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Join with us in praying for the city of Abidjan on the Ivory Coast of Africa. The city of our Pan African Leadership Mission.


<ul><li><p>August Fri 1 Thank God for all those that gave their life to Jesus during </p><p>the Isiolo Mission in Kenya in July. Pray for their follow up and transition to a new church.</p><p>Sat 2 Pray for Stephen Mbogo and the AE committee in Victoria as they host a dinner in Melbourne.</p><p>Sun 3 1 Chronicles 16:11 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.</p><p>Mon 4 Pray for the Rwandan AE team, mission committee, evangelists and churches as they proclaim the gospel to the region of Muhanga (4-10 Aug).</p><p>Tue 5 Continue to lift up the young nation of South Sudan. Pray that the killing of civilians will cease and that humanitarian aid reaches those in great need.</p><p>Wed 6 Tunis, Tunisia is the political and cultural centre of this nation. With over 2 mill people it is a large Arabic nation on the Mediterranean.</p><p>Thu 7 Pray for International Communications Manager, Krista Burns as she coordinates AEs Global Communications.</p><p>Fri 8 Pray for ITL Stephen Mbogo, his wife Rosemary and their 2 children.</p><p>Sat 9 Pray for the AE team in South Africa as they begin outreach to Pretoria Uni. Pray they reach a whole new generation for Christ (10-25 Aug).</p><p>Sun 10 Psalm 145:18 The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.</p><p>Mon 11 Pray for all the support boards as they continue to engage a new generation of supporters for the ministry of AE.</p><p>Tue 12 Pray for Guide Makore Team Leader of Zimbabwe and the rest of the AE team.</p><p>Wed 13 Lome is the capital of Togo-50% pop. is Christian. It is located on the gulf of Guinea. It is the administrative centre and chief port.</p><p>Thu 14 Today marks the end of 3 week tour by ITL Stephen Mbogo of Hong Kong, Melbourne &amp; Sydney (31 Jul-14 Aug). Praise God for all that was accomplished during this time. Pray for a growing awareness of AE.</p><p>Fri 15 Pray for Stephen Mbogos safety and protection as he travels back to Kenya following the Ministry tour in Aust.</p><p>Sat 16 Pray for International COO John Richards, his wife Fiona and their family.</p><p>Sun 17 Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but he hears the prayer of the righteous.</p><p>Mon 18 Pray for the local pastors in Rwanda attending theological training in Kigali this month. Pray this will enrich their faith.</p><p>Tue 19 Pray for Australian Board Chairman, Jeff Collett, his wife Ruth and the rest of the Australian Board.</p><p>Wed 20 Nairobi, Kenya with over 3 mill people. Approx 50% of them live in slums which account for only 5% of the land.</p><p>Thu 21 Pray for Samuel Osei Asante, Team Leader of Ghana, and his family.</p><p>Fri 22 Pray for International A&amp;D Director, Janet Mwendwa.</p><p>Wed 10 Pray that the mission in Abidjan has made an impact in the political realm and that this can filter into the President and Cabinet.</p><p>Thu 11 Thank God for His provision of funds and other resources needed to carry out this mission in Abidjan.</p><p>Fri 12 Pray that the mission follow-up strategy will be embraced by the church across Abidjan.</p><p>Sat 13 Thank God for His favour on all those who met with key leaders in Abidjan who supported this initiative.</p><p>Sun 14 Isaiah 55:6 Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.</p><p>Mon 15 Pray that influential Christians across Abidjan will organise gatherings for other leaders and that the Lord will speak to those that make decisions to bring about change for the city.</p><p>Tue 16 Give thanks to God for Pastor Aphelly and Pastor Quattara who led the mission steering committee and who spearheaded this initiative on the ground in Abidjan.</p><p>Wed 17 Pray that many more doors for ministry in schools, businesses, hospitals, etc will open following this mission.</p><p>Thu 18 Pray that Gods Spirit will continue to overcome the powers of darkness that has derailed the well-being of this city and nation.</p><p>Fri 19 Pray for the church leaders across the city of Abidjan -- that they can use the mission as a building block to continued unity.</p><p>Sat 20 Pray that the Spirit of Gods love rules in the hearts of Christians across Abidjan and that this brings peace and justice for all in Ivory Coast.</p><p>Sun 21 Hebrews 13:18 Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a clear conscience, desiring to act honourably in all things.</p><p>Mon 22 Pray for all new believers in Abidjan -- that they will be filled with peace and joy that cannot be extinguished by daily hardships.</p><p>Tue 23 Give thanks to God for the mission steering committee who worked tirelessly bringing the mission to Abidjan.</p><p>Wed 24 Give thanks for PAM Director Songe Chibambo and his heart for seeing the continent of Africa claimed for Christ.</p><p>Thu 25 Pray that the city of Abidjan would become a beacon of light to the rest of Ivory Coast and surrounding nations of West Africa.</p><p>Fri 26 Pray that the leaders of Abidjan have come to experience the depth of Gods love for them. I have loved you with an everlasting love.</p><p>Sat 27 Pray for the AE PAM team, mission committee and others who will need to conduct follow up across the city of Abidjan in coming weeks.</p><p>Sun 28 Ezra 10:4 Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it.</p><p>Mon 29 Pray for Gods favour and blessing on the nation of Ivory Coast and improved living conditions for the people of Abidjan.</p><p>Tue 30 Pray for the churches of Abidjan. Pray they can maintain the spirit of unity created for this mission &amp; that they will continue to work together for their city.</p><p>Sat 23</p><p> September </p><p>The month of September is dedicated to the city of Abidjan. We are focusing solely on the place of this years Leadership Mission. Proclamation week is 31 Aug to 7 Sept. Lets lift this major city of the Ivory Coast up to the Lord in prayer give thanks for all that will be accomplished in His name.</p><p>Abidjan, Cote dIvoire, a cultural hub of West Africa. Pop. 6 million. About 30% of the pop. are Christian. </p><p>Mon 1 Pray for all the logistics and practicalities needed to host this mission. Pray all goes to plan with no major hurdles.</p><p>Tue 2 Pray for all the evangelists and guests required to speak during mission week. Pray that God has prepared a special message.</p><p>Wed 3 Praise God for all those that make commitments during mission week</p><p>Thu 4 Lift up all the Government, civic and business leaders across the city. May their hearts be touched by message of Christ.</p><p>Fri 5 Pray for supernatural courage and confidence for all the disciples and counsellors participating during mission week.</p><p>Sat 6 Pray for the closing rally of the mission in Abidjan. Pray many will come to know the Lord and a new wave of Godly leadership will rise.</p><p>Sun 7 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. Particularly think of the nation of Ivory Coast as AEs mission comes to a close.</p><p>Mon 8 Pray for all those travelling back to their homes following mission week. Pray for protection &amp; safety. Pray also for rest following a busy time.</p><p>Tue 9 Thank God for His protection of the AE team whilst away carrying out the mission to the city of Abidjan.</p><p>The history of missions is a history of prayer. Everything vital to the success of the worlds evangelism hinges on prayer.</p><p>John Mott</p></li></ul>