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MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers


  • samuel lissakmay,2010buckeye

  • Barack obama is the first african american president.he's setting goals for himself and others.

  • august 4, 1961 Barack Obama was born.

  • he wanted to help people who were struggling. people whose lives were much worse off than his own


  • 1996 he won office in the state of illinois first political office

  • 2004 - Obama was elected to US Senate for Illinois.

  • 2008 - Obama was elected president.

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  • he worked before he be came president

    This Person is a changemaker because:

    1. he wanted to help people who stuggled2. he became a lawyer and a politician to

    change laws3.he wanted to be a leader

    My Changemaker is connected to Harriet Tubman because

    they both wanted to help who didn't have a good life and

    were struggling.

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  • barack obama

    garden of praise

    google imigages

  • SOMONE WHO IS DEtermined to make changes in the world

    somone who gets picked

    somone who has power.

    SOMONE WHO NEEDS somthing

  • the map of indonesia were he was born