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  • 7/27/2019 Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience



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    Service Member Shares Vaccine

    ExperienceMar 19th, 2013 | By VT | Category: Questions About Vaccines

    From an anonymous service member,

    I do not know what-all was in these vaccines, but I thought I would share my story of

    three vaccines, all received in the last three years in the US Navy. I had never had a

    serious reaction to any vaccine before, and it was after the third round of it that I decided

    to do some research for myself. Now I am carrying my first child, and I am grateful that Ihave done this research so that I can spare my child the results of a criminal undertaking


  • 7/27/2019 Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience


    in the form of mass vaccination.

    First up: bird flu.

    December 2009, Great Lakes. Avian Influenza was scaring half the world out of its mind

    with fears of people being out of work for six weeks at a time or more, en masse. I was a

    student at TSC Great Lakes at the time, waiting for my turn through FC A school tobegin. On the morning of my first day of A school, everyone on base was rounded up by

    barracks and marched into the indoor gym to receive the just-released (and very rushed)

    bird flu vaccination. I asked a senior corpsman if I should take that form, as I already had

    a good cold going with a sinus infection, and was told to take it anyway.

    Within the day I was coming down with persistent flu-like symptoms: to my horror, I was

    still coughing from this more than three MONTHS later.

    The following Friday, the freshly-vaccinated population of TSC Great Lakes was released

    to go home on holiday standdown. My trip home to [omitted] was stressful, to say the

    least, and by the time I touched down in [omitted] I was very sick. I could not make ithome to [omitted] for three days: a friend halfway between the two towns was very kind

    and took me in during that time and took care of me (later coming down with the same

    symptoms himself) while I was flat on my back.

    I remained pretty much useless, much to my familys disappointment, for the rest of the

    week and was only just able to get up, walk slowly and croak for water by the end of the

    second week, when it was time to return to base. Please note that these were the exact

    symptoms that everyone was afraid the bird flu itself would cause in the general

    population, if left unchecked: the fear was that everyone would come down with a

    prolonged, incapacitating illness at about the same time nationwide and crash the

    economy that way.

    Navy Medical continues to deny that my symptoms could have been in any way caused

    or aggravated by the bird flu vaccine, disregarding the series of events. The live

    attenuated, intranasal version that I was ordered by medical personnel to put directly

    into my sinuses that were already infected by a cold, thereby providing a perfect

    environment for viral reproduction

    Next mistake: Gardasil.

    Before I left Great Lakes with orders to C school and a ship following, Gardasil cameout, and I elected for it. Of that, I can say only that I walked into Great Lakes with a clean

    pap smear: I left Great Lakes with an inconclusive pap and by the time I got back from

    my first deployment with the ship (9 months after leaving Great Lakes), I had been placed

    on aggressive monitoring for cervical cancer due to abnormal paps with two clearly

    precancerous lesions visible on my cervix. Wasnt hard for me to do the math

    Final mistake: Smallpox

    In between my fun-with-bird-flu and the horrible realization of the results of what could

    only have been my election to accept the Gardasil series, I deployed on a destroyer to

    the Persian Gulf. The ship was already on-station when I arrived and I had to receive theinoculation immediately. This is a nasty, nasty inoculation and contagious, especially in a


  • 7/27/2019 Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience


    shipboard environment where everyones laundry is washed together, everyone eats

    together, everything goes around like wildfire. I heard no end of cautions against

    contacting any surface with a hand (or bandage) that had touched the resulting blister

    (even though it is a mandatory vaccination for military deploying to that region of the

    world, so I knew everyone had had it already). I was also advised not to wash that arm

    due to the potential for spread it to otherwise unaffected portions of my skin.

    Within three days of receiving it in my left arm, my left arm had swollen from neck to

    elbow and the lymph nodes under my left ear and under that arm had gone twice their

    normal size, and daily activities (like getting dressed, or transiting a ladderwell safely)

    were agony. I saw the ships two hospital corpsmen daily (an HN and a HMC) but they

    refused to accept that something was reacting badly: all they cared about was that the

    infection site had most definitely taken. My arm was so swollen and so painful that

    when it came time for an

    underway replenishment, the ships Executive Officer saw me choking back tears while

    trying to haul a line: he pulled me aside and asked what was wrong. When I pulled down

    my coveralls, an ordeal by itself, and he saw it, he sent me to my rack for the rest of the

    day with no further questions and informed my chain of command that I was to be

    allowed to rest until I could see Medical the next day. (It was after that that ships Medical

    finally decided that maybe I was serious after all, so I know he said something.)

    That is my story, and that is why I refuse to vaccinate the little one Im carrying, who is

    only 16 weeks along right now. Her father, also Navy but with no history of poor reactions

    (other than getting the sniffles from flu vaccines) stands by me in this decision, for which I

    am grateful: the state in which we are stationed provides for only medical and religious

    exemptions from the mandatory vaccination program and we will take advantage of this.

    It is harder, as we are both Pagan, but I will find a way to spare my little one that crime.

    I have also found out that, as a military member, you CAN opt out of military vaccinations

    but it can only be a religious or medical exemption, and it MUST be disclosed prior to

    entering active service at MEPS. (Late convert to Roman Catholicism, objecting on

    grounds of aborted human fetal tissue being used in it? Youre still getting them.)

    I am somewhat ashamed that it took three very different vaccines for me to get the idea

    that these are not good for you. I still wonder if the plethora of rhinovirii that Great Lakes

    has given up trying to treat in its recruits has anything to do with the battery of

    vaccinations received during P-days (I remember coughing so violently from three weeks

    in through the rest of Basic that I would throw up whatever food I had eaten). And I will

    have to deal with the effects of Gardasil for even longer than I will bear the smallpox scar(that is to say, for the rest of my life).


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  • 7/27/2019 Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience


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  • 7/27/2019 Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience



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    Chuck Robey

    When I was in the Marines I had a bad reaction to the Anthrax Vaccine, within 24

    hours of my first shot I developed severe migraine headaches a rash I to this day and

    degenerative joints, it turns out each and every Lot of the 6 shot series were

    (EXPIRED) there was an additive mixed in with the vaccine to reactivate it in essence

    we were guinea pigs.. As far as I know 400 men died world wide and over 40,000 had

    an adverse reaction to the vaccine and yet they still give it to our troops and it is

    mandatory in ordered to be deployable. The VA and the Federal Government refusesto acknowledge that any of our adverse reaction had anything to do with the Vaccine

    which means we don't get to claim any kind of disability from the damages caused us

    by the vaccine..


    Geoffrey Franklin Finn

    At least you are still alive and smarter for it. Might want to do some powerful detox to

    get rid of those poisons before they do even more damage.


    Chayah Shalom

    thank u for sharing your story...... eeeeeesh.... well, good to know we can reject under

    Religious circumstances......i better decide what religion i'd do.. maybe make up my

    own.. like.. Hebrew...eww gross did not know they use fetal parts in their ingredients..

    totally disgusting!!!!


    Louis Zerr

    Former service member. Basically, you are a human pin cushion for the 16 years.

    Received shots from flu to anthrax. By 2009, my health has gone downhill.

    Degeneration of the lower spine, high cholesterol, sleep apneia, weigh gain, aching

    joints, gerd, and so on. Were the shots at fault? I think so.


    Chayah Shalom

    try the Bio K in the health food stores.. it is like five million of acidopholus... to

    treat the gerd... u won't have the acid reflux....


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