s 50 ammonia convertor

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    Prem Baboo

    Sr.Manager (Prod)

    National fertilizers Ltd. India


    Supplier: M/s MANGIAROTTI SpA

    Transporter (Kandla port to NFL Vijaipur) : M/s Reshamsingh & Co Pvt Ltd., Mumbai

  • Operating conditions

    Inlet Gas

    Temperature oC 372

    Pressure Kg/cm2 183.2

    Total flow Nm3/hr 615,133


    H2 Vol% 50.50

    N2 Vol% 16.84

    Inerts, CH4 + Ar Vol% 13.50

    NH3 Vol% 19.16

    Outlet Gas

    Temperature oC 417

    Pressure Kg/cm2 182.7

    Total flow Nm3/hr 596,242


    H2 Vol% 47.35

    N2 Vol% 15.78

    Inerts, CH4 + Ar Vol% 13.93

    NH3 Vol% 22.94


    Type KM1

    Size mm 1.5-3

    Diameters, OD (effective)/ ID mm 2,896 / 760

    Height (excl./incl. bottom cone m 20,100 / 21,200

    Volume m3 125,4

    Mechanical Data (Pressure Vessel)

    Type Vessel with top manhole

    Inner diameter mm 3,000

    Inner length (T-T) mm 20,250

    Normal operating pressure Kg/cm2 g 183.1

    Design pressure Kg/cm2 g 245

    Hydrogen partial pressure, design Kg/cm2 130

    Temperature of Operating Design

    Cover and cylinder part oC 372 430

    Spherical bottom oC 372 430

    Bottom forging oC 419 450

    Bottom flange oC 419 450

    Nozzle sizes

    Main inlet inch 16

    outlet inch 16

    Installation of S-50 ammonia synthesis

    converter along with waste heat boiler in

    downstream of existing S-200 ammonia

    synthesis converter is one of the major

    scheme of Capacity Enhancement Project of

    Ammonia-II plant.

    Pre shutdown activity

  • The anchor bolts were position with the help of template during casting of top portion of

    foundation of S-50 ammonia synthesis converter and the same was grouted with Shrinkom-

    20 after completion of civil work and removal of template. Top surface of foundation was

    prepared for placement of equipment.

    First of all skirt were placed on foundation and leveled at elevation of 106.200 mtr. with the

    help of MS plats and gaps between base plate of skirt and civil foundation was filled by


    After placement of skirt, S-50 ammonia synthesis converter was placed and leveled /

    centered on skirt with the help of Demag CC2800-1and CC2000 crane on 12.08.2011.

    Erection plan submitted by M/s Sarens Heavy Lift India Pvt. Ltd., party engaged by piping &

    equipment erection contractor (M/s Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd., Delhi) for heavy

    equipment erection alongwith cranes is enclosed.

    After opening of top cover and outer screen panel covers, joint inspection was done by NFL /

    HTAS to check any damage during transportation / erection and found Ok. Lot of rust as

  • scale was found on inside surface of reactor which was vacuum cleaned before catalyst


    Catalyst was charged with the help of shower head from 31.01.2012 to 06.02.2012 by M/s

    Amol Construction in presence of HTAS representative Mr. AsadRadfar. The approximate

    density of catalyst achieved was 2.95 Kg/litre. During charging of catalyst, support

    provided for centre screen and outer screen panels were removed which was provided by

    the supplier to avoid any damage while transit.

    After catalyst loading, outer screen panel cover boxed up and tack weld as instructed by

    HTAS. Gland packing of stuffing box (centre screen and outer screen panel cover flange)

    checked and found OK. Top cover and bottom cover were boxed up with the help of bolt

    tightening device and lip seal welded with Inconel filler wire.

    Insulation job of S-50 Ammonia synthesis converter (160.0 mm thick) and connecting pipe

    line job done by M/s Kaefer Punj Lloyd Limited.

    Shutdown Activity:

    All the prefabricated pipelines were hydrotest at 367.5 Kg/cm2 before hookup with existing

    header and S-50 converter. RT of the all weld joint done on half weld and UT at full weld joint

    of pipe line. Stress reliving of alloy steel pipe weld joint (2.25Cr 1Mo steel) was done as per

    ASME section and Hardness was achieved below 220 HB. Instrumentation, Electrical and

    Structure job were taken care by respective department.

  • *****************************************************************