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<ul><li><p>ARussianHighway</p></li><li><p>This Russian Federal Highway runs from Moscow to Yakutsk City in Siberia.</p><p>The road doesnt have an asphalt surface, although it is a vital highway.</p><p>Every time it rains the road is paralyzed. These shots were taken a few days ago, approximately 600 vehicles became stuck there. Hunger followed, and vehicles ran out of fuel. According to a witness, one woman gave birth to a child whilst trapped on a public bus.</p><p>Construction teams were afraid to appear on site because, during their previous visit, they were beaten by people who had been stuck in the mud for several days. People were breaking the locks on trucks in search of food and warm clothing.</p><p>Fuel, food, firearms and steel tow-lines are the things that are needed most of these days on this Federal Highway. Oh, and patience!!!</p></li><li><p>So, the next time youre about</p><p>to whine about conditions in your home country, think of the</p><p>Russians!</p></li></ul>


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