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  1. 1. Hand Made Latex Party Masks at STATE OF LATEXWe are a new company dedicated to selling latexbased products, our main product for the moment isour latex mask range, we have many different typesto choose from and this product is direct from thefactory and we are the primary seller for it.
  2. 2. Make the Perfect Party (For Any Season) With UsParties can be challenging to put together. Especiallyduring the Halloween season. So how can you makethe perfect party no matter the season or yourtheme?At you can find lights,masks, and more to make your party great. Whetheryou area throwing a family get together, a fancydress party, or planning a Halloween gathering, wecan help. Here, we will tell you about the many greatproducts that you can purchase from our webpage.A Great CostumeWant to seriously stand out at your next fancy dressparty? Are you always searching for thatperfect Halloween mask or High quality Party Masks?Then try a latex animal mask! We offer latex animalmask options that everyone will love.Eco-Friendly and High QualityDo not buy your party supplies from someone whomight skimp on quality. Instead, opt for the best.When you purchase from us, you can rest assuredthat all our latex animal mask options, LED lights, andaccessories are of the highest quality. They are alsocompetitively priced!
  3. 3. There is our vast animal kingdom range, with variousdifferent types of animal like aquatic, woodland,jungle etc. these masks have a very realistic look,and are 100% Eco Friendly latex. Also there is ourvery unique horror latex mask range; these are notyour typical horror masks from high street shops.They are new designs straight from the factory andstraight to you.To Find out More About Our Products: STATE OFLATEX


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