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<p> 1. SCANDAL ANDSENSATIONThe mythologizing of a dispute: Scandal in the Eighteenth Century 2. WHAT dire Offence from am'rous Causes springs,What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things,I sing -- This Verse to C---, Muse! is due;This, ev'n Belinda may vouchfafe to view:Slight is the Subject, but not so the Praise,If She inspire, and He approve my Lays.Say what strange Motive, Goddess! cou'd compelA well-bred Lord t'assault a gentle Belle?Oh say what stranger Cause, yet unexplor'd,Cou'd make a gentle Belle reject a Lord?And dwells such Rage in softest Bosoms then?And lodge such daring Souls in Little Men?Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock (1714) 3. BACKGROUND Arabella Fermor (called Belinda in the poem) and Lord Petre (SirPlume) Scandal when he cut off a lock of her hair Let to feud between the two families John Caryll asked Pope to write about it to reconnect the families Had the opposite effect 4. Scandal and SensationITEMS FOR THEEXHIBITION 5. Manuscript ofThe Rape of theLock publishedin 1714Currently atChristies 6. Portrait of Arabella Fermor, painted by GrantCurrently at Rufford Old Hall 7. Letters fromAlexanderPope toJohn Carylltalkingabout theincident 8. THE NARRATIVE OF THEPROJECT The whole idea behind this project is to look at the idea of what a scandal wasin the Eighteenth Century Using The Rape of the Lock and Alexander Popes approach to this scandal as akind of scandal case study Using the letter and manuscript as evidence of the distinction between the realoccurrence and the heavily dramatized account Thinking about the study of scandal and the elite in the Eighteenth Centuryand how this single event fits into this study 9. AREAS TO RESEARCH Studies of Alexander Pope and The Rape of the Lock Studies of Scandal in the Eighteenth Century Studies of Alexander Popes correspondence Art history surrounding Eighteenth-Century portraits Book history and the proliferation of The Rape of the Lock in itsfirst full edition 10. INTERDISCIPLINARY This research is interdisciplinary as it looks at a variety of sources paint, poetry, and a selection of letters Literary studies and cultural history are the main discipline areasstudied, although art history comes into play with the painting andbook history is important when considering the original print edition </p>