she likes basketball, too let’s get ready dialogue 1 dialogue 2 theme words grammar focus work on...

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  • She Likes Basketball, TooLets Get ReadyDialogue 1Dialogue 2Theme WordsGrammar FocusWork On ItListen UpActivityPronunciationMore To DoReadingReading ComprehensionLesson 2

  • Match: What are they good at?ABCDLets Get Ready

  • time (n.) (Lisa and Nora are talking on the playground.) Lisa:Ella really likes basketball. She plays it every weekend.Nora:Yeah. Shes very good at it.She makes many baskets andwins every time. Lisa:I like basketball, too. But Im too short. What about you?Dialogue 1

  • Nora:I like swimming. I swim every morning. Can you swim?Lisa:No, I cant. But I can playtable tennis.Nora:Oh, table tennis! Can you teach me? Lisa:No problem. There are some ping-pong tables at school. We can go and play there tomorrow.Dialogue 1Quiz

  • Lisa Nora LisaElla Nora LisaDialogue 1

  • Nora LisaNora Lisa Dialogue 1

  • 1. on the playground. in the playground2. What about you? What do you like? 1Dialogue 1

  • 3. But I can play table tennis. table tennisping-pong ping-pong table tennis table playplay chess / baseballplay theplay the guitar / piano4. No problem. Sure. / Of course. no problem A: Thanks so much for your help. B: Oh, no problem.1Dialogue 1

  • 1. __________________________________________2. __________________________________________3. She makes many _____ and wins every time. (A) basketball(B) tennis(C) baskets4. A: I cant play baseball. Can you teach me? B: _____ (A) No problem.(B) Youre welcome.(C) What about you? 5. He _____ swimming and _____ every day. (A) like; swim(B) likes; swim(C) likes; swimsBut Im too short. CI can play table tennis.ACCQuiz 1Dialogue 1

  • (In Harrys room)Eric:You have so many DVDs, Harry. What are they about?Harry:Theyre action movies. The Rush Hour series is my favorite. I like Jackie Chan. Hes a wonderful actor.Eric:Yes. Hes very funny in the movies. What about these DVDs? Theyre not action movies.Dialogue 2

  • Harry:Theyre all cartoons.Eric:What?! You watch cartoons!Harry:Yes, I watch them every day.Eric:Are you kidding? How old are you? father watches them, too.

    Dialogue 2QuizTrue or False

  • Harry EricHarry DVD Harry Eric Dialogue 2

  • Harry Eric Harry Eric HarryDialogue 2

  • CD1. Lisa likes baseball and she plays it every weekend.2. Nora likes swimming and she swims every morning.3. Harry has many DVDs about animals.4. Harry watches cartoons every day. True or False.DialogueDialogue 1

  • 1. What are they about? they DVDs2. action movie. horror filmscience fiction filmfeature filmwesterndocumentary filmcomedytragedyeducational moviemusical3. Rush Hour 2Dialogue 2

  • 4. watch cartoons watch 5. Are you kidding? How old are you? Eric Harry kid Youre kidding me. Its true, no kidding. 6. father watches them, too.Harry 32Dialogue 2

  • 1. _____________________________________________2. _____________________________________________3. He is _____ in the movie. (A) action(B) funny(C) favorite4. _____________________________________________5. My father _____ cartoons every day. (A) watch(B) watching(C) watchesWhat are they about?He is a wonderful actor.BAre you kidding?CDialogue 2Quiz 2

  • play baseballkeep a petplay soccer see a movie play computer games danceLook and say.ATheme Words

  • 1.A: What are the boys doing? B: Theyre _________ ___________.2.A: Do you keep a pet? B: Yes. I ________ ______ _________.3.A: Its 11:00. Dont play__________ ___________, OK? B: Yes, Mom.4.A: Can you _________ ___________? B: No, I cant.Theme WordsplayingbaseballkeepadogcomputergamesplaysoccerLook and write.B

  • Ella and Tony are good friends. But they like different things. Ella like basketball and table tennis. She plays basketball on weekend, and she plays table tennis at school every afternoon. Tony is not good at sports,but he likes movies. He watches the movies on TV every weekend. Ella and Tony are very different, but they are still good friends. ReadingQuiz

  • True or False 1. Ella and Tony like different things. 2. Ella plays basketball every afternoon.

    3. Tony is good at sports.

    4. Tony watches the movies on TV every weekend.Reading ComprehensionReading

  • Ella Tony Ella Tony Ella Tony Reading

  • 1. She plays basketball on weekends. on weekends at / on the weekend2. ..., but Peter doesnt like math, but he likes English.


  • Ella and Tony are good friends.Tony is good at sports.We play table tennis at school every afternoon.Tony is not good at math, but he likes English.BQuiz Reading

  • Grammar FocusSentence Pattern A

    I / YouWe / They play table tennis watch cartoons on TV every weekend. every day.

