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  • Snapchat : from stories to legends





  • Why Snapchat ?

  • Why ?

    $ 1.5 billion funding 1O billion video views 100.000 daily users 7 ou of 10 Snapchaters

    are millennials Belgium on top

  • Agenda

    Whats Snapchat?How does it work?Why should brands be there?How to start?

  • Whats Snapchat?

  • How does it work?

  • Snap Chat StoriesTap to take a Snap, addemojis, draw, write then sendit to your friends or to yourStory!

    Chat, video chat, send GIF,stickers and many more

    Keep up with friends,influencers and live events,every day.

  • Why should brands be there?

  • Snapchat is BOOMING!

  • Main objectives

    Authentic &spontaneouscontentvsperfect ads

    Bepartoftheconsumersdaily life



    Increaseawareness &engagement

  • How to start ?

  • Profile

    Users set up their Snapchat accounts and receive their own ghost snapcode

    Other users can scan any snapcode to instantly add that user as a friend

    Also possible to add by usersname, e.g. IsobarBE

  • Cross fertilisationUse your other social channels to drive people to your Snapchat account, use incentive such as contests or behind the scene exclusive content

  • Run contests

    Invite people to take a selfie and be creative.

    CubanistoBE Fantanederland

  • Cover Events

    Let people taste the atmosphere from distance or give people a look behind the scenes.


  • Get creative

    Be fun, Create stopmotion, draw, explore the interactive features of the plateform to discuss with your audience.

  • Use Influencers

    Influencers are a Big deal on Snapchat

    The influencers can either takes over the brands Snapchat or promote the brand trough his own channel

    Use an influencer is an extra incentive for people to follow the content

    hannes_bhc bav_ka joythielemans hermanbxlmans jill31287 gui-watthefuck2

  • Sponsored LensUse a facial reckognition and detect your face movement for a maximum of interactivity

  • 3V100% mobile Vertical100 % Viewable

  • Pros

    MillennialsDaily usage1OO% mobileCreative content featuresLenses (ad)Live (curation)Stories (24h)Snap score (emulation)Video duration (10 sec)Organic reachThumb ergonomic platformDisapearing messagesFunds

  • Contras

    Private profileSpecific content creationLimited ads formatNo targeting so farVery limited analyticsData issueStories (24h)Funds

  • Conclusions

    Real revolution in terms of media use Real revolution in terms of storytelling Early days of the media expansion Very limited measure of the impact If millennials are your target group and if you

    accept the 70/20/10 strategy, go fot it ! Even if Snapchat disappears, consumer

    expectations will remain

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