shade | .the shade colour palette is a light-meets-dark assortment of tints, tones and hues. all

Download shade | .The Shade colour palette is a light-meets-dark assortment of tints, tones and hues. All

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  • design is illuminating

    shade | tile

  • It begins with a spark. A flash. A glowing moment of inspiration that grows and grows until it reaches its full

    and luminous potential. Introducing shade, a collection from Shaw Contract Group with patterns,

    tones and hues that enlighten, inspire and ignite. We think

    youll see carpet tile in a whole new light.

    design is illuminating

  • how will shadebrighten the world?

    Not only with its form but also by its function. Because not only is Shade lovely to look at, its also completely sustainable. Crafted with Eco Solution Q nylon on the surface, EcoWorx tile backing

    underneath, Shade is another shining example of the enlightened cradle-to-cradle products created by

    Shaw Contract Group.

    With Eco Solution Q nylon and EcoWorx tile backing, carpet materials are used and reusedloop after loop

    after loop. Which is why both have earned the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certification from McDonough

    Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).

    And because a sustainable carpet system is one component on the list of building materials adding to the

    design and certification of a LEED building, Shade contributes to a host of other LEED credits. Like Recycled

    Content Credit 4.1 and Low Emitting Materials Credit 4.3.

    Learn for yourself how Shade can impact a LEED Green Building Rating. Visit and try

    our LEED calculator.

    sometimes, actions speak louder than beauty.

  • a dazzling displaybrilliance


    tile | coconut shell

  • brightness throwsa punch

    strikingbursting, bounding jabs of light

    striking tile | p

    rairie sand

  • day in. day out.

    gradientthe difference is night and day


    ient tile | topaz

  • bring on the night


    ra tile | b

    right chartreuse


  • filtered rays of moonlight


    tile | golden glow




  • a perfect mix of shadow and light. pattern mixingtogether they shine.

    eclipse quarter-turn, brilliance monolithic | coconut shell

    eclipse & brilliance

  • eclipse creative pattern placement, umbra quarter-turn | prairie sand

    eclipse & umbracreative pattern placement | bright chartreuse


  • quarter-turn | blackbird and total eclipse

    umbra & gradient

  • monolithic | cinnamon

    brilliance & strikingcreative pattern placement | sandstone with insets of firefly and topaz


  • colourscasting a glowThe Shade colour palette is a light-meets-dark assortment

    of tints, tones and hues. All four patterns are available in

    18 different colours. While Gradient comes in 30every

    single one designed to play nicely with other Shaw

    Contract Group collections. Find your Shade.

  • straw 34103 ceramic glaze 34110

    essential 34330

    birds eye 34761

    driftwood 34755

    char brown 34740

    sandstone 34111

    branch 34730 bronze sheen 34156

    gradient30 colours

    element 34583

    mercury 34585 cobble grey 34595

    french silver 34150 adrift 34512

    mocha 34750

    charcoal 34500 deep teal 34481 waterside 34456

  • in the red 34870 rosewine 34879 electric blue 34988

    firefly 34858 total eclipse 34505 sapphire blue 34485

    gradient30 colours

    mystique 34590 blissful yellow 34220 limelight 34328

    blue haze 34402 topaz 34170 green grove 34701

  • prairie sand 29111

    cinnamon 29858

    claret red 29850

    coconut shell 29103

    golden glow 29170

    cognac 29740

    flint stone 29755

    bright chartreuse 29546

    lichen green 29300

    brilliance striking

    pumice stone 29590

    brilliant blue 29485

    teal blue 29481

    ultraviolet 29501

    black forest 29500

    blackbird 29505

    silver cloud 29530

    grey mist 29585

    toasted almond 29761

    umbra eclipse18 colours

  • light:Taraxacum 88 Suspension by Achille CastiglioniDesign Within Reach, Atlanta

    light:Porcelain Bell Hanging Lamps: Shallow, Large and DirectionalAll by Roost

    light:Hom Pendant from West Elm

    light:1960s Amber glass Italian Chandelier by Carlo Scarpa Design for Venine Glass

    light:Black Porcelain Chandelier by Vellum

    light:Meurice Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

    chair: Lea Lounge Chair from Bright Chair Company by Douglas Levine

    table: Jonathan Tall round Table by OLY Studio

    Bolle Blown Glass Bottles from Venini by Tapio Wirkkala

    table: Contilever Desk by R.C. Byers

    art piece: Circular Art De Luna by Venini

    table: Saarinen Dining Table 47 inch White Coated Marble by Eero Saarinen

    light: Black Porcelain Chandelier by Vellum

    chair: Alice Chair by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

    table: Wire Table by Zonotta

    light: Cluster Light French Look International

    chair: Frank #3 Arm Chair by Mattaliano

    table: Ramille Occasional Table by Mattaliano

    light: 1960s Amber glass Italian Chandelier by Carlo Scarpa Design for Venine glass

    table: Saarinen Dining Table 35 inch Black Coated Marble by Eero Saarinen

    light: Cluster Light French Look International


    where there is shade, there is light.

  • 877.502.SHAW 410 Old Mill Road Cartersville, GA 30120 Printed on recycled paper 2008 Shaw, a Berkshire Hathaway Company SCG-021-NPA

    shine on.