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    Optimal control of large scale PV projects


    SMA plant management solutions for seamless power integration

  • Cost-effective

    • Increases yields • Easy installation • Fast commissioning • Remote monitoring and system

    setting with SCADA


    • Modular design for customiza- tion and system expansion

    • A wealth of functions for various penetration levels

    Benefit from clean solar power:

    • Meet grid operator requirements including primary control reserve and frequency response • Stable utility grid operation without generators or electricity • Microgrid frequency and voltage control • High-precision frequency and voltage measurement • Control utility grid storage systems and generators • Support for cloud cameras


    • Designed for harsh environ- ments

    • Fully tested industrial grade components

    SMA plant control

    The SMA Hybrid Controller intelligently controls energy flows and enables seamless integration of renewable energies into power grids. With the new diesel-off function, it operates micro grids based entirely on renewable energies and keeps the utility grid stable even if strong fluctuations occur. The device automatically regulates all generators and storage systems according to the required load profile, and takes on comprehensive grid management functions up to the provision of control reserve in large utility grids. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the SMA Hybrid Controller offers clearly structured configuration wizards and full transparency on energy flows.


    • The right configuration for every system size

    • Storage systems can be integrated

    NEW: 1 00% SO




  • More flexibility for new opportunities

    • Peak load shaving • Energy shifting • Time of use management

    • Frequency & voltage control • Genset spinning reserve • Diesel off mode • Optimized genset operation

    • Renewable ramp rate control • Frequency control • Energy shifting

    • Feed-in management • Grid services

    • Dispatch of PV power to match load demands

    • Increase in self-consumption • Active & reactive power control


    TECHNICAL DATA SMA Hybrid Controller

    Hybrid Controller Small

    Hybrid Controller Medium

    Hybrid Controller Large

    Hybrid Controller X-Large

    General System Design System size (PV system size) up to 750 kW up to 2000 kW unlimited unlimited Maximum number of devices1) total PV inverters Gensets Battery inverter External measurement (DAQ / Janitza / more upon request) Irradiation sensors

    max. 40 max. 32 max. 8 − − max. 2

    max. 1208) max. 120 max. 16 max. 32 max. 10 max. 2

    max. 1208) max. 120 max. 16 max. 32 max. 10 max. 2

    max. 1608) max. 120 max. 16 max. 64 max. 20 max. 2

    General Data Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm (approx.) 760 x 760 x 210 760 x 760 x 210 760 x 760 x 210 upon request Weight (approx.) 48 kg Degree of protection in accordance with DIN EN 60529 IP 65 Ambient Conditions Operating temperature range –20°C to +50°C Maximum operating altitude 2000 m above mean sea level2) Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Power supply Voltage supply (nominal value) 110 Vac to 240 Vac, 50 Hz / 60 Hz Power consumption (max. / average) 200 W / 120 W Communication System communication for system monitoring, SCADA and remote monitoring

    Modbus / TCP, HTTP, FTP over Ethernet 10 BASE-T and 100 BASE-T(X)

    Communication between the devices Ethernet 100BASE-FX and TX2) Supported communication protocols IEC 60870-5-104; IEC 60870-5-1017); IEC 60870-5-1037); IEC 618507); IEEE1815 (DNP3)7) Communication to inverters / maximum cable length Sunny Central: Ethernet 100BASE-TX or 100BASE-FX (optional) /

    Sunny Tripower: 100BASE-TX Communication protocol to genset controllers Modbus / TCP Master via Ethernet 100BASE-FX and TX or CAN / CANOpen3) Communication devices Unmanaged switch Routing switch, supporting a remote access and VPN Other Interfaces Multi-functional digital inputs for potential-free contacts 10 10 10 upon request Power measurement Integrated current measurements: 1 A4) at the sensor input5) Integrated voltage measurement: 480 V voltage input

    4 2

    4 2

    6 3

    upon request upon request

    Compatible external power measurement No SMA FSC-11-DAQ, UMG 604 JANITZA 6),

    ION PowerLogic 7650/7750/8600/8800 upon request

    Visualization & data recording Visualization and confi guration interface Web interface for local and remote monitoring Data / event recording 10 second values for 30 days (changeable) / by events Compatible inverters Inverters Sunny Tripower (STP TL-30, STP US-10, STP

    60-10, STP50-40), Sunny Tripower Storage7), Sunny Highpower Peak1

    Sunny Tripower (STP TL-30, STP US-10, STP 60-10, STP50-40), Sunny Tripower Storage,

    Sunny Highpower Peak1, Sunny Central CP-XT, Sunny Central,

    Sunny Central Storage 1) Different distribution via customer-specifi c software is an option 2) Individual altitude, cable length upon request 3) Protocol implementation upon request 4) 5A sensor available upon request 5) Up to 100 m cable length 6) Not included in the scope of delivery of SMA 7) Upon request 8) Die maximale Anzahl der Geräte ist von den projektspezifi schen Anforderungen an die Regelungsfunktionen und den erwarteten Zykluszeiten abhängig. Type designation HYBRID CONTROLLER


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