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Simplified Developer Experience with QML. innovate. OpenGL. Cross-platform. QtCreator. performance. Dynamic UIs. Transitions. Prototyping. Who are we?. Testers @ Nokia, working on MeeGo middleware. Badri. Raghu. Why are we here?. Great Technology It will make your life easier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Simplified Developer Experience with QMLinnovateDynamic UIsQtCreatorCross-platformperformancePrototypingOpenGLTransitions

  • Who are we?Testers @ Nokia, working on MeeGo middleware

  • Why are we here?Great TechnologyIt will make your life easierWe Love it and we want to share it with you

  • WidgetWidgetWidgetWidgetWidget ModelUIs using widgets are,Clearly structured / BulkyStaticEnforce standard platform look and feelVery useful for traditional applicationsWidgetWidget

  • What do we want?Express a UI the way we think about it: components, views, states, transitions, animations and effects.Connect the UI to real data and back-end functionalityEverything should be fast and easyIn fact so easy that also designers can do it (e.g: the sort of people doing Flash, Silverlight and Web)

  • What do we want?A world where developers and designers work directly together on the same projectA world where a UI is determined by its usability and not by limitations of the underlying technology.

  • Meet QMLQML is a new declarative language extension to QtIt maps almost directly to how you should think about a UI: components, views, states, transitions, animations etcThe declarative language itself is simple and intuitive, the rest is javascriptAll the power and freedom of Qt is still available

  • Declarative UI using QMLRectangle {id: pagewidth: 500; height: 200color: lightgrayText {id: helloTexttext: Hello Worldfont.bold: truefont.pointSize: 24}}Hello World

  • Example simple list based menu with features to launch app, preview app and update it.

    transitions with fluid UI

    2 persons, 4 hours each

    350 lines of code

  • Qt + QML Business logic can be written with Qt / C++

    UI layer can be designed with QML

    Qt CodeQMLGreat App

  • Common QuestionsCommon Components: Currently, many of the standard components like buttons, textboxes etc are missing. But, they are under development. Colibri http://colibri.comPerformanceQML is optimized for performanceAnimations, effects etc are generally very fast than what we produce with Qt

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