose Higher Standards:FIFA Programmes &amp; InvestmentAFC: Entry to AFC Champions League (Key)Vision India execution is not up to the mark!Club Licensing SchemeInvestment in New StadiumInvestment in AcademiesExpert Technical SupportMore Direct Corporate Ownership/InvolvementCONFIDENTIAL 16. Football: Opportunities CONFIDENTIAL 17. Professional FCan exampleOpportunity &amp; Strategy: Establish Club as Independent Legal Entity Build Stadium &amp; Academy Partner with EPL Club or Similar Other Develop World-Class Indian Players Generate Substantial Revenues Become Leading Club in Asia Build Global Football Brand Help Take India to FIFA World Cup Finals CONFIDENTIAL 18. Professional FC: Global Brand VehicleEMIRATES Football Stadium.CONFIDENTIAL 19. Professional FCKey Factors: Location: Football Culture &amp; Infrastructure Location: Population, Prosperity, Growth Location: Local Economy (Size, Composition, Resilience) Branding: City Name for Club; Corporate Name for Stadium Investment: Management; Players; Stadium; Academy Marketing: Personalities (Heroes); Community-Connect; Fan-Addiction CONFIDENTIAL 20. AcademyKey Factors: Essentially requires interested Investor/s for a Premier Indian FC. For last 100 years, nothing had been for soccer development in India &amp; Sub- continent. Academy (Ideally) Needs to be Attached to a FC Long-Term Investment (Probable 3-5 Years Before Return) Residential with World-Class Facilities (Valuable Asset) Coaching Expertise &amp; Selection of Scholars Critical Significant Long-Term Profit PotentialCONFIDENTIAL 21. Our RoleCONFIDENTIAL 22. Business SupportCould Manage the Professional FC &amp; Academy Operation under a Management Contract, or Provide Support in Specific Areas as Required:Bridging Soccer Business Communication with India &amp; FastestEmerging Nations of GULF as well as Club &amp; Academy Tie Ups Withtop FIFA ranked countries. Branding: Development Marketing &amp; Media Management Community Programmes: Design, Activation Revenue Maximisation: All AreasCONFIDENTIAL 23. SupportCan Negotiate &amp; Manage a Partnership with Investors,International Football Clubs &amp; Academies of reputewhich would include: Support to Corporate FC &amp; the AcademyHelp To Recruit Selectors on behalf on clients forSelecting Young PlayersAdvice on Investment &amp; developing in NewFacilitiesWorld-Class Advice on Sports Science CONFIDENTIAL 24. Business Is FootballSuman K. Duttae-Mail: football.marketinghttp://sumandutta.sports.officelive.comCONFIDENTIAL </p>