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RTI's Open Community Source: Licensing and Pricing that Just Makes Sense Transportation. Energy. Defense. Industrial. Medical. These are big distributed systems with big architecture challenges. They push scale and complexity as never before. And they all face the same problem: software structure and costs are out of control. The technical response is becoming clear: standardize on common infrastructures. Unfortunately, current pricing and licensing models make this expensive. Infrastructure pricing must evolve to match infrastructure technology. RTI is responding with Open Community Source. This model offers the world's leading implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard free to software teams. It combines open community source licensing for DDS, royalty-free distribution, very low-cost commercial licenses, flexible support, and affordable advanced products. Together, the innovative technology and liberating pricing make common software architecture both achievable and affordable for the first time.


<ul><li> 1. A Business and Licensing Approachfor Enabling Interoperable Systems and Common InfrastructuresCurt SchackerChief Commercial Officer, RTI 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Introduction The Goals: Interoperability and CommonInfrastructure Business Challenges The Infrastructure Community Program Q&amp;A 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 3. About RTI World leader in communications software forreal-time systems 350,000+ deployed copies 500+ unique designs Standards leader 15+ standardsorganizations Prime DDS author (OMG) 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 4. RTIs Market: Real-Time Systems 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 5. Industry Goals Common Infrastructures Leverage Developer Familiarity Technology Re-Use Cost and Time Savings Interoperability Increased Operational Utility and Functionality Supply Chain Flexibility Competitive Advantage 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 6. Interoperability The ability of systems to provide services toand accept services from other systems, andto use the services so exchanged to enablethem to operate effectively together See RTI Whitepaper: Interoperable OpenArchitecture Examples UCS, FICAPS, GVA, DocBox 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 7. OPEN BUSINESS MODEL AND STANDARDS FORUnmanned AircraftGround Control Stations (UCS)7 8. UCS WG 100+ Orgs &amp; over 300 memebers H A S 8 9. Future Interoperability Camp Protection System (FICAPS) 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10. Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 11. DocBox Clinical Process Management Solution Eliminate medical mistakes Improve clinical workflow and processes Shift time from administrative tasks to patient care Three areas of focus Medical Device Integration and Management Decision Support and Enabling Evidence BasedMedicine Safety Interlocks and Smart Alarms 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 12. OMG Data Distribution ServiceOpen Standard enabling Common Software Infrastructure and Interoperability Cross-vendor PortabilityData Distribution Service DDS Data-centric publish/subscribe Per channel QoS DDS API Content and time awarePortability / InteroperabilityMiddleware API for application portability Wire protocol for interoperability Real-Time Publish-SubscribeWire Protocol (RTPS)Transparent Connectivity C, C++, Java, .NET, Ada Windows, Linux, embedded, realtime Cross-vendor Interoperability 13. BUSINESS CHALLENGES 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 14. Fundamental Goal: CollaborationEnemies of Collaboration: Cost and Licensing Terms 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 15. Root Cause: License Scope Most infrastructure software scoped to a Project A concerted development effort by a distinct team of engineers Infrastructure software examples: operating systems, middleware, networking stacks Practical implications No sharing between licensed Projects Potentially high costs due to volume-based pricing schedules 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 16. Defining an Ideal Model Broaden license scope to encompass multipleProjects Even across and between companies andgovernment organizationsEnable collaboration through sharingof people, knowledge, and innovationEconomies of scale through broad use 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 17. Goal for License Fees Simple to understand -&gt; dont need a Ph.d Predictable -&gt; so it can be budgeted for Fair -&gt; dont penalize small teams with smallbudgets Scale with perceived value 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 18. INTRODUCING: INFRASTRUCTURECOMMUNITY PROGRAM 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 19. Infrastructure Community Program What is an Infrastructure Community? Any organization with a goal of adopting a commonsoftware infrastructure across groups, programs,systems or applications Examples entire government industry standards communities individual companies or corporate divisions development sites and multi-company joint efforts Any team or group of teams of reasonable sizequalifies. 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 20. Open Community Source RTI DDS Our flagship, market leading product Full source code Binaries for Linux and Windows Available T&amp;M support License Fully shareable across IC Modifiable Deployable in binary as part of application Cost Free of charge 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 21. Advanced Products: RTI ConnextRTI Connext DDS RTI Connext Messaging OMG DDS Libraries Enterprise Basic tools &amp; utilities Communication Patterns Platform Options Persistence ServiceRTI Connext Micro Commercial Terms Secure &amp; WAN Xports Small footprint DDS Resource Constrained SystemsRTI Connext IntegratorRTI Connext Tools Routing Service Admin ConsoleRTI Connext Micro Cert Adapter SDK Monitor Example AdaptersAnalyzer DO-178C Certifiable Database IntegrationRecord/Replay 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL21 22. RTI Connext Pricing Prices start at a flat $1,000 per Developer (US) All products include library source code No royalties 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 22 23. Introducing RTI Connext 5.0 Enterprise Integration Patterns Enhanced Scalability Administration Console Over 70 new features Publisher Subscriber Message MessageDurable Subscriber MessageAccelerates development and integrationof large-scale, interoperable real-time Messagesystems 2012 RTI 23 24. Infrastructure Community Summary Latest version of flagship RTI DDS for free underOpen Community Source license Advanced products Low, flat fee per developer license fee Source included No royalties Measures Up Simple, predictable, affordable, scales sensibly 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 25. Interoperability and Common Infrastructures Are we at an inflection point for missioncritical, real-time systems? Economic pressures Demand for more operational utility Integration of Enterprise and Machine computing If so, we need to consider new approaches Technical and Business Considerations 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 26. Thank you 2012 RTI COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL</p>


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