Sales growth over next 3 years predicted by Amgen

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<ul><li><p>PharmacoEconomics &amp; Outcomes News 402 - 8 Mar 2003</p><p>Sales growth over next 3 yearspredicted by Amgen</p><p>Over the next 3 years, Amgen is predicting an increasein global sales of approximately 3032%.</p><p>Amgen, the worlds largest biotechnology company,expects the continued growth of several key productswill drive the companys success. A 20% annual increasein sales is expected for its antianaemic agentsdarbepoetin alfa [Aranesp] and epoetin alfa [Epogen]over the forecast period, while combined sales growthin the low- to mid-20% range is expected for itsgranulocyte colony-stimulating factors filgrastim[Neupogen] and pegfilgrastim [Neulasta]. Salesgrowth of 90% per year is expected for Amgens arthritisagent etanercept [Enbrel] over the next 3 years. Thepredictions are in contrast to the industry trend, with anumber of pharmaceutical giants reporting poorforecasts for the months ahead.Amgen forecasts financial boom. Pharma Times : [1 page], 27 Feb2003 800925236</p><p>1</p><p>PharmacoEconomics &amp; Outcomes News 8 Mar 2003 No. 4021173-5503/10/0402-0001/$14.95 Adis 2010 Springer International Publishing AG. All rights reserved</p></li></ul>


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