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  • SCM NETworker Increased Productivity

    Digital Networking of the Supply Chain

    Dynamic Process Control

    SCM NETworker is a platform for operating processes and devices. It has a workfl ow based set of rules, which will be integrated customized and enables the smart networking of your value chain.

    Because of these set of rules for example multi-step production processes could be save and stable established, controled and performed.

    The same is valid for processes out of the production fi eld like for example service, logistics and maintenance. SCM NETworker can preventive control and inform. Most varied devices, sensors and software will be intelligent integrated.

    Create real-time transparency for example regarding to your progress of production and logistics processes and production related inventories. Manual subsequent updates and daily corrective measures will be dropped.

    Innovative Services. Reliable Solutions. Successful Clients.

  • Smart IoT Solutions




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    Advantages+ Dynamic process control of the Supply Chain

    + Communication and networking between human, machine and products

    + Continous automatic fl ow of information

    + Preventive instead of reactive

    + Customer value

    IoT Production Preventive Shop-Floor Services

    Unplanned production disturbances lead to downtimes and in the end to productivity loss. Individual components for marking and validation of single packages and pallets are an important part of the production processes. Proactive monitoring through smart devices enables preventive and needs-based services to guarantee the optimized production process.

    IoT Logistics Dynamic Indoor & Outdoor-Logistics

    Because of the IoT platform SCM NETworker with indoor and outdoor track & trace the position data will be au-tomated collected and provided for the picking process. Smart IT components within the transport and storage solution enable dynamic block storage structures. Eff orts for object and place searches and rearrangments will be saved.

    IoT Service Order Manager Service

    Through the IoT platform SCM NETworker business customers, employees and subcontractors can be connected SMART and uncomplicated and device-independent. The paperless transaction creates transparency about orders and their processing status and about inventories in service vehicles and warehouses.

    Increase of transparency and e ciency. Example: Container management informations.