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How to use the Sailbook for the iPad


<ul><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Handbook Version 2.5.1How to use SailBook for the iPadwritten by roger boesch (</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>First Steps</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>When you startup SailBook the first time, the Cruise Gallery is showed up. To simplify the first steps, SailBook automatically creates an example cruise. Therefore you can touch the cruise icon only to open the cruise.</p><p>Now you see the cruise screen which is the main screen to enter and view your cruise log data. To add a log entry touch the Add location icon.The cruise screen itself has 4 major areas:</p><p>A. Cruise and stage sectionB. Photo GalleryC. Log sectionD. Map section</p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>To add additional information to a log entry you can open the details view (by touch the disclosure icon), where all the log detail informations is showed: Date Location Course Log/Miles/Speed Notes Sail and Motor Weather Wind Sea Technical</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>IntroductionThanks for using SailBook on the iPad!</p><p>Were continuously working on SailBook and improving it by adding new features, improve usability and removing bugs. To make it as useful as possible we need your help and feedback. </p><p>Giving good ratings in reviews in AppStore is great, but unfortunately we can not contact you, to answer, ask for additional informations or help you solving problems when they happens.</p><p>It would therefore be great if you can send us your feedbacks by email and/or send your cruise data in zip format when you need help.This can be done directly on our website:</p><p>If you are happy with SailBook, let us also know by give us good ratings :) </p><p>Thanks for your help!</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.chhttp://www.iAgentur.chhttp://www.isailbook.com</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Handbook Version 2.5.0Reference Guidewritten by roger boesch (</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Cruise GalleryThe cruise gallery is the screen where you can see all your cruises tracked on your iPad. You can add new cruises (A), open existing cruises (B) and of of course also delete cruises (C). For information purposes there is also a statistics area, where the miles under sail, motor and in total are summarized (D). Besides that one of the most important feature is find here as well: Email the logbook to others (E). This and also the settings function (F) are explained on the following pages.</p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>F</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Send logbook by E-MailWhen you choose to send your logbook to others by email you have the following options:</p><p>A. Include Notes: All notes are added also below the log table entries.</p><p>B. Include pictures: All photos are added also below the log entries.</p><p>C. Attach PDF: This attaches a pdf logbook in table format to the mail.</p><p>When you press now Send logbook (D), the logbook and pdf (when selected) is created and open as an email (E), ready to send. </p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>SettingsAlso located in the Cruise gallery screen is the settings view. The first section in this view is related to units. Here you can choose youre preferred units:</p><p>A. Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)B. Volume (Liters or Gallons) </p><p>Its important to know that there is now conversion between them. So changing this settings has only an impact how the units are named.</p><p>Below the unit section is the area to import and export data, which is one of the most requested feature:</p><p>C. This imports logbook data from a file called import.txt. This file must first transferred to the iPad with iTunes File Sharing feature (E). Be carful about the data format. Best is to export a logbook first and change data only.</p><p>D. This exports the data to a file called export.txt. This file can later transferred to your Macintosh or PC with iTunes (E) File Sharing feature.</p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Cruise View Cruise and photo sectionOn the left side of the of the cruise view is at first a section to manage the cruise itself.</p><p>A. Touch the blue arrow icon to open the cruise dialog where you can change the cruise name, the region and the boat name and type. This is all for information only in this version.</p><p>B. Below is a photo stack image. Touch this to attach a photo to your cruise which is used here, in the gallery and also in email.</p><p>C. Right of the photo stack is the same information as in the gallery, but here related to this cruise only.</p><p>D. Then a list of stages is following. A stage is used to split your cruise into smaller sections, but of course you can also have only one stage (like in the demo cruise).</p><p>E. To add a new stage, press the pencil icon.F. To edit the current stage press the blue arrow icon near </p><p>the entry. Here you can change the start and destination name of this stage. The GPS fields are filled automatically and are read only. To delete a stage, swipe over the entry. (Important: The last stage cant be deleted)</p><p>G. Last but not least you can add photos to your cruise by press the camera (if your iPad has a camera) or album icon</p><p>H. The photos are listed then in the photos section below.</p><p>A</p><p>B C</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>F</p><p>H</p><p>G</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Cruise View Log sectionThe log section is the most important (together with log details described later) to add new log entries to your cruise.</p><p>A. Touch the Add location icon to add a log entry together with the current GPS position.</p><p>B. To add an empty later when youre not on the boat, use the Add icon. This creates a log entry without a GPS position, so you can later add/change the position in the detail view.</p><p>C. The Add timed icon is a new feature to create each x seconds automatically a log entry with the current GPS position.</p><p>D. You can change the number of seconds by touch the number and panel and change the value with the keyboard. When you press the Add timed icon again then the auto entries are stopped.