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  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server


    Apple Mail ServerQuick Start GuideMac OSX 10.6.3 Snow Leopard

    This tutorial quickly explains how to setup the Apple Mail Service on

    Snow Leopard Server version 10.6.3. In addition it steps through the

    process of connecting to your mail server from a Wiki Site, Apple client

    computer and the iPod Touch.

    Dwayne D. Trouille


  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Table of Contents

    Pre-Installation information.3

    Enable Mail Server Service 4

    Configure Mail Server 4

    Enable Mail Access for Open Directory Users 9


    Enable the Mail Link on a Wiki Site.11




  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Pre-Installation information

    Host and Domain Name:

    Before you begin to setup a mail server some processes must have already been considered and completed. The most

    import is to ensure you have a properly configured DNS mail exchange (MX), record for your server; otherwise email

    sent to and from your server may not make it to its destination. This will also require that you decide on and establish a

    host domain name for your email server.

    Required TCP Ports:

    If the server is located behind a firewall or within a NAT environment, you will need to open the appropriate ports and

    possibly forward public addressed email traffic to your private address. While this will not be covered in this

    tutorial, the ports required for proper email transmitting and receiving are: TCP 110 (POP), 25 (SMTP), and 143 (IMAP).

    Mail Exchange (MX) Record is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), of your server to the public and/or theprivate network.

    Post Office Protocol (POP), is the protocol used for downloading messages from your email server to the clientapplication. POP is a simple protocol with limited capabilities and security.

    Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), is another protocol used for downloading messages but has morerobust capabilities and a wider range of authentication options than POP; however IMAP requires the use of

    more server resources than POP.

    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), is used for sending messages to email servers either from the client orfrom other email servers. The SMTP service on Snow Leopard is handled by the Postfix Daemon.


    Kerberos v5 Provides secure authentication through the use of cytological algorithms. CRAM-MD5 - Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism is used for authentication security.

    Secure Access:

    If you intend on setting up secure access to your email using SSL, you will need to purchase a signed certificate using the

    same hostname information to be used for your server.

    Active Directory Integration:

    Allowing Active Directory users mail access on your server may be a challenging process. One such process is explained

    in this tutorial on page 9, but it does not seem to be a guarantee that Active Directory users can be given email access.

    Other methods for making the email service allow AD users access include extending the Active Directory schema which

    is typically not recommended. So, if you wish to have AD integration this tutorial will not be of much assistance.


    This tutorial is geared to get a mail server up and running quickly; therefore the hope is once your server is running, you

    will test various configurations and security options using the Mail Service Settings.

  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Enable Mail Server Service

    On the Apple server, launch Server Admin, select your local server, choose settings > Services, place a check in

    the Mail service check box and click Save. This will cause the mail service to load but will not start.

    Configure Mail Server Service

    1. Select the Mail service from the services list, select Overview, and then click Configure Mail Service to start thesetup wizard. Using the Configure Mail Service wizard is not required but may be easier for some


  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    2. Select Continue when the introduction page displays.

    3. Choose the services you wish to enable such as POP, IMAP and SMTP. In the Domain name field enter the localdomain name and in the Host name enter the public internet domain name if one has been assigned. It does

    not seem to matter if you set the Domain name to your public or private domain name. If you are not sure

    about what services to enable, just go with the default option of all checked and you may disable any you find

    are not going to be used later.

    If you already have an SMTP server in place you may choose the Relay outgoing mail through host and supply

    your SMTP host server URL or IP Address. If choosing this option you will need to uncheck the Enable SMTP box

    so the Apple server does not attempt to process SMTP traffic.

  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    4. Assigning filters is fine, however, you may find it better to disable these until you have worked out all the bugs inyour setup and ensured your email service is working properly. Keep in mind these filters will slow the delivery

    of email. My recommendation is to disable or uncheck these for now and enable them later under the email

    service settings.

    5. The security required for email authentication through an Apple Server Wiki Site is CRAM-MD5. At this time it iseasier and my recommendation to just leave the default settings in place and test the other security options


  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    6. The mail store location may be modified if you wish to place email on a separate volume due to space restraints.If the defaults are acceptable just click continue.

    7. The confirm Setup screen provides a summary of your choices. Ensure the choices are correct and if so, clickcontinue to finish the configuration.

  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    8. Once completed the following screen will display. Click the Close button and you should see the Mail Service isnow running.

    9. As stated in the previous step the mail service should be running but if not, go ahead and start your mail service.

    10.Further modifications to the email service configuration may be made by choosing settings and any of theoptions found on that screen. be General and Advanced.

  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Enable Mail Access for Open Directory Users


    manage what users may have an email account is really as simple as going to Workgroup manager, creating a user

    account and enabling mail. See below for a better explanation:

    1. On the server open the Workgroup Manager.2. Authenticate to Open Directory, select users, click New, and in the basic screen provide the username and

    password information.

    3. Select the Mail tab, enable mail for this user, provide the mail server name, quota, and determine if the usermay connect using POP, IMAP or both. Remember to save your settings.

    The user may now connect to the Apple email server; however, all other accounts that do not have mail enabled

    will not be allowed to connect with your Apple email server. Fortunately, there is a way to override this setting

    by using the Services Access Control List or SACL, and this process will be explained in the next section.

    Note: At this point of the setup do not expect the user to check email through a wiki site. Before users may

    check email through a wiki you will first have to enable mail access using the Web service and Sites which is

    covered a little later.

  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Manage Mail Access using the SACL

    To manage which users may use the email service, select your local server (1), Access (2), Services (3), Select

    4), choose the Mail service (56), click the +

    icon at bottom (7), select a user/s or group/s (8 & 9), and drag into the Allow list (10).

    This setting not only allows specific users and/or groups but also disables mail access by all users not explicitly


    Note for AD Integrated servers: According to Apple KB Article TA24154, you should be able to give Active

    Directory users or groups mail account access by placing their account in the Access list as demonstrated on this

    step, but so far I have not been successful in making this happen. It works fine for OD users and groups.

    Reference link :
  • 7/31/2019 Setup Apple Mail Server



    Enable the Mail link on a Wiki Site

    1. To allow users web based email access you will need to enable that feature for your website. Go to ServerAdmin > choose the Web Service > select Sites > select the site you wish to enable email access on > choose

    Web Services > place a check in the Mail box. This will enable the Mail link on your web site wiki so users may

    check email online when necessary.

    2. Open a web browser, go to your Apple Wiki Site, log in as a user given mail access, select the mail link whichshould now be active, log in to the email page and start testing email functionality. Notice a users wiki login

    does not automatically provide email access, so the user will be required to authenticate again to get their