  • I / homework / every dayI do my homework every day.they / every morningThey _______ every morning.swimSpeak and friend / basketball / every afternoon____________________________________My friends play basketball every afternoon.Grammar FocusSentence Pattern A

  • Lisa and her sister / guitar / every weekend____________________________________________________________________Lisa and her sister play the guitar everyHarry and John / computer games / every day__________________________________________________________________Harry and John play computer gamesweekend.every day.Grammar FocusSentence Pattern A

  • Grammar FocusSentence Pattern B

    VsVes y yiesysopensreadssingsswimshelpslikeslooksmakeswatchesstudiesplayshavehasdoesgoes

  • the girl / movie / every weekend The girl _____________ a movie every weekend.Tony / song / every dayTony sings songs every day.

    Jessie / old car / morningJessie ________ her old car every morning.drivesSpeak and write.Grammar FocusSentence Pattern Bsees / goes to

  • Jack / the piano / every weekend_________________________________Jack plays the piano every weekend.she / dinner / every day__________________________________She makes / cooks dinner every day.Grammar FocusSentence Pattern B

  • Fill in the / hasgoes / comesdoesWork On It

  • watchesplayswimWork On It

  • Listen Up Listen and check. A

  • Listen UpListen and choose. B

    (A) Im too short. (B) I like it, too.(C) I cant play baseball.

    (A) Theyre good.(B) Theyre animal stories.(C) Theyre very easy.

    (A) Theyre playing basketball. (B) Theyre on the playground.(C) They like swimming.A

    (A) Jackie Chan. Hes very funny.(B) He makes many movies.(C) He isnt from Japan.ABB

    (A) Yes. The story is very good.(B) I watch the movies on TV every day.(C) Lets see a movie this weekend. A

  • Listen and repeat. APronunciation

    / ZI // ZU // OI /Ibikerightskyouthouseflowercowoilnoiseboytoy

  • Listen and circle. BPronunciation1. light2. mouse3. nice4. oil

  • 1. You fly a kite, and I ride a bike.2. The cow is outside the house now.3. The boy is playing his toy with joy.Listen and practice. CPronunciation

  • playsbasketballplaystheviolinwatchesTVdoesherhomeworkSay and write.AActivity

  • A.Mike:I like computer games. And you?Tina:I like the movies.B.Tina:I like the movies. And you?Eric:I like gamestable tennistennismoviesbaseballbasketballswimmingmusiccartoonsExampleActivityGame ( Fill in the table and then play bingo. )B

    computer games

  • play the trumpetplay croquetplay softballplay volleyballLook and say.AMore To Do (Optional)play billiardsplay footballplay golfplay the celloplay the harmonica

  • A: I / Peter ________ every day / night / weekend. How about you?B: ______________________________________Say it.BMore To Do (Optional)

  • Nancy is playing table tennis.These DVDs are cartoons.Tony watches movies on TV at home every day.Joe and Sam play basketball in the park every weekend.Tina and her sister like apples and oranges.

    A. Listen and check.Listen Up Listen Up A

  • What are the boys doing?I like basketball. What about you?Whos your favorite actor?Is this a good movie?What are these stories about?B. Listen and choose.Listen Up Listen Up B

  • 1. like (v.) I like music very much.2. playground (n.) Some boys are playing on the playground.3. every (adj.) I study English every day.4. weekend (n.) I dont work on weekends. 5. yeah (adv.) = yes A: May I come in? B: Yeah, of course.6. make a basket (v. phr.) She plays basketball well and often makes many baskets.Words-Dialogue 1Dialogue 1

  • 7. swim (v.) Can you swim? 8. table tennis (n.) = ping-pong Sally is good at table tennis.Words-Dialogue 1Dialogue 1

  • 1. have (v.) My sister has many DVDs.2. DVD (n.) She has about 50 DVDs at home.3. action (n.) Now is the time for action.4. movie (n.) A: Lets go see a movie. B: Great. 5. Rush Hour (n.) Rush Hour is a great movie.6. series (n.) I watch that series every week.7. actor (n.) Tom Cruise is my favorite actor.8. funny (adj.) What a funny story!Words-Dialogue 2Dialogue 2

  • 9. cartoon (n.) Kids love cartoons.Words-Dialogue 2Dialogue 2

  • 1. baseball (n.) The boy often plays baseball.2. keep (v.) Do you keep a pet?3. pet (n.) Lily has a pet dog.4. computer (n.) Paul likes computer games. 5. game (n.) They are watching a baseball game.6. soccer (n.) Do you want a game of soccer with them? Words-Theme WordsTheme Words

  • 1. different (adj.)


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