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The Forever Evolving BrandOf Karl VanleydenSlide Share Showcase

The First step to my BrandAttending Centennial College

A new career path starts with a great education. Begins and continues to grow with a diploma in Business Marketing form Centennial College.

Accomplishments are many, pictures are few.

Proud Oldest Brother of Three

And Father of one.

From 10lbs. to 160lbs. 5 years later.

Best Friend too many

Graduating from St. Christophers Elementary schoolMy first job in the Hospitality industry as a dish washerBeing named Captain of multiple AAA hockey teams and guiding them to winning seasons and one that was undefeated as well as a provincial championship.Graduating from MSGR. Paul Dwyer Secondary SchoolMy first carpentry job and building my first houseBuilding, designing, branding and opening of the first of two restaurants.My first bartending jobOpening my own Carpentry business and building multiple homes both custom and residential modelsAttending Centennial College in order to combine both my passions of Marketing and Construction to pursue similar avenues

Moments in my life I am most proud of:

My current employers:

Watermark Irish PubBar Vespa

First house:This is a photo of one of my first projects. This picture we were working on the roof.

The above photo is the design plans that I used to build the home.

My Favourite Build

Designing/Building of a Restaurant:

Delivering the toughest speech of my life so far; explaining to many what it means to be part of a family & how to continue being one.

I will Continue to grow my Brand!I dont know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future Oprah.