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  • Self Adhesive Labels & Stickers

    Self adhesive labels & stickers can be used on almost any product; you are only limited

    by your imagination. The self adhesive labels are used in paper bar codes, price tags in

    supermarkets, electronic labels, video and audio tapes, labels on the bottles etc, for

    branding & promotion and advertising & marketing of products.

    A well created label can make your product fly off the shelves!

    Star Stuff Group is a leading producer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of attractive self

    adhesive labels & stickers. We use the latest digital and screen printing technology to

    produce high quality labels in as many colours as you like.

    To view our complete range of branding & promotion solutions please visit our website

    Starstuffgroup or give us a call at 1300 885 044 about minimum order quantities.