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  • - Pre-meeting -

    Monty Suffern

    -Meeting -

    Monty Suffern

    Bill Thompson Mark Camann Monty S. I Mark C.

    (duet) Coco Costello

    Henry Tam Henry Tam Vance Strickland

    Alex Ko Alex Ko Bill McNally

    Bill McNally


    Monty Suffern

    Chris Castillo Chris Castillo Henry Tam Henry Tam

    San Antonio Ragtime Society

    Play list for June 29, 2019

    several assorted pieces to set the mood

    Medley for the 4th of July: Liberty Bell , Stars and Stripes Forever, America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes Forever (reprise)

    My Hero 2002 Dale Hadley Flibertigibbet 2019 Mitch Meador Marche Militaire -1826 Franz Schubert

    Dusting the Piano (novelty)

    Beth en a Cascades School of Ragtime,

    (#'s 1 and 2) Champagne Rag (partial) Rubberplant Rag Southern Rag Medleys

    (Strains from the Alley) (Strains from the Flat Branch)

    Rialto Ripples (with a bit of Chevy Chase mixed in)

    Silent Movie: Two Tars, 1928 - with Laurel and Hardy - (accompaniment- 24 songs from circa 1930)

    Quarry Rag Playland Rag Gladiolus Easy Winners

    1905 1904 1908

    1910 1909

    1908 1909 1917

    191 4

    circa 1930

    -2015 -2016 1907 1901


    Scott Joplin Scott Joplin Scott Joplin

    Joseph Lamb George Cobb Blind Boone

    George Gershwin

    Eubie Blake


    Chri s Castillo Chris Castillo Scott Joplin Scott Joplin

  • San Antonio Ragtime Society Meeting: April 27, 2019

    List of performers and music played

    Performer Title Composer Year

    Jimmy Drury

    The Entertainer Weeping Willow

    The Ragtime Dance The Easy Winners

    Leola Elite Syncopations

    Scott Joplin

    Vicki McRae Red Rose Rag Percy Wenrich 1911

    Bill Thompson Race Horse Rag Mike Bernard 1911 Vicki McRae & Bill Thompson

    Cleopha - March & Two Step (duet - arr. Mauritzio Machella) Scott Joplin 1902

    Vicki McRae & Bill Thompson

    Magnetic Rag (duet - arr. Fred Kern) Scott Joplin 1914

    Jack Love Cotton Time Charles Daniels 1910 Jack Love Melody of Spring Hans Engelmann 1915 Jack Love Melody of Love Hans Engelmann 1903 Jack Love Oh You Devil Fred Dabney 1909 Jack Love Oh You Angel Fred Dabney 1911 Jack Love Rubies & Pearls Harry A. Tierney 1911 Jack Love Panama William Tyres 1911 Jack Love Lovey Dovey George Botsford 1910 Jack Love Aggie War Hymn Pinkie Wilson 1914 Jack Love Circus Days Moissaye Boguslawski 1936 Jack Love Cloud Kisser Charles Johnson 1911 Jack Love Twinkles Charles Gish 1909 Jack Love Crabapples Percy Wenrich 1908 Jack Love Porcupine Rag Charles Johnson 1909 Jack Love Turkish Rondo Richard Krentzlin 1910 Jack Love At The Campfire Richard Krentzlin 1927

  • San Antonio Ragtime Society Meeting: February 9, 2019

    List of performers and music played

    Performer Title Composer Year Order Jim Schuppenhauer, p. Cassandra Hill, vocalist Are You Sincere?

    Alfred Bryan & Albert Gumble 1908 1

    Jim Schuppenhauer, p. Cassandra Hill, vocalist A Picture of Her Face Scott Joplin 1895 2

    Jack Love & Gustavo Valadez Scott Joplin's New Rag (duet) Scott Joplin 1912 3

    Jack Love & Gustavo Valadez The Strenuous Life (duet) Scott Joplin 1902 4

    Mark Camann Chisholm Trail Stampede Mitch Meador 2011 5 Vicki McRae & Bill Thompson Combination March (duet) Scott Joplin 1896 6

    Brooks Christensen Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin 1899 7 Brooks Christensen Pickles & Peppers Adaline Shepherd 1906 8

    Monty Suffern Bohemian Companion (companion rag to "Bohemia" by Lamb)

    Monty Suffern 2009 9

    Monty Suffern Through the Bottom Lands Davis Thomas Roberts 1981 10

    Jack Love Dengoso (Maxixe-Tango) Ernesto Nazareth 1914 11 Jack Love The Cascades Scott Joplin 1904 12 (BREAK) Jack Love Weeping Willow Scott Joplin 1903 13

    Jack Love & Gustavo Valadez The Easy Winners (duet) Scott Joplin 1903 14

    Monty Suffern The Entertainer Scott Joplin 1902 15

    Monty Suffern Sprig of Basil Rag

    (companion rag to "Garlic Pudding" by L. Migachyov)

    Monty Suffern 2006 16

    Brooks Christensen Ain't Misbehavin' Fats Waller 1929 17 Brooks Christensen Spanish Autumn Brian Holland 2013 18

    Vicki McRae & Bill Thompson Heliotrope Bouquet (duet)

    Louis Chauvin & Scott Joplin 1907 19

    Bill Thompson The Sycamore Scott Joplin 1904 20 Mark Camann Treasure Map Mitch Meador 2011 21 Aaron Walker Solace Scott Joplin 1909 22

