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Drawing the human figure, skeleton within the figure, examples of skeleton drawing. ARTS 1317 Medina


  • 1. Skeletal Structure

2. Sustained Gesture 24 x 36 inches draw box The figure has to touch at least 3 sides of thebox Include the figure in the mirror, include themirror Energy of gesture: capturing a pose Line, mass, scribble Searching line 3. Drawing II Sketchbook Homework Draw the bones in sections within your sketchbook.Take one page to draw each of these sections. Hands Feet Upper Leg Lower Leg Ribcage (front) Ribcage (back) Skull Upper arm Lower arm Pelvis 4. Drawing IIISketchbook Homework 5. PhilipPearlstein 6. RichardDiebenkorn 7. Nathan Oliveira 8. Charles Hawthorne 9. Drawing II Sketchbook Assignment 5 Planar analysis studies of figures 5 Planar analysis studies of your appendages 10. Drawing III 5 figurative sketches using value Destroy these sketches Reconstruct sketches into something new Any media


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