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  • 1. Made By: Raina, Pawitra and Firman Grade : 7
  • 2. Introduction to Singapore Area : +/- 720 Km2 Currency SGD ( Singapore Dollar ) Population :(of whom 3,257,000 are Singapore citizens) $251.5 billion GDP
  • 3. Introduction to Thailand Area : 513,120 km2 $584.768 billion GDPCurrency : Baht Population :66,720,153
  • 4. We will Compare economiccondition in 5 aspects : Natural resources Tourism ( International Payment ) Industry Trading Human Resources
  • 5. Export and Import Export : an action which to sell things out from the country. Import : an action which to buy things from other country.
  • 6. Tax Tax : A responsibility of a citizens that work to pay to the government for securities and other public facilities Tax refund : when a tourist buy things on the shop the shop will charge tax. But the tourist can reclaim it in Airport when they are going to leave.
  • 7. Introduction to Natural resource Natural resources is the resources that can be sell to other country. Ex : Gold , Rice , Wheat , Fruits , meat , and etc. Natural resource like gold and iron only can be get in luckiness.
  • 8. Natural resources in Singapore Natural resources in Singapore is very bad because of the land area of Singapore is only 720 Km2. There will be only small scale area of farm. There only will small scale quarry and mine that already finish and abandoned.
  • 9. Natural sources in Thailand Thailand have great area of land that can be used as farm in big scale as that already be done by Thailand government and its also why they are said as The Rice supplier for South east Asia.
  • 10. Thailand Natural Source Thailand also have many land for expanding rice farm. Also farming gain water from Mekong River.
  • 11. We assume that the score forthis round is : Singapore : 60 points Thailand : 80 points
  • 12. Now the score between these 2countries is : Singapore : 0 Thailand : 1 Of course Thailand win Just see in the next round ! Singapore only a tiny country ha..ha..ha !
  • 13. Introduction to Tourism Tourism produce money to the country. When tourist by things in other countries , they will pay to local citizens , Local citizens will pay taxes to the Government. Tourist will spend money on Tourism object, Restaurant , and ,etc.
  • 14. Tourism in Singapore Singapore have plenty tourism object and this resulting Singapore only as Transition City at flight and Trading. Singapore have great Airways called Singapore Airlines and affecting a lot in economy of Singapore.
  • 15. Tourism in Singapore Many people go to Singapore only buy things but because many people it will make Singapore receive great amount of money.
  • 16. Tourism in Thailand Thailand have many religious tourism object as in the city like Bangkok , Phuket , Chiang Mai , Chiang Ray. Thailand secondary money input is in Tourism because millions of people spend money in the Thailand tourism object and restaurant.
  • 17. We assume that the score ofthis round is : Singapore : 80 points Thailand : 85 points Shut your mouth up We win again ! Thailand !
  • 18. Now the score between these 2Countries is : Singapore : 0 Thailand :2
  • 19. Introduction to Industry Industry is the action where the country produce their own brands and use them in their own country or sell it to other country need it. Industry product quality affect the product sales. If you sell your products to other countries that cannot produce similar product to yours so you will capture the market.
  • 20. Industry in Singapore Singapore industry can be said better than Thailand because theyre industry produce high quality electronic device. Beside Electronic industry they also produce ship industry. Industry is one of the great income source for Singapore Government.
  • 21. Industry in Thailand Thailand Industry is great compare to the other South east Asian countries except modern country like Singapore. But Thailand have great mass production of things needed in the daily life.
  • 22. We assume that the score forthis round is : Singapore : 80 points Thailand : 75 points Taste that Thailand ! We will take the Oh ! winners crown !
  • 23. Now the score between this 2countries is : Singapore : 1 Thailand : 2
  • 24. Introduction to Trading Trading is the action where you buy and selling things. International trading affect the the country economy by taking tax. National trading ( such like in market ) only do little change to economic of the country compare to the International Trading.
  • 25. International Trading Singapore is the gateway of Europe countries with Asian Countries thats why many people come to Singapore for Trading. Government receive tax from the things that arrive to Singapore and resulting Singapore biggest income resources.
  • 26. Thailand Trading Thailand also have many strategic points of port where many ships from other country come to this port. If compare to Singapore Thailand strategic place is more losing than Singapore. Tax receive by Thailandfrom the things is lessthan Singapore.
  • 27. We assume the score of thisround is : Singapore : 90 points Thailand : 70 pointsWhat ! Oh My GOD We are tied now and ready(OMG) ! for revenge !
  • 28. Now the score between these 2Countries is : Singapore : 2 Thailand : 2
  • 29. Introduction to HumanResources Human Resources also will raise economy of the country. The reason is because you can work outside your country and bring back your money to your own country. ( International Payment ). The more clever the people can get higher job and higher money.


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