  • San Antonio Ragtime Society

    Meeting: October 13, 2018

    List of performers and music played

    Performer Title Composer Year Order

    Jack Love &

    Gustavo Valadez Solace (arr. Petrov) Scott Joplin 1909 1

    Bill Thompson Lazy Moon (song) J. Rosamond Johnson

    & Bob Cole 1903 2

    Joe McKay Sensation Joseph Lamb arr. Joplin 1908 3

    Josh Jenski Beach Buggy Boogie Martha Mier 1993 4

    Jack Love That Lovin' Rag Bernie Adler 1907 5

    Bill Thompson &

    Vicki McRae

    Peacherine Rag

    (arr. Kern & Thompson) Scott Joplin 1903 6

    Jack Love Planxty Glenn Jenks 1993 7

    Vicki McRae &

    Ellin Schoenfeld Red Rose Rag (song)

    Percy Wenrich &

    Edward Madden 1911 8

    Rhoda Auerbach Chatterbox Rag George Botsford 1910 9

    Jack Love Apple Jack Charles Johnson 1909 10


    Jimmy Drury Something Doing Scott Joplin &

    Scott Hayden 1903 11

    Jimmy Drury Weeping Willow Rag Scott Joplin 1903 12

    Joe McKay Pine Apple Rag Scott Joplin 1908 13

    Chris Castillo Quarry Rag Chris Castillo 2016 14

    Vicki McRae &

    Ellin Schoenfeld All Muddled Up Percy Wenrich 1922 15

    Jack Love Lily Queen Scott Joplin &

    Arthur Marshall 1907 16

    Joe McKay Solace Scott Joplin 1909 17

    Vicki McRae &

    Ellin Schoenfeld

    Davy Crockett is Helping

    Santa Claus

    Tommy Connor &

    Frank Stanton 1956 18

    Jack Love Some Pumpkins Ed Kuhn 1918 19

  • San Antonio Ragtime Society Meeting: August 25, 2018

    List of performers and music played

    Performer Title Composer Year Order Jack Love The Washington Post March J.P. Sousa 1885 1

    Pete Petrov Slow March from Sonata No. 4 "American" Pete Petrov 1990 2

    Richard Golladay Me and My Shadow Dreyer / Rose / Jolson 1927 3

    Richard Golladay Evergreen Rag James Scott 1915 4

    Bill Thompson The Arugula Leaf Rag Larisa Migachyov 2007 5

    Jim Schuppenhauer, p. Cassandra Hill, vocalist Meet Me in St. Louis Kerry Mills 1904 6

    Jim Schuppenhauer, p. Cassandra Hill, vocalist Red Rose Rag

    Percy Weinrich/ Edward Madden 1911 7

    Chris Castillo Playland Rag Chris Castillo 2016 8

    Bill McNally Sweet Pea Vincent Matthew Johnson 2014 9

    Bill McNally High Hattin' Zez Confrey 1924 10

    Monty Suffern Medley: Blue Skies / Bye Bye Blues / California Here I Come Irving Berlin 1926 11

    Monty Suffern Magnetic Rag Scott Joplin 1914 12


    Mark Camann The Burning of Rome (March and Two-Step) E.T. Paull 1903 13

    Mark Camann Play That Song of India Again Wood-Bibo arr. Paul

    Whiteman (after Rimsky-Korsakov)

    1921 14

    Jack Love King Cotton J.P. Sousa 1895 15

    Jack Love Wall Street Rag Scott Joplin 1909 16

    Richard Golladay, p. Cassandra Hill, vocalist Summertime

    George Gershwin & DuBose Heyward 1934 17

    Richard Golladay Sensation Joseph Lamb & Scott Joplin 1908 18

    Bill Thompson & Vicki McRae Pleasant Moments Scott Joplin 1909 19

    Luis Martinez Solace Scott Joplin 1909 20

    Bill McNally Rambling in Rhythm Arthur Schott 1926 21

    Bill McNally Pineapple Rag Scott Joplin 1908 22

    Monty Suffern Chicken Fried Steak Rag Larisa Migachyov 2007 23

    Monty Suffern The Victorian Lady's Lament Monty Suffern 2017 24

    Mark Camann I Hold Her Hand & She Holds

    Mine (Ain't Love Grand) (Feist Dance Folio)

    Irving Bibo 1921 25

    Mark Camann Pullman Porter Blues(Feist Dance Folio) Cliff Ulrich

    & Burton Hamilton 1921 26

  • San Antonio Ragtime Society Meeting June 23, 2018

    List of performers and music played

    Performer Title Composer Year Order John Dong

    (3 time Youth Festival Winner)

    Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin 1899 1

    Jim Schuppenhauer (piano), Cassandra

    Hill (vocalist)

    A Picture of Her Face Please Say You Will

    Scott Joplin (words & music)

    (his 1st compositions) 1895 2,3

    Jack Love Honeymoon Rag Abe Ohlman 1908 4

    Bill Thompson Swipesy (Cakewalk) Scott Joplin & Arthur Marshall 1900 5

    Mark Camann Cactus Candy Mitch Meador 2013 6 Bill McNally In the Court of Old King Cole Raie Da Costa 1932 7 Luis Martinez

    (guitar) Northern Lights Rag Max Keenlyside 2004 8

    Jack Love Ophelia Rag James Scott 1910 9 Bill Thompson /

    Vicki McRae Champagne Rag (duet) Joseph Lamb 1910 10

    Bill McNally Dream Shadows William Bolcom 1970 11 (BREAK)

    Coco Castillo Wild Honeysuckle Rag Martha Mier 12

    Coco Castillo Für James

    (based on Für Elise & James Bond Theme)

    Peter Thorne 13

    Bill Thompson / Bill McNally

    A Breeze From Alabama (BT-sections A,B,D simplified,

    BM-section C regular) Scott Joplin 1902 14

    John Dong The Ent


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