shield volcano, composite volcano, and cinder cone volcano

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Shield Volcano, Composite Volcano, and Cinder Cone Volcano

By Jackson, Raylee, and Spencer

Shield Volcano

Cinder Cone Volcano

Composite Volcano Three Types of Volcanoes

Ring of Fire

A majority of these volcanoes are found in the Ring of FireA ring of volcanoes which surround the Pacific Ocean

Shield VolcanoThe Shield Volcano is a quiet erupting volcano. It lets out steam, gasses, and water vapor. It is flatter than a composite volcano, like a warriors shield.

Examples of Shield Volcanoes.

MaunaKea Volcano

Mauna Loa Volcano

Located on the Hawaiian IslandsFlat Shield shape

Composite VolcanoComposite volcanos are louder and more destructive than other volcanoes. They are very explosive because gases are trapped in the molten rock. They are pointed in shape.

Examples of Composite Volcanoes

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Hood

Cinder Cone VolcanoCinder Cone Volcanoes are made when ash and bombs pile up around a vent to form a cone. Cinder cones are formed quickly and then die. There are many cinder cones throughout the world.

Example Of A Cinder Cone

Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Oregon The cone is inside the Mount Mazama caldera

1) Steam2) Gasses3) Water vapor4) Molten lava5) All of the above

What does a shield volcano release during an eruption?Question # 1What type of volcano is this?Question # 2

1) Cinder Cone Volcano2) Shield Volcano3) Composite Volcano

1) Cinder Cone Volcano2) Shield Volcano3) Composite Volcano4) Venus VolcanoesWhat are the most destructive types of volcanoes?Question # 31) They are named after Actress Brooke Shields2) They shield villages from danger3) Their shape looks like an upside down warriors shield4) Natives would throw their shields into the caldera after battle with their victims on themHow did the shield volcano get its name? Question # 41) The Caribbean2) The ring of fire 3) Mr. Hendersons Backyard4) The HimalayasWhere are the majority of the three types of volcanoes found? Question # 5Bonus QuestionWhat was the most powerful volcano eruption ever recorded?1980 Mount Saint Helens1991 Mount Pinatubo2012 Mount Wanna Hawka Loogie1883 Mount Krakatoa