</p><p>E. To open the details of a log entry you must press the blue arrow icon. A panel will slide in with al the details. You must not open/close the panel each time because the panel shows always the selected log entry. To close the panel, press the arrow icon again</p><p>F. To delete a Log entry swipe over the entry. (Important: The last log entry cant be deleted)</p><p>A BC</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>F</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Cruise View Map sectionThe map view shows all log entries on a google map in a graphic way. The map is only showed when youve internet connection</p><p>A. A red flag shows a log entryB. A green flag shows the currently </p><p>selected log entryC. When you click on a flag then a </p><p>callout is displayed with the date of this entry and the GPS location.</p><p>D. You can press then the blue arrow to make this the active log entry. So when you have an open detail view, then all details are showed related to this flag.</p><p>AB</p><p>C D</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Date sectionThe general usability is in all detail views the same. On the left side there is a list entry to select a category. When you touch this group entry, the data related to this category is showed then on right side of this view. When you change a value, the data is not stored directly. You must apply this change first by press the arrow icon (C).</p><p>In the date section you can:</p><p>A. Change the dateB. Change the time by scrolling the hour and minute fields up or </p><p>downC. Press the arrow icon to apply the change</p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Location sectionIn the location section you can change the GPS location:</p><p>A. The green flag shows the current positionB. The grey flag shows the changed locationC. You can set the new position by touch the map longer then 1sD. You can also enter the GPS position manually, by touching the </p><p>GPS field on top and enter the new position in the format Latitude,Longitude</p><p>E. Do not forget to apply the changeA</p><p>B</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>C</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Course sectionIn the course section the course can be changed.To do this, touch the compass rose and enter a value on the keyboard. Again, do not forget to apply the change.The value is also showed as a number on top right (A).</p><p>A</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Log/Miles/Speed sectionIn this section you can change all data related to log and miles. To enter such a value touch the instrument and enter the value you need on the keyboard. The red numbers indicates decimals. You can change the following values here</p><p>A. Log: The current log read from the instrument. When you create a log entry, the value used by your previous change is taken by default</p><p>B. Miles under Sail: The number of nautical miles sailedC. Miles under Motor: The number of nautical miles under motorD. Speed: The current speed in knotes</p><p>A</p><p>B C</p><p>D</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Notes sectionIn the notes section, you can save important informations related to this log entry. To write a text simply touch the notes field and the keyboard appears.</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Sail sectionThe Sail section allows to enter information related to your current sails set and state of motor. You can enter the following details here by simply touch the related text entry</p><p>A. State of the main sailB. State of the fore sailC. State of motor, either on or off </p><p>A B</p><p>C</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Weather sectionIn the weather section you can change the following values, while the usability of the control is the same as previously described. If the last change is not older then 5 days, then those values are taken by default, when you create a new log entry.</p><p>A. The current weatherB. The visibilityC. The air temperatureD. The air pressure</p><p>A B</p><p>C D</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Wind sectionIn the wind section you can add direction and strength of the wind, also by touching the related text. If the last change is not older then 5 days, then those values are taken by default, when you create a new log entry.</p><p>A. Wind directionB. Wind strength</p><p>A B</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Sea sectionThe sea section shows the current situation of the sea. If the last change is not older then 5 days, then those values are taken by default, when you create a new log entry.</p><p>In detail:</p><p>A. The state and wave height of the seaB. The temperature of the water </p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Log View Detail Technical sectionIn the technical section all the information related to water, fuel etc. is stored. Each touch of a tank increases or decreases the value by 10%. By default the values are taken from the last change you made in this section when you add a new entry.</p><p>In detail this is:</p><p>A. The level of fuel tank 1(Use this if there is only one fuel tank)B. The level of fuel tank IIC. The level of the batteryD. The level of water tank 1 (Use this only one water tank)E. The level of water tank 2F. The level of the grey water tankG. The operating hours of the backboard engine (Use this if your </p><p>boat has only one engine)H. The operating hours of the starboard engine</p><p>A B C</p><p>D E F</p><p>G H</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Handbook Version 2.5.0Create a backupwritten by roger boesch (</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li><li><p>SailBook </p><p> SailBook V2.5.1</p><p>Create a backupTo create a backup of SailBook, the following steps are needed:</p><p>A. Open iTunes and connect your iPadB. Select your iPad in iTunesC. Select the Apps section on your iPadD. There you find the File Sharing option and in the Apps </p><p>List, SailBook will appearE. Click on SailBook and the SailBook Documents List </p><p>appearsF. Here are all the files needed by Sailbook</p><p> data: All user settings images: All images are stored here SailAway.sqlite: This is the database which holds all </p><p>the logbook data import.txt: You can Add... (G) a file named </p><p>import.txt here which you can import then on your iPad in the Settings view. Also possible is to drag &amp; drop all folders and files to iTunes</p><p> In the same settings view you can also press Export and a file named export.txt is written</p><p>To have a full backup of SailBook save all the files listed here using Save to... (H). For maintenance support we might also need this files. So if you send them in zip format, we can help you solving data problems, esp. when updating from versions prior to 2.5.0.</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>D</p><p>E</p><p>F</p><p>G H</p><p>http://www.iAgentur.ch</p></li></ul>